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An additional enjoyable installment of the particular series. Looking forward in order to the next book. Keep up the good work friend! Thanks, Anger & doubled down on the MC sexuality.

Good... the original principle and the direction of the book was amazing. What a great principle and thought through, had been excited to see wherever the author took the story overall.

To be very clear, everything turns around the particular Main Characters insufficient " emotional control" and his rage. Frankly, it looks artificial and immature. The writer presents enough changes in the particular world around the MC to drive the story nevertheless then layers contrived emotional issues that confuse plus distract rather than drive the particular story.

Sexuality... in the particular first story we see the particular introduction of male upon male interest and sex attraction. The energy the particular author inserts into those sections, versus the MC's interaction with the women lead make it really apparent where his interest lie. Regretfully, he doubles down and continues in this sequel.

In every truthfully, and be fare, I am a hetrosexual men and didn't find these elements of interest.

In conclusion, what a excellent concept and direction nevertheless lost the way together with over drawn immature emotional drama and a various choice in sexuality.

I'll not be buying the next in the series., I am not a frequent reporter, nevertheless the author especially requested reviews on the Litrpg Facebook group, so here I am. I possess with all this book a 4 out of 5 star (no half star available, this would be a 9 out of 10 when Amazon did such numbers). I greatly enjoyed the story, I am a lover of almost all the particular characters the author provides with this book, and he or she has done a great job of meshing medivial tropes in with Sci-Fi trope. I might honestly recommend this publication to any reader that got enjoyed the first publication of the series, plus if you are studying this review before getting tried the first publication, I do recommend the particular first book for anybody who has any desire for Litrpg type novels. Nevertheless , if you did NOT enjoy the first publication, I would not take the time reading this one, for the reason that author is not a new new author that will enhance, he's already well developed together with many novels in his profolio.

***Spoiler, do not read if you already intend in order to buy the book, a lot more for the author really***

The explanation for giving it 4 out of 5, since opposed to a complete 5/5, is I continue to be distracted/disturbed from the author's attempt to give the primary character a major sense of rage, the particular uncontrollable kind. I do not care for it whatsoever in book one, and continue to dislike it in book 2. This rage was a lot more prevalant within the first publication, but still exists in this second book and after this looks even more complicated since the reasons for the particular rage were explained again in book one nevertheless not in book 2. I fear I feel the writer fails in this one emotional plot, which often is unfortunate because this is usually the primary character within a sequence where the primary character is usually very obvious (there most point of view, John Lee May be the book), hence this one failure is usually too visible. Strangely, I think he does a excellent job using the feelings of the other humans, AND retains a good secret as to the feelings of the particular aliens from the story (they're aliens, so their pondering and culture should take a lot of effort to fathom), so it's an unfortunate reason for a great otherwise fine book.

I might have enjoyed more town development, as that which often had existed in the particular first book, but this second book focused a lot more on battle scenes, plus I read something in the authors notes at the particular finish of the publication that suggests to me that book three will not be town building. I would really like to ASK that will the author add a lot more, but he looks in order to have a nine publication series planned already thus it could possibly be too past due for my plea.

The particular battle scene using the spores was awesome, congratulations certainly. I was slightly jarred out of my studying haze however, when John had so many grenades and so much chocolate (purchased from the System), because there isn't very much to inform through out the particular book concerning how very much credit John has from any time. Certainly presently there is no sense of John being rich, due to the details as in order to how expensive fixing Sabre was, and how he or she was saving up with regard to upgrades. So suddenly viewing John has been tossing grenades into the storage space space all the whilst ahead of the battle like they are cheap trash, seemed a lttle bit off. BUT, it wasn't like he applied the grenades to become all of a sudden overpowered or anything, thus I am okay by it. It just brings in order to attention deficiency of details in order to his finance situation. More details into the finance would be a very good way to flesh up the book in a new more interesting non-obnoxious approach than standard fight scenes would.

I am hoping these records are helpful. I totally intend to read publication three when it comes out., The initial book had been great. That one sucked away loud. All that occurred was the MC grabbed a few levels, brooded a new lot and still couldnt choose who he wanted in order to get his rocks off with. That is it. Hey Mr. Author Friend? How about instead. of 7 more craptastic planned books with this series you give us a few very good ones?, Kind of a new let down after the particular first one. I guess I just expected more because it feels like I recently been waiting for this book with regard to a while. There had been nothing really wrong together with the book it just didn't really appear such as there was any progress from the first publication., Love the world building. Of which said, the entire world is chaotic and there are consequences to that violence. The particular author doesn't flinch coming from it but you may.

The main character continues to be a hot mess of unresolved issues and he or she spends the majority of the publication one chocolate bar aside from a murder spree but he's taking care of it. Other than that he or she spends a lttle bit too very much time not dealing with his issues and the whimpering got old fast., In case you liked the first publication, you'll love the next. The characters and story from the first publication continue with some hints of future storylines. The only critical comment I possess for this book is that will it feels like a new "middle" book with couple of new issues or character types being introduced. With that will said, I highly recommend this series!, The writer recently had an interesting concept in his first book. This specific book is much of the same, but without the originality. The action scenes usually are good and details concerning The System are exposed. There are many considerate elements that add in order to the story, like the decline in the local streets due to the insufficient maintenance.

However, not very much is new. The character is still angry on a regular basis and that grows old very quickly. That's fine like a starting point, nevertheless there is no personal growth here. Further, absolutely nothing develops between the primary character and his female adore interest - still a good amount of mutual interest, but his anger remains a great barrier. Finally, the writer throws within scene of homo-erotic interest between the particular protagonist and the local (male elf) landlord. Much like the first book, this looks completely gratuitous in order to the book and it is starting to feel like the writer is either playing with his target audience or wants to create this homo-erotic literature, nevertheless doesn't have the balls to be honest concerning it.

Since he is usually a gifted writer, I'll give the author one more book to make progress and clearly define his protagonist. If things enhance, I'll stick with the particular series. If things keep the same - or even if the author continues using the homo trend : I'll wish him nicely and find another series a lot more to a liking.

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