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Every now and then a story comes along that is so amazing and so eloquently told that it takes your breath away. This is one particular story. I could not input it down. We have been a student of the Holocaust for nearly 40 years -- since I saw my first documentary in the news at the age of 16 and set out on a quest to understand why and how such an event could happen. This story is unique in that it adeptly illustrates someone who manages to maintain their sense of humanity despite all invitations to do otherwise. There exists a soft durability to Rena and a level of caring that the world is so in need of today. Rena, wherever you are now, thank you for your courage in showing your story and say thanks to you, Heather, for the love and care you gave and continue to give to Rena, Danke, and the others through your dedication to and loving care of their story. I, for one, will not forget., An Amazing Tale! I learned so much reading this. You should think a story like this would be depressing but I discovered it
inspiring that these women (and yes they were just girls) had so much strength and figure that kept their spirit through everything
that has been thrown at them. I have such admiration for each and every single one of these survivors and the amazing tales. I was so very touched
and can not imagine that I actually could have been living next door to people who was simply through such atrocities and came to
America and just lived their lives without looking back. I will revisit this book again!, How one woman, Rena, survived as well as encouraged others, especially her sister Danka, to never give up hope! A TRUE HERO AND ANGEL! I actually wept with rage and laughed with joy on her unbearable and relentless first person account of the atrocities she suffered! To believe the complete world didn't know about what was happening is to say there is no humanity! History will only tell if and when it may or will not happen yet again! I will never forget Rena Kornreich., This book opened my eyes in a number of ways. I actually have a more thorough understanding of what occurred through the Holocaust as well as at Auschwitz, but more importantly the strength, courage, and endless love that lived inside of someone who faced unimaginable disasters. I also could not put this book down. It was an attractive interpretation of Rena's story. I actually feel inspired by Rena's ability to survive and overcome the atrocities that were thrown at her. Wherever you are now Rena, know you have handled, inspired, and moved so many people. I will never forget you and your story. Rest in peace., Anytime I feel like stressing over one of life's little annoyances, there's nothing that looks good in the fridge, it's drizzling outside and am just did my hair, any of a number of silly examples of what may seem to be important but are actually trivial, this book swirls up to bother me... making me realize how ridiculously easy my life is and reminding me of a set of women, two among millions, who stood upwards in the face of unimaginable evil with durability, courage and unwavering trust and emerged, victorious. This can be the present of RENA'S GUARANTEE.

Rena and her sister Danka were among the first prisoners transported to Auschwitz. Which they survived through years of torture, hunger, terror and the wicked perpetrated against the innocent by Nazi monsters is a victory in their purest form, victory over psychopathic, power crazed lunatics that used the monstrous acts that they perpetrated as nourishment and enjoyment. These women won, and the Nazis lost, were run out, executed and imprisoned, and reading about Rena and Danka's daily struggle was both one of the most difficult, yet most uplifting reading experience of my life.

There are many, many stories told by the survivors, and each is important and relevant. Just what makes this story endure apart is the details of Rena and Dankas unimaginably difficult daily lives in the camp, told so matter of factly and beautifully, that introduced me again and again to the realization of how silly and trivial the problems of living are.

Rena and Danka survived the selections that sent so many to the gas chambers. Every day they marched out into snow, wearing only items of wood on their ft held by straps of plastic and the ripped and bloody shirts of executed Russian prisoners, to work at tasks that tore their hands and feet until they savane. In the summer they withstood working all day under the searing sunshine with only weak teas and a tiny piece of bread saved from the night before in their stomachs. The women managed to overcome malaria, beatings, freezing temperatures, hunger, and finally the Death March that killed most remaining prisoners as the Nazis fled like unhealthy rats in the face of American and European forces. The story of the American Officer who took them from the ending of the 03, since the were nearly dead with cold and hunger, and found the biggest estate in town for them to spend the night in, detailed with hot bubble baths and chocolate, is so wonderful that it gives you a tiny burst of faith in humanity after so much tragedy.

This is a must read for anyone enthusiastic about trying to understand the scary of the holocaust. I actually find that the storyplot of Rena and Danka has stayed with me, making me grateful for the blessings of my life. I don't believe I actually could did what these women did, but I am so glad that I actually was able to read about their experience and learn from them. I actually hope the you, like me, will discover the simple joys of your life as a result of reading RENA' S GUARANTEE. That in and of itself is a victory over evil., This book was very hard to put down. I read it every free minute.
The storyteller was Rena, whose courage, intuition and perseverance saved not only her life but her sister Danka's as well.
Rena narrated the daily life, fears and atrocities of Auschwitz. The writer along with Rena's words literally transported you to Auschwitz concentration camp where you could feel their hunger, desperation and hopelessness that seeped into their lives since the weeks, months and years put on on.
I actually highly recommend this novel, not only for it can historical content but also for the way that the storyplot is told.

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