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Why doesn't it follow the progression to higher quality and lower prices as most other industries do? These are some of the questions that authors Eileen Porter of Harvard Enterprise School and Elizabeth Teisberg of University of Virginia School of Business attempt to answer. The guide paints an accurate portrait of the shortcomings of the US health care system, which fails to identify and scale up providers who provide the greatest quality health care at the lowest cost.

Well being care providers, health programs, payers, and individuals are in charge of our low performing, high cost health care system. Real reform of the system has implications for all stakeholders and, optimistically, this reform is ongoing. Improvements in health care quality reporting and use of these data by consumers and payers is increasing, providers are consolidating from solitary private practices to medical groups wherein health programs are supporting transformations to patient center medical homes that actively manage patient health status through preventive care and case management. Employers are expecting that health plans augment their provider contracting discounts and claims processing with health and wellness programs, including disease management. Health proper care technology, including electronic medical records and telemedicine, are increasing the portability of health information and enabling distant hospitals to instantly accessibility medical specialists at country wide and internationally recognized medical center centers.

The authors do a great job of showcasing the levers in the domains of each stakeholder that must be switched on for transformation to a worth based market destination to happen. I argue that it will happen out of monetary and technological developments, as well as the influence of globalization, rather than via any important policy changes, except for a government mandate for seperate health insurance coverage that has now been passed at the federal level.

Even though I share the opinion of several other testers that the book is unnecessarily lengthly and unnecessary, I do recommend it for its broad views and substantial supporting case studies., "Redefining Health Care" commences with data describing the failures of America's "health system" - the greatest and most rapidly rising costs among modern countries, coupled with millions of uninsured, high error rates, and an average 17 years for the results of clinical trials to become standard clinical practice. Hence, the puzzle: "Why is competition failing in health care? "

Porter and Teisberg's answer is it focuses far too much on cost-reduction, increasing negotiating power, providing broad-lines of service, and cost-shifting, and instead should focus on long-term value (results vs. costs) for patients. Key to achieving this is the collection of standardized patient outcome data (preferably risk-adjusted) that are widely-used to identify providers requiring improvement and sources from which that improvement can be gleaned, as well as in guiding patient decision-making.

"Redefining Health Care" also asserts that the advice are not just theories, but additionally supported by a number of cited examples.

This book provides a clear vision of how the U. S. can reduce health care costs while increasing patient outcomes - without increased intricacy. It should be read by legislators at both the state and nationwide level, as well as by health care providers., Although this book contains fantastic information and data about your the current healthcare system, it gives very little specific guidance about how to improve it other than to state the obvious; that there needs to be a way to judge the value of healthcare for the patient per dollar spent, and utilize that information to improve competition. A much more novel approach to reforming healthcare is located through the Innovator's Prescription for Change, which outlines specific, step-by-step methods to achieve a measurable value for patients while increasing access and lowering costs. For those who are looking to understand the current healthcare system to a greater degree, and who are thinking where the healthcare system will take us in 20+ years, the Innovator's Prescription for Change is a fantastic read., Misses the reality in the trenches. Well being care delivery is generally handled by insurance companies and health care costs are high because of regulating burden, overcharging by big pharmaceuticals and expensive technology. Access to care is a major problem in the current system, an issue not dealt with much in this book., Redundant book will get to one single point, competition is good for health care. The redundancy is very the same point from different perspectives within the industry. Probably good for swaying different factions of the industry, not so much a good general business read.

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