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This is a truly AMUSING bank account of how greedy and singlemindedness can botch a completely good plan. The legal professional knew both people and they should have known he was not in order to match them for anything other than that they were right for each and every other., Truly a compelling mysterious romance that keeps you wondering how a fantasy will come around in the long run. I have enjoyed all of Ms. Darcy's romances and will continue., I liked the story of this book. Villains, crazy relatives and romance, what's not to like. I will be learning much more books by Charlotte Darcy., Definitely interesting if a lttle bit odd plot. Some unpredicted twists. Would definitely like to visit a sequel of what happened for some of the other characters., Great read, thnx, RATHER irritating over a few points. First, the phrase " rather" as a previous reviewer stated. 2nd, the fact that the h existed in the home with only her male cousin for a rather prolonged time frame with no older woman inhabitant...... I rather think a major no-no for back in the time period. Third, the h herself. Rather irritating and rather spoiled. Typically the attitude throughout 90% of the book was that the H was somewhat using her by offering marriage and the male aunty was rather wrong because he inherited HER home. In one sentence she rather kinda liked the H and in the very next sentence, she totally rationalized her somewhat dislike of him. And then rather ripped him aside with her viperish tongue. Exhausting!!! My rather favorite part was when the H tells her off and goodbye as he is now going to look for a bride-to-be elsewhere. Simply to cave and concede that she and only she has his heart to the point that he is quite ready to forfeit his subject, inheritance, home and re-enlists in the army. Exhausting and now frustrating! But instead at the very very very last hour she rather loves him, crying because she rather now sees how she dealt with him with her rather shut off attitude and somewhat slithers her way to the hea. Then there is rather problem of if the old fight it out could really legally refuse his son the subject and entailed property??? In addition to describe why the H's sister was such a rather vile creature. Bumped 2 stars off of 4 because of the above. Typically the 2 star rating is made for the rest of the story and writing., Simply by a cruel twist of fate, Benedict will lose his title and estate to an unworthy successor if he does not get married to quickly. His attorney offers a possible means to fix save the duchy.

Juliet Morgan's daddy is dying. With no male heir, his subject and estate will go to a cousin and Juliet will lose her home. Both situations could be remedied if Juliet and Benedict were to get married to, but Juliet refuses to even consider the matter.

I actually rather think there are rather a lot of rathers in the story (215 to be precise), but rather than trip over this large quantity, the reader should somewhat accept them as somewhat a part of the story. And it is rather a good story.


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