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REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK! Read in one hour and it put me into action!!!
I purchased the top 5 books on the subject and started with this one because it was the littlest.... i feel like going back the other 4, this gives me everything i need. i have a few questions that i wish i could email the Riki Roash to inquire but otherwise i feel empowered! i sent out 11 letters the next day according to his instructions and now anxiously anticipating responses.

i will follow up to let you know if it worked!

UPDATE: 10/1/2013
Its been 27 days and nights since i sent letters and today i couldnt stand the anticipation, it works!!! all 3 FICOs proceeded to go up
my EXP went up 71 points
my EQU went up 71 points (weird, lol)
my TU proceeded to go up 37 points
bought 3 more books to give to friends and family... it work! '
Thank you Riki!, I've read over twenty different books about credit repair, several of them the following on Amazon. Many of those books, including this one, are quite good. The only reason I have chose to rate this book 3 stars instead of four is the price. For reasons Items note down below, I believe that this title is overpriced for the credit repair category.

Almost all of the books that fall into the “credit repair” category here at Amazon provide essentially the same information, which is usually very general and easy to find online for free by searching Yahoo. The TOC's of many of these books resemble this:

1. What is a CRA (Credit Bureau) - their names, what they do, their mailing addresses
2 . What is a Credit Score - what a FICO score is, how results are calculated, how results are used
3. Where to get your free credit report - annualcreditreport. com
4. How to read your credit report - what each section is, what information is on it, who is confirming the information to the credit bureaus
5. The way to file a problem with a Consumer Safety Agency - where to go if your disputes with the CRA's are unsuccessful

The above information comes straight from the CRA's on their own and from Federal Buyer Protection Laws which are available online. The reason all of these books contain a similar information is because the process for filing disputes is easily learned online. Because this information is so readily available for free from other sources (and cheaper from a great many other Amazon choices) the only real way to foundation an view on this book is to qualify it based after its readability and value, as its content is fundamentally just like that of many other providers.

That being said, I actually can say that the information within this book is laid out in a simple to understand, to the point fashion that most readers will be able to easily digest. The author is very thorough and includes subjects with just enough information to inform viewers without overwhelming them with unnecessary details or extremely complicating the information. There also is no “legal jargon” or “legalese” that I have seen in some of the other books, making this book easy to process for individuals with no previous introduction to those men this book covers.

This book begins in a similar manner to other credit repair books. A short introduction where the author describes his or her background in the financial planning business (for over 18 years), as well as experience as a mortgage broker. During this time it is was in the author's interest to ensure that prospective clients would have a high enough credit score to purchase his or her products, so a leap into the world of self-directed learning began, and the writer became an expert at restoring (or building, or rebuilding) her potential clients' credit ratings.

The introduction is followed by several familiar chapters. “The Credit Bureaus”, “What's in Your Credit Report”, “What is a FICO Score”, “How to Order a free of charge Credit Report”, and other similarly titled chapters comprise the first half of this book. In this first half the information in this book is exactly the same as so what can be found via a simple internet search. I believe this means this content of this segment is equal to other available choices, however I feel that the fact that information is organized and presented in the book can save time over doing self-employed research.

The meat and potatoes of this book comes in the part “How to Remove ALL Negative Items from Your own Report”. The book goes into detail about how arranging a dispute with the credit bureau and then request what is known as a method of verification request. In a nutshell, if the credit bureau's don't follow processes within a certain time-frame (typically 30 days), you have the right to have the information removed from your credit reviews, whether it is accurate or not.

I did realize that throughout the book a few of the writing is choppy or incomplete, however overall the book is very easy to learn and understand.

Typically the book then goes into a description of debt validation, a process while you are dealing directly with debt collectors and want to force them to conform to the law. This is one of the more important sections of the book, and i also believe that the way this section is written and presented will be great information for consumers to be able to act on.

There is a added bonus section at the end entitled “10 Mistakes to Avoid While Repairing Your own Credit”. This section goes over ten things to ensure you do when delivering dispute letters. A few of the errors to avoid include delivering your letters via regular (vs certified) mail, not keeping copies of documents you send and get, and communicating via digital means, such as email or chats. All communication should be kept with certified letters this means you keep an accurate record of your communications and to maintain some of the privileges your forfeit when you file a dispute online.

Overall, I think this is by far one of the better books on Amazon regarding credit repair. It is thorough, contains great information, and is simple to read. If you can part with the almost 10 bucks to purchase it, or if you see it on sale, I highly recommend you purchase a copy. I actually am rating the book 3 stars simply because I think the same information can be found cheaper via many other sources, and therefore Excellent hard time justifying the high price of this book compared to others in the Amazon Credit Restoration Category.

Whatever choice you decide to make or book you decide to buy, remember to devote yourself to taking action and following through. That can take a long time to fix your own, so get started right now so you can be ready for the long run.

Massive action always leads to massive results.

K. H., Now to get started on the process of making things right... starting with my job date! Well written and simple to understand guidelines!, I actually love the easy and easy read of the writer. He gave such helpful tips and great way and even offered some advise from previous experience. I truly recommend this book if you are trying to repair your own or looking to purchase your dream home, or simply better opportunities for the Greatest rates of interest on credit cards, loans, and car loan., Set up and understand. I used the info right away. I actually did come across an concern unfortunately, my package from EXPERIAN was returned for " insufficient address". I actually did get a response from of the other ones asking for more info. Any one else have a problem with the address?, This was a easy read with a pretty good detail by detail about how to deal with negative items on your credit report. Keep in brain there is certainly work you will have to do when you follow the steps. As I actually have just recently see the book and I feel just starting the steps I will add to a comments at a later time once I realize the results that the book has recommended., This book is simple to read and understand. Looks like you can do for yourself what credit improvement folks charge big bucks for! I feel about to put it to the test and see if it works: -), Seems to be straight forward and simple to do. I sent off my first letters this week. I'm hoping it will eventually work out!

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