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Red is the second publication in the True Rule Series. It is not necessarily a separate. I suggest reading publication one, The important thing, before reading Red.

Red is an incredible continuation of the story of the inhabitants of Greenwood Island. The storyplot picks up exactly where it was left in The Key, also it carries on to build and interlace the fates of all in the kingdom.

The last thing Rema recalls is being led to the gallows at the bidding of Prince Lennek. While standing with the noose around her throat, she locks eyes with the man she thought loved her – Darmik. Apparently she has completely misjudged what they intended to one another, for he has done not stop her execution. So , now, how is it possible that she is awake and under the care of rebel forces? Where is she and that is the girl with and how did she get here? Wherever Is here now?

Darmik cannot carry the concept of his love being killed, especially at the hands of his cruel and hateful brother, Lennek. As he stands watching the rope pulling stronger around Rema’s neck, he also watches her tumble through the floor of the gallows and go away. Who is escorting the woman away, and what is happening between his soldiers and exactly what must be rebels? As he makes his way through the tunnel leading outdoors, he sees two people riding away. Follow he must, for he is aware one is surely Rema. But what exactly really does her rescue mean? Will it confirm that she is the heir to the throne?

Lennek is sour. Angry. Hateful. And will stop at nothing to see Rema destroyed. When he can take his sibling down with her, all the better. When Darmik returns to King Town after tracking Rema, there is a new risk to deal with. Captain, an Emperion assassin has arrived and is working with Lennek to find Rema and eliminate any threat by her and the digital rebel forces.

Darmik simply cannot abide by any more oppressive measures used by his sibling and father. Their topics are being treated terribly. Torture and cruelty are the norm in the world now. It is obvious that he is losing favour in the eyes of those in charge, and is having his own personal struggle with what he should do and whom he should pledge his allegiance. Maybe it is time for your pet to become his own person. Standing up for one’s beliefs and carving one’s own path is heroic and rewarding, is it not?

In Red, we see the figures learn what it means to guard a cause, to accept themselves and others, and know what it means to trust, sometimes in things you cannot see. They will grow as people and get started to develop perspective, all while trying to figure out where they fit as a whole, and as individuals. The interplay between them is superbly authored by Ms. Davis, and very rewarding as the viewer to watch unfold. Even given the age of the characters and the mature nature of the circumstances they find by themselves, they handle themselves believably. I realize this is a fantasy, but it all might happen. It isn’t much of a stretch as to what has already happened of all time. In addition to that is what makes this story so enchanting. On to book three!

I give this 5/5 stars., *This book was provided by the publisher/author for an honest review.

Hurry Hurry! Don’t postpone. The True Reign Series is a force to be reckoned with, and you will want to experience everything that the characters do. No matter what time of evening you concluded your excitement from The Key, Book one, you will need to download this book just to quell your book hangover. Not to mention there nasty cliffhanger of the last publication. Like the greats (Karen Marie Moning) cliffhangers are an important evil, even though it kills us.

Within this installment of The True Reign Seris, it starts just where it ended. The resilient but scared, Rema finds their self in a foreign invisible organization. Her uncle and aunt are there, but it is still an untrustworthy place. She is injured and relies on the truth that her necklace refers to trusting Mako. The girl still hasn’t figured out the rest of the codes, but she will not stop until the girl learns what it all means.

Prince Darmik is on the hunt for Rema. Knowing only that he wants to know if she is safe. He loves her and knows the King (his father) will stop at not aid Prince Lennek from getting his retribution for Prince Darmik and Rema’s love.

All the cards take the table, but only some of the cards are turned over. Once Rema uncovers the truth, will she back down from her future or will she rise to the occasion? Jennifer Anne Davis deserves all the applause in the world for this fantastic follow up to The Important!!

Don’t stop when you finish either. Download another book immediately for summary is definatly a must read!!!

*This review was done in conjunction with Geek Girl Official., Typically I will know when a publication is good when my feelings are involved. Through anger to heartache, swooning and sighing, or even just the soft times of 'awe'. Well, my feelings were highly engaged with this book and I actually read nearly all of it in two sittings--the last keeping me up well into the wee hours of the morning (where I actually may or may not have accused mcdougal of leaving torturous cliffhangers as a sick joke…).

What I actually find really interesting relating to this book, however, is the fact that I connected more with the supporting cast than both leads. I don't know whether it's just because I know so much about Darmik and Rema from the first book, or the undeniable fact that there is now new faces using new reactions and insights. Possibly way, I am really, truly invested in the relationships that were revealed throughout the book. (Which, of course, means i was waiting IMPATIENTLY for the 3rd installment. )

Yet, I cannot say I used to be devoid of feeling towards our leads, either. I actually felt this huge sense of readerly pride in Rema--for the most part--as this book skillfully shows the woman coming into her own. Her growth in this publication does feel a little rushed, but when you're on the clock, big selections don't exactly get time to sit and simmer. Once she takes possession of her title and her bloodline, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. And she is aware it.

Darmik, as well, proves that he is the kind of man who should be left in charge. (He also proves that he can still be an idiot sometimes, but that is his own vice. ) What I really enjoyed in the arc was the amount of loyalty he inspires in his as well as all those around your pet. He's confident, self-assured, and knows what he's about. It's something that can be seen straight away in him and it's magnetic in a lot of ways.

However, despite their beautiful developments, no-one will work this novel's emotional tether quite like Neco. I actually love him. He's skilled and versatile and never scared to say what he thinks. And the truth that he loves Ellie just makes me feel all tingly inside because he BETTER have a happy ending!

All in all, this is a great sequel to " The Key" and provides so much more depth. Both to characters and the deep-seeded truths surrounding them all.

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