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Playing JRL in utter amazement, it was my great pleasure to eventually work together with him at WLS/Chicago. Although a great personality goes beyond formats, OF COURSE he was a powerful talk host -- but without your pet our " BIG fifth there’s 89 REWINDS" would never have took place. Now he or she is back playing the hits -- and sounding as great as ever. However, there are so many tales and insights in this memoir that I needed to force myself not to read it all in one sitting. With advisor writer/producer Rick Kaempfer (if you haven't, also read his '$everance"! ), this is not only a typcial " DJ" radio publication -- it is a thoughtful, instructive story of a sojourn from which we can all learn. Plus, no person tells a story like JRL!
(P. S... the only reason I gave it a 5-star rating happens because that's as high as the system allows! ) Whether if you're a radio person or a radio listener who enjoys 'behind the scenes' stories -- BUY THIS PARTICULAR BOOK. You won't be disappointed., Records Truly Is The Middle Name is like John Records Landecker themselves: intelligent, honest, and funny.

While reading the publication, I was struck by how John's life is the quintessential baby boomer's life. His father is a German Jew who was the last Jew to get a regulation degree in Berlin besides making it to America to improve a family in America's postwar optimism. John recalls with regards to school when JFK is killed, he timepieces the Beatles on Impotence Sullivan (remembering Mitzi Gaynor's cleavage sweat)and even finishes up marrying the granddaughter of Senator McCarthy's enemy, Joseph N. Welch. And of course, he falls in love with rock and roll. Each chapter of the book commences with the substantial historical and cultural events of that particular era which not only give the publication a nostalgic flavor but in addition give a context to make it a baby-boomer's life story.

Being the quintessential baby boomer history, the optimistic halcyon days give way to more dark days for Landecker as he journeys from station to station, not finding the success he had with WLS in the '70's. The second half the publication finds John in what he describes as his dark days, finding his career and family harmed by the excesses his alcoholic beverages and drug use introduced, which he freely discusses. To John's credit, he doesn't use his publication to settle scores or make excuses but will take responsibility for his failings. And again, to his credit, he puts away the drugs and alcohol, settles down with his soul mate, Nika, and loves rebirth at WJMK and currently on WLS-FM, in the time slot of his glory days, 6PM to 10 PM, spinning (or whatever a jock really does with music in the digital era) classic '70's and '80's hits.

A story John tells about his father seems to sum up the publication. In Werner Landecker's student days he visited a library run by Nazis. Why would he accomplish that, since as a Jew, he wasn't allowed to study there, John asks. Mr Landecker replied, "I desired to see what it felt like. " John says this describes his father perfectly. In addition, it explains Werner Landecker's son completely. John takes us on a ride through his life and let's us all know what it felt like. Fun, exciting, sometimes difficult, but all in all, one hell of any drive. Thanks John for carrying us all along., This book is really the truth about the radio business. When you've ever wondered what it's like working in radio.. Landecker will tell you.... the good, the bad, and the butt ugly. Sexual intercourse, Drugs, Rock N Spin, and the lying, backstabbing radio world. The life and times of a major market DJ. Your dog is lucky to be alive. I listened to your pet on WLS AM in '72 when I was 15 residing in VA. The particular BS in the Stereo business he describes will blow your brain. I know, I went through it as a writer and on air talent in the smaller markets like Jax, FL and Roanoke, VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. The whole time I used to be reading this book I was telling myself.. GEEZ this happend to John too! WTF I cannot believe this.. He previously to go to Canada for a gig. You will learn that Radio really does not value talent. Not even John.... considered one of the very creative people in the business. John Landecker's problem was.. he didn't have the big ego most Radio types have. Neither was he carrying around a knife ready to backstab his best friend and kick him or HER TO THE SUPPRESS. John is an unterhaltungskünstler with a runner touch. A rare find in radio stations. I think he overlooked his calling to do stand up comedy. (He can be heard on WLS FM nightly.. and through the magic of the internet. ), If you increased up listening listening to radio stations in the 1970's, especially tuning in stations outdoors your area, this is an enjoyable read. I listened to WLS and WCFL late at night from my location in upstate New York, on my very reliable Panasonic transistor radio, and enjoyed listening to John Records Landecker. I often wondered what it was like to be a DJ., If you grew upward listening to John Landecker, or saw Landecker and the Legends perform, you'll enjoy a very entertaining autobiography. I did both and hear some of the behind the scenes details was fascinating. If you never had the possiblity to hear him, I uncertainty you'll get much from this.

Throuought the book there are candid excerpts from coworkers and others with their view of John. Lots of interesting things in the appendix too.

I grew up listening to John on WLS and saw him do his parody songs during the 90s. One of the most creative DJs ever. I still remember a number of his Americana Panorama pieces which were fantastic. Nevertheless have several his cassettes of song parodies. Properly worth reading., I recall hearing to John Records Landecker on WIBG in Phila. during the 60's and 70's. Top-40 radio again then was your format and John Landecker was on during the evenings on WIBG.

If you love radio the way it was in the past, you'll probably want to get this guide. John Landecker was one of the main on-air personalities during those days long long gone. From the fun read overall., Being from Chicago & the same age as John, what can I say? Lots of backdrop on his history & the many stations he proved helpful for. I still listen to him Saturdays. I was lucky enough to be part of a Mexican vacation his show sponsored years ago & think me, dr. murphy is the real offer - honest, funny, witty, and totally accessible.

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