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It is a horrific tale so make sure you're prepared. Since there is very little physical documented evidence left from the camp the story should be told by patching collectively memories and small bits of information from many sources. As a outcome the book seems quite choppy at first. By midpoint you learn to see the big picture and the characters (prisoners and guards) learn to develop.

Certainly a lot of research and effort went into it. This may be the individual best description, from starting to end, of a single concentration camp that has ever been written. What is also interesting is that it was a women's camp. I highly recommend this guide either for knowledge about the Third Reich or even Women's Studies. You will not soon forget this., Schutzhelm does an amazing job researching and interviewing these incredibly brave and courageous women and those behind the intensive inhumanity they suffered. I knew of the camp and much of the history but not the personal stories behind them. She did not overwhelm readers with brain numbing statistics as Martin Gilbert's Holocaust did time and again. I feel dissapointed about the picture painted of the French Resistors shipped from Birkenau, with only a couple of exceptions. Maybe Helm should have read "Auschwitz and After" by Charlotte Delbo. Not one mention of the woman who refused to allow the planet to forget the horror of Auschwitz. The book so descriptive and done so beautifully with words that leave no room for misinterpretation. In addition, she speaks of near does not show for of death in Ravensbruck after her transfer there in 1944. I seriously regret Delbo was completely left out of this book. In ending many scholars of the Holocaust and Nazis do indeed refer to Ravensbruck as an extermination camp as well as in my viewpoint justly so. Congratulations to Sarah Schutzhelm. With one noted exemption she did a wonderful job and wrote an incredible book. Charlotte Delbo deserved better., This publication was an outstanding read and very insightful into the Nazi mindset as well as a microcosm of what a world can become under certain conditions. Whether it's the concept of " group think" under Nazi influence or " group think" under the survivors' needs, the mental horror is gathered masterfully.

Helm takes us into the all women's camp at Ravenbruck, designed by Himmler who had been Hitler's main man in figuring out exactly what to do about all these people..... he wanted long gone. The atrocities, courage, belief in a persons spirit and the absolute will to survive deter Himmler's initiatives. Though initially a servant labor camp, it later became part of the overall extermination project as the war closed in around the Nazi's.

Some viewers become confused as the story does bounce a bit returning to when each ethnic group was brought in but by the company accounts of the Nazi's by 1944, there were 22 ethnic groups in the campements. What the average viewer doesn't understand is how a cultural variations and interplay are absolutely necessary to the reason of how this camp operated. Too many people out here mention a disjointed story nonetheless they don't understand they each new emerging or employed group impacted the camp as a whole.

I truly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand Nazi history. Indeed, there were Jewish people who have been murdered but this book goes further to show just how many people were murdered and not all Jewish. Vision opening, horrific, disgusting, sad and soul surviving, this book delivers!, Heartbreaking but one of those textbooks I recently couldn't put down. It's over 700 webpages, so you won't read it in one or maybe more sittings, but then, with the topic matter, you will not want to. Ravensbruck was a " forgotten" loss of life camp - for women ( which may make clear why are so many people didn't want to know). As always when reading about WW II Nazi evils, you can't wrap your mind around how people could become the sub-human enemies so many became. There have been good Germans. Many villages near to the so-called hospices where the first murders took place (physically and mentally ill) did indeed protest and bishops protested from the pulpits. Hitler's response was to back off until the concentration camps were outfitted with furnaces - a more efficient way of handling the issue of serving those who couldn't benefit the Reich. The campements were soon available far from towns where German people had less chance of discovering the horrors within. T found myself looking up most of the people in the book to see how they ended. But it was years before the world was ready to believe the unbelievable reports coming from survivors from Ravinsbruck and other campements.

If you are a collector of WW 2, Nazi-era books, you'll be wanting this excellent addition in your collection., I have waited a week after I read this book to review it as it was a powerful read for me personally. As with a great many other testers, I've read quite a few good books on the holocaust, but this one is exceptional. The book is so descriptive that I could actually feel the despair, the hunger, the resiliency, the lice, the pain. If this is the actual author intended, the lady did a fabulous job. I felt at one point, towards the midsection of the book, that I was lost in a blackness of hopelessness, but I kept reading because eventually I knew it would progress. I think we owe it to survivors to bare see to their lives in such an evil time/place. We owe it both to the survivors but also those who would not make it. What would you did if you were in a focus camp? Would you maintain your hope, your figure, your sense of do it yourself? This important book made me ask this question the complete time that I was reading it.

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