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The author wastes no time introducing the characters and environment up the plot. The book is a quick read, but that's because each chapter is important with little filler. The pace of the book is fast. Enough time travel elements of the book can sometimes become a little complicated, but the author does a realistic alternative of keeping it mainly high-level. He doesn't get too technical with the sci-fi aspects of the book. In general, I would recommend this book to people who enjoy time travel/history adventure books, and are searching for a quick read., Rewinder, the storyplot of Denny Younger authored by Brett Challenges is a tale of action, adventure, and suspense. Denny Younger, the primary character, grows up poor in a world completely different from our own. As a level 8 he has little hope to get away from his life of poverty in New Cardiff. New Cardiff is in a territory in North America under control of the British Empire in 2015. Denny grew upwards in a troubled family losing his mother and sister when he would still be and and left with a father who did not look after him. After he requires a standardized test taken by all 16-18 year old citizens in the British Empire to determine his future career his life changes forever. He or she is taken to a government agency called The Institute and commences his training. Denny and his fellow colleagues are presented the task of confirming lineage and the past of people. Using a device called a chaser Denny is supposed to observe and NOT alter what he recognizes. However a 12 second difference creates a world completely new to Denny and he needs to decide what is the right thing to do.
This book was obviously a very enjoyable and brief read full of adventure and conflict. It was interesting to see the transition of a world the location where the United States didn’t exist to the one that did and what Denny’s reaction was. Denny was obviously a likeable character and the one that anyone can relate to. The ending without providing anything away was satisfying but at the same time everything seemed to happen at once.
The book did have a few downfalls though. The concept of pain being transferred through the chaser didn’t make sense, and the lack of an explanation was somewhat discouraging. Also it would have already been more exciting if he went to other components on the planet as opposed to only England and America. In future books it would be interesting to see their transitions.
Overall We would recommend this book to readers. It was a thrilling and thrilling quick read. It took myself only a week to see and that wasn’t difficult at all. Since it is part of a series visitors can continue the history if they would like. This is certainly one of the better books I have read and encourage visitors to try Rewinder., Moment, the great conundrum.
Of the many mysteries in the universe, Time is probably the greatest conundrum. Ask any scientist and they will fumble for an explanation. Oh we know it exists for we live it, right, or do we? And that we know it is the fourth dimension which gives the first 3 dimensions a fact of sorts. Your likelihood of time travel, another potential enigma in combination with the greatest conundrum of the universe: Moment. Brett Battle’s Rewinder bargains with this mystery in a fun and intriguing way. A well crafted “what if” conjecture adopted by a fascinating history of disrupting timelines. Protagonist Denny is a “Rewinder”, a personal time vem som st?r whose official job is to “Observe” and report the historical truth. He or she is good, very good, then a simple human being mistake disrupts history and the old time line is changed. Life as Denny knew it disappears in a flash. In an instant Denny becomes the sole survivor of “His” world as he awakens in a new radically different world. The question is can Denny put Humpty Dumpty back again again? The reality is really does he want to?
I’m a simple mark for a good time travel story and this is a good one. Mister. Battle does an outstanding job to help keep the story not only plausible but fact driven. He includes just enough science to keep a critical thinker like me engaged. Most time travel stories are dubious best case scenario and ridiculous at more serious, but I think you will find Rewinder a fun and captivating read. 5 stars for a good story Mr. Fight., Very good story. The very unique take on traveling and changing background with time travel. One more book that should be made into a movie. We am glad there are two more books in this series. Be positive to pick that one upwards!!!! Might as well get all at the same time! The world we live in was actually the world it was ALTERED to! Playing with background can be a big offer., Very well written, the narrative moves along smoothly and economically, spiced with interesting twists and turns, moving from your intriguing premise. The hero is very well done. This is certainly both excellent science fiction and a coming of age novel. We enjoyed the read and will go on to the second in this trilogy. gcm, An different history of sorts, where time travel has already been invented in a world where the American colonies lost their bid for independence, and the English Empire encompasses almost all of the entire world. Teams of time travelers observe the lives of ancestors and forefathers of these who wish to be considered for certain jobs or honors by the Crown, the important word being "observe. inches These travelers are called "rewinders" and they must be careful that nothing becomes disturbed during their observations else the future be changed. You understand where this is going, of course.

Battles develops the basic and the story well, and seems to avoid many of the contradictions that tend to creep into time travel stories. Denny is a lower caste "American" who becomes a rewinder through merit and excels at the job. But there is a disease in the English Empire: corruption. This problem contributes to quite a few of folks using the Empire and the time traveling for his or her own purposes, with Denny, of course, caught in the middle.

Quite a satisfying history with a little bit of an open ending, financing itself to potential future sequels (or perhaps even prequels).

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