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LIkes this one from the first page. LMAO of through the Yemen jihadist deaths.

Starts with Ron, Lo and Carl Rodriquez in Sana'a, Yemen.

Seems Rick and Lo had a debt to pay Re: the deaths of Adina and Yuri. A personal debt that had to be payed to the CIA. They all landed in Yemen.

Rick and Lo were sent in to check to safeguard the ALL OF US embassy. Lo caught a drift of an attack ala Benghazi and the lady and Rick got the Ambassador the embassy personnel, marines included, out.

Lo selected them and Ron and Carl, another CIA operator, got left on the roof where Ron proceeded to kill the bad guys with his Barrett M82 sniper gun. LMAO off.

Rick and Carl made it out after a hairy escape with loads of dead jihadists and blown vehicles. Lo picked them up in a chopper. Carl is a fresh friend and friend. Lots of action of the Rick and Lo variety in Yemen. Rick and Lo then headed home.

Seems Trish, via her superstar status, hooked upwards with Sam, a man she had to leave during her old life.

Rick's okay with it. He always told her if she needed to leave, then just leave. He would certainly understand. He always considered her to young for him or her anyway. Tough row to hoe for Rick but it happens.

Trish still works for the company and Rick can deal with that. Obviously Lo takes every possibility to lower the boom on Ron.

Once home they get a call from Stacey, yep Stacey, who now works for Cheech Garibaldi.

So commences good read by Deleo.

This has Rick, Lo, Trish, Mike, Carl, Stacey, the staff, Casablanca Night, Temple, the workout crew, death, kidnapping, attacks, revenge the Ron and Lo way, an escaped Chet, a Ron dealing with something this individual never thought he would actually have to deal with, secrets, revelations, a new somebody in the mix and one damned fine read.

Five Stars and more., Who expects a 60 yr old former close off to be such badass. Once again Mr. Deleo jas written an thrilling fun book for his readers to savor. A lot of exciting action, very challenging bad guys to deal with not to mention his partner Lois. But Mister. Deleo throws a monkey wrench at Rick right in the middle of the action. Good fun readng., Great continuation to this humorous and action filled series. One of the best things about this series is that you never understand what Rick is gonna get himself into or how Lois is going to provide him the "what for" to get into it.

I actually love the way main characters, Stacy, entered back into Rick's world with a suprise that made me personally so happy I was over the moon. The particular introduction of a very strong and vibrant character enters into Cantelli Terrain in this novel and I really hope those that follow this author enjoy the new family just as much as I did. While Rick continues to be up to his same ole ways his world is one again turned the other way up and he had to try to maintain the forces of darkness away while this individual not only helps his partner Lo keep his extended family safe but his new add on family as well.

Extremely much enjoyed this book and highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys action, humor and quick witted characters., Cantelli is anything but politically correct, so if you are easily offended, well, you were warned. Guide two had Cantelli and the gorgon, Lois, hooking up with a old CIA friends by the end. This book basically starts after that, and it is a torrid and violent beginning indeed! And then back to home where Cantelli discovers something new; that he has a grandson! The introduction of the new character, John, a wise-beyond-his-years teen, takes Cantelli into a new area of " Cantelli-land". Confrontations, interesting new figures, old characters going through some growth, the story consists of all, and then some! I really like DeLeo's style, how he makes each guide seem like you are getting together with old friends, how he keeps you in the action, how he has substantial familiarity with firearms and their use. I am unable to wait for the next installment., Being among the over-60 set, reading Rick Cantelli makes me personally proud of my greyish hair and advanced age. While I can't make an ocean method of take out there a bad guy, or take on Islamic nutjobs, I will appreciate someone who does, even someone fictitious. Thanks, Bernard, for offering us back real United states heroes where all the PC crap we have to listen to each day has no place. Keep them coming., Non-Stop ACTION with lots of tongue in cheek humor. Not crucial action type books you may well be familiar with., I'm a retired cop and a Desert Storm vet. A single of the big things I love about Ron Cantelli, Nick McCarty, and John Harding is the accuracy and authenticity that the stories have. Given, some of the situations stretch but I think that the way in which Mr DeLeo weaves all the elements collectively is nothing less than masterful. Into The Darkness is another DeLeo book that chills, thrills, and leaves you wanting more. An additional 'home run'!, This specific is my 3 rd Ron Cantelli book. I love the dysfunctional characters and their sense of wit and strange relationships. However it got slightly very tiring to see an escarmouche with bad guys each and every turn, and their reactions with each other's 'playful' abuse explained each time. The particular humor doesn't require a cue card saying " this part's funny. " The particular relationship between the 20 year old and thirteen year old was quite distressing, as was the way G'ma and Pa handled it.

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