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Being a professional in this field, Return on Sustainability is the only book to put together me to stay relevant in a new of changing regulations and standards around accounting. If you're not ahead of the influx, you're already drowning!!, A very well thought out there book with concise information. Very helpful for consultants and concerned citizens who are looking for good intelligently digested information on the plight of the planet and what we should be doing about this., The book came instantly, I think it was the following day. I was stunned it came so fast. Have not see the book yet, but every sustainability professional that I have talked to has recomended this guide., Got as a totally free e-book. Interesting read., While I do recommend this book, Excellent few caveats to that recommendation;

The first and most important thing you have to know about this book is that its publication time is misleading. The hardcover and Kindle editions show a 2013 publication time. The paperback edition was published at the begining of 2009. I only learned this after reading the hardcover edition. I was puzzled when reading the book as some material seemed quite dated even though the copyright was 2013. Become aware that the materials should indeed be dated as none of them of the material seems to come from after early 2009 (which is when the paperback edition was published). I wish I knew this before purchasing the book. This field is not static and I think the book therefore warrants a lower rating because of this. If the publication date was listed as 2009 or the guide said that it was the 2009 edition then it would've been worth a higher rating but I experienced mislead by the publication date.

I came to the book with higher anticipations as I had read Making Sustainability Stick: The Blueprint for Successful Implementation by Kevin Wilhelm and had liked it a lot.

Here are a few specific issues (in addition to obviously dated sections discussing public policies);

p. 54 - 56 - I think that in most cases these metrics would / should be explained with units properly / fully listed next to the metrics (i. at the. income per kWh) which they are not here.

p. 55 - Carbon-to-Price - I think the author has it backwards; a higher C/P indicates that the investor is paying LESS for every single unit of carbon (ofcourse not more).

p. 61 - 73 - The Public Policy section reflects early 2009 reality, things have changed since as have various things in the following chapter (Chapter seven - Carbon Taxes & Cap & Trade).

In the event the current year was yr (or maybe even 2010) then I might have given this book several stars. Given that it is currently fall 2014 (and that its publication date is misleading), I am giving it three stars., Presently there are many books out there there on sustainability, nevertheless , many are written by so-called sustainability experts that have never experienced the trenches doing the deep work and gaining experience on the front-lines working together with companies and executives who resist change at every step.

I cannot recommend this book more, or Wilhelm's other works. He is the real deal and understands what it means to work with Entrepreneurs and then pivot to work with government regulators to community groups and so forth.

I teach sustainability and business and use Wilhelm's books in all my courses due to tremendous distinction I have seen in terms of my students response to his textbooks. They call it up practical, to the point and uplifting. They learn about the real skills they must develop as well as how to critically think through sustainability problems.

Their work is authentic, smart and useful to those just beginning their careers in sustainability and CSR as well as experienced professionals and academics., Let's face it: no company would go green or switch to a lasting business model if the feeling that "it is the right thing to do" is the only come back. Starting from 1960 the economy was coined by the profit-maximization paradigm, where work-life balance was a term that didn't are present and environmentalism either. Fortunately this began to change several years ago and people as well as business professionals and executives are concerned about the earth and sustainable business practices. However, a company still needs to be profitable to survive economically and some environmental friendly measures are considered cost expensive with no positive return.

This is a matter of strategic management. It is (and always has been) necessary to strike a balance between being lasting on the one hands and being profitable on the other. If new sustainable policies and practices wouldn't have a positive revenue or bring about a long lasting profit, companies would hardly implement them. This is where "Return on Sustainability" comes into play. This is the guide for everyone who wants to know if his/her sustainable strategies will be profitable as well as how to calculate the ROI of these plans. No matter if you are dealing with soft (qualitative) benefits or hard (quantitative) ones, this book should be on your shelf.

- Frank Roettgers, author of  Proceeding Green Together - How to Align Employees with Environmentally friendly Strategies

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