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Real Artists Don't Starve is a feel good publication of anecdotes and research about artists of all stripes who have come to a point where they can make a living. It is not so much about the practical aspects (such as how to do it within specific industries or avenues to pursue) as it is anecdotal and inspirational.

If you have read more than a few books/blogs about being an artist and making a living, specifically those of a more inspirational bent, you may not really find anything new here.

Regardless of that, the way that the stories are informed is nicely done. We enjoyed it and found it a light and quick read and can read it again at some point. It's one of those books that is better suited to someone who needs encouragement somewhat than practical instructions., Functional, inspirational, hands-on and well researched, all in Jeff's participating style.

Yes, in fact, it's possible to get paid for work you care about. This book is a fine handbook to get you there., Just finished reading the book for the first time. I plan to read again, now marking it up. This particular is not just a great book to read, but it provides a lot of great ideas for doing the work that one wishes or wants to do. A possibility about sticking to one chosen profession field for life, but rather pursuing the things that we truly enjoy and find valuable for others or the world. Now i'm nearing 40, and would like to write some books in the future. I do think the book provides ideas that are helpful in this area: This book provides a lot of inspirational stories, and some principles, for succeeding in a creative venture. It's not specifically about writing, painting, or entrepreneurship, but it touches on all these things by looking at " creativity" through a broad lens. Stylistically, We felt like the publication was kind of set up like a Malcolm Gladwell book just because there's a lot of storytelling and reporting on interviews and the like., Wow! Jeff did an amazing job showing the disconnect between Starving Artists and Thriving Artists. The term Artist can be misconstrued as a person who only does drawings and paintings. The truth of the matter is that we are all artists when it comes to what we do on a daily basis and when we strive to take on our dreams. Goins breaks down the myths behind musicians and builds a case that we can all take our “art” in the marketplace while not having to reinvent the wheel., That quote from " Real Artists May Starve" is very uncovering. Are you stubborn enough?

Read hundreds of journal, do numerous interviews and distill that information into common principles and strategies others have followed to be successful as an artist in their chosen fields of endeavor OR you can get your duplicate of " Real Artists Don't Starve" today and benefit from this work already done for you by Jeff Goins. This particular might just inspire you to take that first or next step in living your dream and not starving while doing so.

To me having somebody else do all the research and providing his findings may be worth the small investment needed to get this book. I think it would be a worthwhile investment for you too.

" You can do extraordinary things when you are patiently prolonged. " Reading and learning what others have done to be successful is one of the people patiently prolonged things you have to do to increase your chances of your success. This publication will help you make that happen goal.

You will learn some things you did not know, be reminded of some things you already knew and many misconceptions you thought you knew will be clarified. Along the way you might just be inspired to express if they can do it We can too and take action to live Ideal.

Don't procrastinate any extended. Get a copy today!, I've enjoyed all of Jeff's book but this one is my favorite. That explores the condition many of us face seeking to overcome our desire for creativeness and our need to pay the bills. We found the book helpful and exactly what Required to inspire me to begin with on a project I had been considering., It's a decent book but Goins doesn't profile any female artists, and includes one or two people of color. What year is it again? Yikes. That's really not cool.

Right now there book is thin on offering conclusive, nuts and bolts advice, an unusual omission to a book which uses the word " strategies" in its subtitle. Instead, the author profiles and editorializes a variety of approaches, frequently promoting one technique only to later suggest its opposite. Goins rather neatly implies that the opportunity to hold disparate views simultaneously is a mark of intelligence. Possibly he believes this and perhaps it's a thing of convenience. Ultimately, do people understand what makes an fine art career really move? In case that's the advice if you're seeking, I don't think you'll find it here. This can be a solidly decent, edutainment or motivational book started in a rather narrow, white, male perspective., Goins speaks right to artists and demands they get hold of their art and promote it in every way. Overlook being discovered. Put yourself out there. A great self help primer to those who know the rules of self advertising but forget to participate them. Thanks Jeffrey!

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