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Larry Dossey has a target tattooed on his chest muscles - he has made himself prone to a great deal of criticism by obviously stating that the human mind - awareness - is a nonlocal phenomenon.
By this he means that the brain is not the mind or awareness. Consciousness - our capacity to think, reflect, see - is linked with other minds, however, mind of God even as we understand God. We can is to do move beyond our body to the touch and be carressed by others. Our awareness continues following the death of the body.
If this is true, and I believe, as Dossey does, it is, then we have the capacity to experience and hook up with immense resources. In fact , Dossey emphasizes that this has already been happening and has always been happening. The key is to accept this and move with it, to discipline ourselves and also to seek the support and guidance of these who are already working effectively with consciousness.
Even though this is not new, it is, nevertheless, very threatening to many, particularly medical and religious specialists who are not prepared to accept this reality. A few go so far as to say when it were proven true past all doubt they will NEVERTHELESS not accept it!
Dossey made himself a target for individuals who will not accept the facts about which he creates. He furthermore makes himself vulnerable to criticism by taking seriously those who have been castigated in the past, such as Mesmer (hypnotism) and faith healers. This individual distinguishes between outright people and those who have true gifts, but who use language which is not respectable among some scientist.
It is really an exciting book which phone calls every being to common respect and watchful acceptance of the gifts of healing and support which surround us all the time.
Charles V. Day, Board Qualified Chaplain, Larry Dossey gives an impressive book how to change the mind body connection with simple to follow steps. Change your mind and the body follows. Your mind influences your bloodstream pressure, sleeping patterns, and hormones to a very large degree. Exercise and diet play key roles, along with prayer and mindfulness. Larry's message is never dull or dull. He is clear and bold in his concept. Read all his publications!, This is a wonderful book for anyone- place person or professional- who will be enthusiastic about cutting edge research on the power of the mind and center in healing. "Non-local" mind encompasses prayer, good wants, healing practices like Healing Touch, the laying on of hands, intuition, premonition, Love, and all charitable practices used to assist in the healing of others. Larry Dossey talks about how precisely we communicate with one another over distance, like the Aboriginal and many other cultures, and how we can cultivate this individual potential. This is a book that takes the 'woo-woo' out of near death experience, deja vu, telepathy, and so forth while not removing from the extra-ordinariness of these experiences. READ IT!, Larry Dossey's new book is a splendid, generous and inspiriting appeal to revive the ancient arts of fantasy healing. He focusses attention on open secrets that I believe will be key to our medicine - and our way of being in the world - in the twenty-first century: that mind is nonlocal, so we can be anywhere (quite literally) that we can picture; and that the body does not distinguish mental or emotional events (if significantly believed) from physical occasions, and we can heal ourselves - and others - through imagery. Best of all, he is fully alive to the ways in which dreams teach us what our bodies need to stay well, often us showing us possible problems long before physical symptoms manifest, and how our spontaneous dream symbolism offer fresh and important keys to self-healing and recovery. Larry Dossey is an exemplar of the particular best doctors of the coming century will be - healers and teachers who operate with mind, body and spirit. He has given me inspiration on my own path of teaching and practicing fantasy healing, as reflected inside my books CONSCIOUS DREAMING and DREAMGATES (and the forth-coming DREAMING TRUE). He provides all of us valor for the journey on the path of center and soul. I hope he will find many readers in our medical community, because we urgently need this antidote to approaches that reduce the patient to a series of body parts to be mended or continual by pharmaceuticals and unpleasant surgery. We need to marry the best of our medical science to a way that honors the individual as a whole person and encourages her to ask for help from a much deeper Source and bring all her spiritual resources into play. Larry Dossey shows us how., Great condition and an addition to the classes I am taking. Thank you, Read all Larry Dossey's books., Very thought provoking and nice to see more medical evidence of what I already believed to be the situation. Well written., Arrived promptly and in the condition I ordered, happy. I haven't read it yet. I ordered three of Dossey's books as I am seeking a means to00 chronic pain that Doctors have been unsuccessful in eliminating.

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