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Eileen Schutt's book meant for attorneys is edifying for non-lawyers as well. This is basically a Protestant
treatise on what it means to think theologically about law. Hence it is also a great primer for evangelists like me
who desire to share the gospel with attorneys.
There are too many good stuff inside this book for myself to list them all. I appreciate statements such as, " Just how can we solve the lack of professionalism and civility in litigation? " and, " It truly is impossible to countertop the instrumentalist foundations of current legal thought without biblical, historical, and biblical thinking" (160). Schutts is a good teacher. Their claims are measured, not extreme, and his difficulties are lovingly put.
Though one reviewer found this book to be " uniformly humorless, " I found it to be uniformly substantive and candid. Schutt's does not write to entertain; he writes to help attorneys live, really live, for Jesus Christ. Reading through this book makes myself want to hear Schutts personally., This book renewed my confidence in the Good News' purpose in law school. Right assuming (Christ centered, Holy Soul driven) law students can now speak without timidity or shame!, No issues, This book is great for anyone in law or considering law. He takes a holistic method of law and vocation that is very helpful. Very recommended!, Extremely boring. To be able to be fair, our instructor had us read it even though we failed to want to be attorneys., I orderd the book and got a good conditioned book. So I was convinced. I wanna buy another books in this company. ^^, Are you currently a Christian Lawyer or a attorney who just happens to be Christian? That's the central question right behind 'Redeeming Law', and the answer is that these option is a non-starter. No serious lawyer, or any professional for that matter, can legitimately isolate his professional life from his faith without bordering on hypocrisy.

As a law pupil, I found this book extremely insightful and thought-provoking, because it sets both an intellectual and a sensible framework for slowly start to view every aspect of my life, specifically my future profession, through the lens of my faith. You might feel that the basic message of this book is that we ought to all leave our law companies and become champions of "Christian causes" in the law, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Probably my favorite part is Schutt's discussion of how we've lost a biblical understanding of vocation, and how even the most mundane activities in our lives can be used for glorifying God and helping realize His kingdom. The tendency to separate life into "secular" and "religious" activities is a symptom of our culture's problems, not a solution.

If I must offer a constructive criticism of the book, I'd admit it could've been somewhat quicker to get to the lawyer-specific advice. The particular first half roughly was more of a broad cultural critique of common attitudes towards work; a discussion which may really be addressed to anyone. That weakness, however, may finish up a strength, because the broad treatment makes 'Redeeming Law' a great "first step" towards a more life-long project of adding faith and work. I am grateful to Mr. Schutt for his writing and hope that he will bless us with future works on this subject., Mike Schutt pulls no punches in this attention grabbing and inspiring challenge to those of us attorneys who claim to be followers of Christ. While undergirded by faithful optimism, this isn't some shallow feel-good book offering easy answers. To the contrary, Schutt calls Christian attorneys to a comprehensive and thoroughly transformative type of redemptive legal considering.

To acquire a sense of how Mike cuts straight to the hearts of these who practice the profession of law, consider on the list of many blunt questions he requires: "How do we know that the lawyer's contacting is - or can be - legitimate love of and service to neighbor rather than simply respectable prostitution? " Ouch.

If you, with this problem, are a attorney honestly seeking to serve and honor Jesus in and through your legal vocation, then you will need to open this book, the sooner the higher. You will be blessed in your ongoing struggle to genuinely integrate your trust and your career.

While I might consider my own, personal book,   The particular Believer's Guide to Legal Issues , to be a "must read" for Christian laypersons facing common legal issues, "Redeeming Law" is totally a "must read" for Christian lawyers!

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