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The storyline telling kept me reading until the surprising finish. Excellent read. I highly recommend this to anyone with an imagination!, Great Story. Not the most common apocalyptic fare. Scary Good. Thanks, Jeff, for this uncommon look at a likely technological future., The environment of Resurrection America: In the near future, the madness and madmen at the center east have failed to be dominated by the constant efforts of the United States and its allies. More and more soldiers have been delivered out the the Middle East and returned traumatized and with missing limbs. But don't worry, we have fully-functional prosthetics in the future that are just as functional as the missing parts - and even stronger - thanks a lot to being directly born into the recipient's brain. The story's protagonist, Ron, is one of these prosthetic recipients. Beyond the Middle East, Europe is a mess due to mind-boggling middle eastern migration, Russian federation has all but flattened, and China is mind-boggling all its neighbors as it steamrolls over everything with its massive military. The White house is trash after having a jihadist attack and American dominance in the world is diminishing as it falls back into a protectionist stance and a lock up its borders. Oddly enough, one of the issues of the characters in the book is about shoddy undependable American-made electronics he now has to use with the cessation of all Asian-manufactured electronic imports.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is an extended anti-American diatribe. This specific dark future is simply a logical progression of the poker site seizures taking place today. When they're not careful, today's politicians could easily take us right to this dark future. Other than some of the technical that doesn't currently can be found, there's little in this story beyond imagining. Plus I read the eBook version (which is a medium I don't love) and actually finished this book before completing the physical publication I'm currently reading.

Resurrection America is a well crafted novel with 3-dimensional and developed characters. The storyline is adequately suspenseful and never entirely predictable - I failed to anticipate the ending or the many twists and turns of the history. If you want a good dystopian story with a little bit of conspiracy theory thrown in, if you harbor only a little issue about computers working their tendrils into every facet of our lives, and if you appreciate a story with little guys standing up to bullies... this is a book for you.

In George RR Martin fashion (yeah, I know your dog is not the only one - but he's the one you kids are most familiar with), there was clearly little reluctance to eliminate off major characters throughout the story. It sensed like no one was safe, which is both good and bad - I suppose it depends on how much " control" you need to fell like you have in the history. Or something. What do I actually know? I'm only a compromise talking about a publication I enjoyed.

I came comparisons, as I was reading the novel, to a lot of different books/movies I'm familiar with. That started out feeling similar to the fine EMP-apocalyptic books of William Forstchen (One Second After and One Year Later) and the TV series Specified Survivor. It slowly developed into something closer to Terminator, the Matrix, or i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet: A Space Odyssey. After which ultimately, it unexpectedly finishes like none of them. Or kind of finishes, anyway. Let's just say Book #2 can decide on right up where publication #1 ended. And I'll be right there to read it., Resurrection America is the first book by Jeff Gunhus which i have read, outside of the Templar Chronicles, so I actually wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was far more than I expected for an attack in a little town in the USA. This specific is a standalone with a soft cliffhanger for what could be the future. I enjoyed this publication and had a hard time putting it down. There is violence.

The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that all of that info here. The author did a great job of explaining artificial intelligence as simply as possible so a complicated subject might make sense to the readers. This is a story of how vulnerable we are with everything we do being online and using technology. Right now there are enough twists and turns to keep viewers interested. It definitely held me reading.

I look forward to read more of his books. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and decided to leave a review for other readers., I actually received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. It was an uncorrected proof. Copyrighted in 2017 by author Jeff Gunhus, it is published by Seven Firearms Press.

Imagine a little town sheriff in a Traditional western American town. Make him or her a war veteran with personal demons and a prosthetic arm that resulted from his encounters in war. Make the mayor of the town a likable, lovable person : perhaps even a female. Provide the sheriff a love interest who happens to be a widow with a young son. Introduce a former girlfriend who has left town for the big city, but has come back to town for some reason. Then enter the big, evil outside entity. It may have been a cows company, or a land grabber, but this time it is not. Problem? Set the time frame to the 1800’s and this could be any one of many “B” grade Western movies produced in Hollywood. Set it in the mid-21st Century after having a major world war with “Jihadis” this becomes a slightly one-sided political screed aimed at religious and ideological extremism set in the mountains of Colorado.

I actually did not find Sheriff Rick to be a very likable person. For one thing, he does not seem to be to be very bright. He keeps making the same sort of stupid mistakes again and again. His / her behavior when he makes its way into the mine to save his love interest is inexplicable and illogical. Who else runs full-tilt down a tunnel that is presumably mined? Why does he or she not kill the source of the evil when he has the chance? Some readers might like this protagonist. I did not.

Even though the history is alternate reality-cum-science fictional, believing it was a stretch. Some of it, for example, occurs in an abandoned mine. You already know, a hole in the earth from which ore is extracted. Yet, this particular mine has caverns that are incredibly large, yet show up to be unsupported by any sort of shoring or rigging to maintain up the ceiling. It sounds more like some kind of natural caverns than a mine. Even though Sheriff Rick has visited to the mine within the past month and seen nothing unusual, the mine is suddenly stuffed with very elaborate, and presumably very expensive, machinery and equipment with high electricity demands. How was all of that machinery smuggled into the mine, and exactly how was it all set up, linked and tested, in less than a month, and with no one aware that it was taking place? The bad guys apparently have flying drones that are capable of flight within the tunnels of the mine. How do they get their guidance radio signals through solid rock? Some find it credible.

In another place, Sheriff Ron takes the reassurance of the “gun’s cool steel under his fingers, ” but he or she carries a Glock service pistol and all Glocks (to the best of my knowledge) have polymer frames. When holstered, the slide, which is made of steel, would be inside the holster and out of reach of his fingers. The grasp, on the other palm, would be readily accessible to his hand, but it is made of plastic. Also, on the subject of guns, the author tells us that the bad guys are carrying M-1 assault rifles. Right now there is no such thing, and there is unlikely to actually be such a thing. The M-1 is a battle rifle, not an assault rifle. The united states army discontinued its used in 1959, replacing it with the M-14 battle rifle. The M-16 that was traditionally used in Vietnam appears to be the United States’ first widespread use of an assault rifle, and that has led to the M4 and the M4A1, along with other variations. The author also refers to the rifle as being a semi-automatic. By definition, all assault rifles are capable of fully automatic fire. I actually think military veterans, along with active duty and retired law enforcement representatives all over America, would cringe at the author’s descriptions.

The pace of the book drags at times because the author is telling us things that we don’t need to know. He commences all these plot threads, then ends them abruptly, as well as in an unsatisfying manner. This runs specifically true of the ending of the book. I think most readers will certainly feel scammed by the author’s method of ending the history. It was extremely unsatisfying to me, and i also believe other readers will also find it to be so. It’s one thing to place loose ends at the ending of a story, but it is another thing altogether to merely cut the yarn. I believe the history is far-fetched.

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