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I actually very much enjoyed this attempt to bring Real Existence and games together.

A new good game is more fulfilling than Real Life in many ways- especially since it has a ensure of progress: if one does the "right" thing, one makes progress in the game.

Unfortunately, this is not as true of actual life.

Now- to some extent, we can make aspects of Real Life into a game: this can be really helpful in certain areas, such as housekeeping. That might also be a help for clever supervisors who want to inspire/give incentives to their workers. Basically- when a piece of work is complicated, long-lasting, and with no guaranteed incentive for doing it- wish not inclined to throw heart and soul into it. That's just natural. However- treating it more like a game- with clear rewards at specified and clear points, each goal that is manageable... well, that's different!

At this point, I play "Glitch" almost every day. I love it because while the game sets some goals, I could set others, and each time I play I actually make at least some progress to one or more goals. This really is so much more satisfying than Real Life! Nonetheless, it palls, so most days i spend about 30 min on it- which works out pretty well.

When everything else in my life is frustrating and difficult, though- it's lovely to go to a game and become EFFECTIVE., This was a gift idea and he or she said he loved it.... Ill just go by there response, Video games are here to stay, and as a relatively new artistic medium, I actually think they can change the world. I concur with the author on this point, and just how the author presents a well thought out and eloquent argument for the medium. Well done., I highly enjoyed this read. Anne McGonigal is a highly influential person in the game world.
She has had a hand in creating many times of games.
While she touch on video games, that is not the primary focus of the woman book.
The lady instead focuses on sociable games, and Alternate Reality Games, games that happen in real life
and don't use digital avatars. She focuses on the advantages of gaming; the approaching together of people,
collaboration, and creating something epic as a team.
Throughout the book McGonigal illustrates " fixes" for reality, that show how games are in fact, better than the broken reality we live in. A really interesting read, even if you're not interested in playing video gaming, or games in general.
This book really illustrates what human potential could be unlocked if something harnessed our group abilities.
A new fantastic read., Given how quickly gaming technology and tastes change, this work is surprisingly pertinent and useful for developing a broader, more impactful understanding of games, gaming, and gaming culture., "Reality is Broken" opened my 62 year old mind to the potential power of collaborative/co-creative games to make very positive changes in our world on the planetary scale. Had no clue so much of this is already set up. Jane McGonigal builds her case about the society changing energy of games from ancient Lydia to modern days. The lady demonstrates how games help us to make use of much needed positive emotions and resilience and communicates through many examples that we now have the technology, social media networks, and willing "gamers" to make very positive planetary changes that could eventually "fix" much of what's broken in our present fact. Very well written and very inspiring! A ray of sunshine and hope in a world that sometimes seems broken beyond repair.

Dr. Dean Raffelock, The Son will be a senior in high institution and after attending a pre-college course come july 1st at Ringling College of Artwork + Design is now excited about a career in Game Design. Wanting to do some independent research, I started reviewing relevant information on the web. I acquired "Reality is Broken" after Youtubing Anne McGonigal's speech at the 2010 TED conference. I actually won't go into detail of the content, but will assure that after reading this book my concerns of a nonproductive future designing video games has recently been replaced with optimism that my son's chosen career can be wonderfully satisfying. If you are a parent of a in the same way pre-disposed teenager, Mrs. McGonial's vision of a future where gaming strategies and methodologies are pervasive in all developed societies will open your eyes to these possibilities. The opening chapters also helped me personally make perfect sense of the inner workings of a young Gamer's mind. The information found in "Reality is Broken" will help guide my boy's educational path of course, if I actually do my job right, make me the dad to a young man with visions of favorably changing the entire world., There is a pervasive and a frequently negative perception of games as an "escapist", and a "wasteful" exercise. Nothing could be further from the facts, although as the author highlights, we do have a lot to learn and improve about game design: "game design is not a technological art, it's a twenty-first-century way of thinking and leading". Good games are optimized to place us into a state of flow, where we are operating at the limits of our skills - they provide feedback when we make mistakes, and they get gradually harder to help all of us improve. If only our real-world environments could provide more of the same! And that's exactly the point of this book: we can redesign our reality by augmenting it with sociable and collaborative game mechanics. This is, in fact, almost as close as we can get to "engineering happiness".

The book provides a nice framework so that makes the great games successful, and how these principles can be applied to the world around us. Well written, plenty of great and engaging examples - highly recommend it. A Nobel Peace Award to a game developer over the following 50 years? Items put my money on it.

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