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Right after reading through the publication, I was left feeling that it should have offered me a lot more. Maybe Mr. Ruhlman should have given the basic ratio, and then gone on to explain what the results would be. After that, he or she could have discussed how changing each ingredient in the ratio would change the results.

For example, a cook will get some decent bread by using the 5: 3 ratio in the book and a standard breadmaking method. However, if she reduces the water, the bread will be better for bagels and pretzels. If she increases the normal water, it will tend in the direction of a ciabatta or pugliese. Changing the salt and yeast will affect the rise time and flavor. That's how knowing a ratio becomes useful. Typically the cook knows altering it little in a direction will change the results in a predictable way. A few of this information was haphazardly indicated in the chapter introductions, but it would have been much more effective if it were thoroughly explained and arranged in the context of the recipe ratio.

In order to me, this was the information missing that would have made this book an priceless resource. It's not merely knowing the ratios - is actually knowing how to fine-tune them to get the results I want in each particular instance. I think any mid-level cook understands that adding a few herbs and spices to their homemade biscuits will not break the recipe. Nevertheless if she wants in order to tweak her basic biscuit recipe so that merely a little more moist and tender to go with fried chicken, or a little more strong to stand up to a lot of sausage gravy, this publication doesn't offer anything. Several problems with recipes can be solved by altering the ratio slightly: biscuits spreading too much, bread collapsing, biscuits not growing, bread too dense, curry dough overbrowning, and so forth (Of course, these problems can also sometimes be resolved by technique, but because technique is not the theme of the publication, I'm not going to fault Mr. Ruhlman for hardly mentioning it. ) If the book discussed how slightly altering the standard ratio affects the effect, not only could I have improvised the perfect biscuit for every single situation, but I could have better used the book to repair unsatisfactory (but promising) recipes.

Since the entire book could probably be summed upward in a chart (with baking times and temperatures when required), I think the price is way to avoid it of line with the value. Since most excited home cooks probably already have a decent set of recipes that duplicate what the book offers, I can say it's even worth the recipes. Two superstars for a good idea., This is a great resource and inspiring publication which makes total sense for a home make. For a professional chef and those who is entering as an beginner will find this book as a quick resource. He or she just provides basic percentages in cooking and baking, but also provides some common cooking and baking techniques into each of the ratios. He also provides some variations like adding different ingredients and what properties they do on making sure recipes. This publication will inspire an advanced foodie, or a beginner use the ratios as a guide and be free to create your own ratios with doughs, etcetera that are not described in the book. I am able to create few baking recipes of my own just like a chef would do. Of course, experimentation based on a techniques and tasting your creations is part of the means of making successful and inventive recipes, so you can share your creations with others., This is a gem of a little book. I am a major fan of Ruhlman. He writes evidently and unpretentiously. As soon as you understand what is in this book, you will end up that much better a cook because it lays out the foundation for any make to develop their own recipes and stretch their creativity. In the top five of my favorite books about cooking., This publication is fabulous! It provides the reader a comprehensive comprehension of the principles of creating dishes without recipes! WOW! I am very impressed! I also bought " TWENTY" which is another of Michael Ruhlman's books! I can speak highly enough of both of these! I am a restaurant proprietor and have learned THEREFORE much - page after page - from these!, Someone we know suggested that my son would enjoy this as a cookbook.
He or she was correct. My child enjoys this book.

This publication provides ratios of cooking food. You can take some amount of flour, add some amount of water and you have pie bread. You want more, just improve the ratio. You need less, decrease the ratio.

Remember a few ratios and you have a cookbook in your head. Start experimenting, as any teenager wants to do, and you will soon figure out what happens when you add too much water or too little to your pie bread. You will quickly be able to come upward with what you think is the best curry dough for your liking.

I like reading cookbooks and I enjoy learning new skills. I think I might not use this publication as much as my son who really enjoys the math concepts and can certainly memorize. Regarding me what I enjoyed was reading about the ratios and then reading the recipes that were attached to that. So, a chapter in the publication might look like this.... here is the ratio for cookie dough and here is why it works and how you can change it and here is a sample biscuit dough recipe.

Enjoyable., Typically the ratio method that is the foundation thos publication is not the be all end all of cook books, BUT it is a great step in learning how to get around your kitchen and you recipes, and how to adapt recipes and ideas to really functional productions. If you like make and 'mess around ' in the kitchen, you need to understand some true basics of food preparation. Michael Rhulman gives you some of those basics. It is surely worth the price if any way at all take some pleasure in the preparation of what you eat., Everyone who likes to cook should have this book. I like to make up recipes and this helps with the science of knowing how much of each type of ingredient to use and why. Excellent reference book.

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