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Clinton Romesha’s “Red Platoon” is a compelling and engrossing story of a true occasion: the attack on his platoon’s position at a great outpost in Afghanistan, a fight that resulted in his own award of typically the Medal of Honor.

Within the spirit of “Lone Survivor”, “Black Hawk Down” and “American Sniper”, this specific true story is masterfully written and compelling, keeping this reader fully involved from first page to last.

Combat Outpost Keating was a disaster waiting to happen. It had been poorly situated, being close to the bottom of a valley dominated by looming escarpments, and very near a small village that will provided potential staging details for the opposition. It had been at the end regarding a very difficult supply path, as well as in a position that will didn’t permit dependable air flow or artillery support. A few of the base safety was provided by undependable indigenous personnel, primarily Afghani police forces.

When Black Knight Troop, the outfit which included Romesha’s Red Platoon, rotated in the decision had been designed to take apart the outpost and closed it down. But before this specific mission could be performed the Taliban staged a trigger in force. As typically the outpost had been partially dismantled, its defenders found on their own hampered not only by their position’s innate vulnerabilities, nevertheless also by virtue regarding the position will no longer being at full capability, generating their situation even even more dire.

Their battle in opposition to seemingly insurmountable odds plus overwhelming force will maintain you turning the web pages until the last arrêter flies out.

I’d likewise like to extend my respect to Romesha, since well as those additional Keating defenders mentioned inside the book who performed so nobly and bravely. Outstanding., Red Platoon, just like all such books regarding the USA's recent clashes, was a tough read. I expect the prior generation had much the similar feeling regarding books concerning the Vietnam War. Maybe I simply know as well many men and women who've fought in these kinds of conflicts. Either way, typically the books is fantastic.

Red-colored Platoon first introduces typically the NCOs and officers of the platoon. Most of them were veterans of both Iraq of Afghanistan previously, though few had already been assigned to the similar unit prior to being sent to COP Keating. COP Keating is accurately referred to as a wretched folly, mainly because from the completely indefensible position. When the people of Red Platoon arrive, ostensibly to shut throughout the base, they immediately recognize their predicament.

Constant harassing by the Taliban proved the platoon's worst concerns. They were literally vulnerable coming from every angle, and being at the underside of typically the valley allowed the insurgents to target them with very little risk of harm themselves. Red Platoon, alongside with White and Glowing blue Platoons, settled in to a sort of rhythm. They came to regard the steady attacks as just part regarding the routine of COP Keating. However , when a determined, large Taliban pressure some 300-strong made a decision to assault the outpost directly, it came as a terrible surprise. The men regarding Keating were outnumbered nearly 5: 1, and typically the enemy applied the training they'd learned from just about all their minor attacks to focus on the defensive positions. Typically the sudden attack put also these professional soldiers on the heels. The immediate fall of the allied Afghan makes aided the enemy tremendously. After the insurgents penetrated typically the base itself, the guys of Keating had to tumble back to the Alamo.

This is not a great easy read in terms of the subject matter matter. The almost medical recounting pulls no your punches. There is proper scorn heaped on those who else established the outpost inside the first place, specifically for the reasons noted by simply the author. The problem concerning support and supply for the remote outpost makes it clear that the guys of Keating were just about all but on their very own. The thought is rather chilling, and one can scarcely imagine that feeling. The author relates the last occasions of several of those who else were killed, some by simply snipers, some by large firepower concentrated by big numbers of Taliban.

Typically the book is a quickly read, but it's a single to slow down deliberately while reading to take in the impact of each phase of the battle. Because an account of typically the events that culminated inside the author receiving typically the Medal of Honor, this specific is a wonderful book for military supporters plus those with loved kinds in the military., Of the numerous stories of combat We have read, from WWI to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, this has got to be one of the most horrific. Typically the author, Clinton Romesha, really does a splendid job regarding telling the story inside a clear, easy-to-read style. It never lets up and was difficult to lay down when I needed to sleep at evening.

What one wonders coming from the outset was why the Army would put an outpost in these kinds of an indefensible position, nearly guaranteeing Americans would be killed. Secondly, what had been wrong with the first commander, Capt Melvin Tenir, who denied the requests from the NCOs that will would have improved their defensive position and offered them a split chance inside the fight? A following investigation determined Porter lose interest the greatest responsibility so that went wrong. Was he or she disciplined? The book does not say. Perhaps if however listened eight men may possibly still be alive.

This specific is a great book and I heartily advise it. Romesha's retelling nearly puts the stench regarding blood, guts, and loss of life in one's mouth. Not that it was his intention, but his story telling is the fact good. Editorially, however, can have used some better proofreading and editing. He has lots of difficulty with subject-verb agreement plus continually starts a word saying something like, " Me and my pals, " rather than correctly expressing, " My buddies plus I. " Maybe that will provides more authenticity, nevertheless it's like nails on the blackboard to me.

" Naturally, " as he or she says many times, the grammatical stumbles do nothing to detract from the mind-numbing apprehension of this battle story., Even during our groundbreaking war, civil war, plus viet nam war, strategies 101 as everyone understands is to take plus keep the high floor. French forgot that plus lost in Viet Nam. The general that advised COB Keating in Afganistan be built where it was, must be related to the rear echelon generals who always remained apart from the battle front in Viet Nam. If he had to keep in Keating for any duration of time, surely he or she would have seen how dumb his order was. A person can fix the majority of things, nevertheless you can't fix silly. Good book, wonderful troops, horrible leadership.
G. Moore, USN expert.

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