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An individual already believe in reading aloud and feel comfortable enough performing it... so do you really need a Go through Aloud Handbook? You probably don't NEED it, but I think you'll be thankful to have this book. As both a parent of young kids and as a teacher of low-income middle school students (on a break to stay at home while my kids are young), I'm getting a great deal from it.

The biggest lure for me personally was the Handbook's "Treasury" - the annotated list of great read-aloud books that makes in the last 3rd of the Handbook. I get overwhelmed when selecting books and wanted to be able to choose from the list of reliably loveable books for my children, as well as to be sure I wasn't missing any especially good choices for my middle school students. I'm pleased with the Treasury so far, at the quality of books described and in the range of ages represented (There are a great few pages on reading to babies in Ch. 3 and any age toddler-8th grade should find several great tips in the Treasury). The bulk of the books described are picture books, quick novels, and longer works of fiction (100 pages and up), but there are some tips for poetry and reference books as well.

The first 170 pages of the Handbook addresses subject areas like why we should be reading aloud, suggestions for reading aloud at each stage of development from infant up, tips for Suffered Silent Reading, and good and bad news about the growing reliance on digital reading. I'm surprised at how much I loved these chapters. Here's what I loved:
* Inspiring: Trelease provides higher than a sales-pitch for reading aloud - he makes the love and happiness of reading with children contagious. I was already "sold" on reading aloud, but feel re-energized to make read-alouds more frequent and more fun.
* Challenging: The many anecdotes of inspiring educators and parents made me think. A teacher of 3 and 4 year olds reads chapter books as well as picture publications... am I right to have assumed my 3 year old can't handle hearing a chapter book yet? And a mother read to the girl youngster at meals as long a duration as the child showed interest... where can I work in more fun reading to our days? I could go on.
* Filled with functional suggestions: Some examples: great specific book tips when transitioning from picture publications to novels, an anecdote of a clever ipod/text program for struggling visitors, what we can learn from Oprah, and of course many practical dos and don'ts while reading aloud (before, during, and after reading). Several seem to be common sense, but they're still helpful.
2. Readable: This reads just like a conversation with a proficient veteran educator who has formed strong opinions after years of knowing how kids learn. It's filled with research, but not in any way dense.

I'd also recommend Pam Allyn's What to Read When. There is not too much terme conseillé; its book tips are more about teaching or opening up conversations on many different subject areas while the suggestions in Trelease's book tend to be more about learning to like to read. The two are helpful to me., As other reviewers have said, I was surprised by how much I've discovered from this book. Regarding course I already knew that reading to children was important! I generally acquired this for the time at the back, which are great, but I didn't think I'd get as much from the rest of the book. I was wrong. The information around why it can so very important to read out loud and the tips on how to pick books, when to read, how to see them, etc... are fantastic. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has kids or works with them. I've already advised everyone I know that will listen!, This is a great book to give you the warm fuzzies about the importance to reading out loud to people, but especially kids. I acquired this book on the recommendation of a presenter at a professional workshop on using reading to teach world vocabulary and I am glad I did. It is merely a compendium details about how great it is to read to kids and let them see you read. Trelease uses evidence from the lenses of sports activities, colleges, elementary schools, high schools, low-income and many other ways. It is not a book pertaining to searching for a scientific sounding, academic journal. This particular a book of sound research combined with anecdotal evidence that supports, promotes and inspires you to want to read more to the kids in your lifetime. It is for educators and parents, not researchers. This particular book is made to be useful now, complete with a long list of great read aloud publications for each and every a long time.

The reported research is great. It will pass muster on any reading teacher's list, but that is not where the book lights. This is a book considering the time spent showing kids that you like to read which more importantly you like to read WITH ALL OF THEM. That, more than something sets the stage for helping your child, and in my case, your students, to become life long readers and learners. Isn't that what a win-win?, I am a grandmother so far of 7, and I am also a volunteer tutor to a fifth grader of any single parent! If I could live my life over, We would want this book's inspiration for my mothering days. But it is never too late! Rick Trelease has spent his life driving home the valuable advise of this book. We must read aloud to our children and in doing this, you will inspire love of learning and the surprise of words. The hub of the education of our children also houses. Get this book and let it inspire you!!!, Bought this for my daughter-in-law on her first year teaching.
Every classroom and library should have a copy. Will be good
for the patients parents too., We have always been a viewer and understood the importance of early reading. My hubby needed some convincing, though. This particular book really drives it home with tons of studies to back it up and ideas for making reading enjoyable for kids who are a little tolerant, like mine was. Our son was diagnosed with a speech/language disorder just after he turned 2; it became painfully apparent when his sister, who will be a year younger, exceeded him in language development. He HATED sitting down to read because he couldn't understand or comprehend the words. And reading to him was a major part of his speech therapy. We started out looking at picture books, just pointing out the images and identifying what they were (" Tuesday" by David Wisener was great for this, and I wouldn't have found it without the help of Rick Trelease. A million thanks for that).
Trying to find quality childrens books on your own can become a challenging task given the quantity of publications available. The second half the Read Aloud Handbook is a treasury of great books with the suggested ages. This has already been extremely helpful in finding books that both of my kids enjoy.
In other words, if you have kids or work with kids, this guide is a great resource.

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