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I possess both the 3rd edition revised reprint and the 4th edition so this review it's mainly intended to highlight the dissimilarities between the two.

They're both excellent books and if you've ever read Goljan, you know very well what to expect. You should definitely differences:
one The book is longer. By about ~150-200 pages. That might not be a good thing depending on the type of person you are and the review of pathology you want. But I believe it is somewhat more comprehensive in describing concepts.

What is in the additional pages? The majority of of the addition from what I can tell and according to Goljan's acknowledgments in the cover is "more high-yeild information and photographs than in prior editions. " The pictures likely to notice right off the bat. There are many pictures in all corners better exhibiting things I had to google or reference in the past. Not really a game changer, but it makes the book feel more complete.

2. Perhaps most obviously, the little blurbs he has an the sides that summarize high-yeild concepts have been increased by 1. 5-2x fold. It's really good if you're like myself and go back to review those ideas to be sure to got what you wanted from section (and your professors in year 1 tested from those blurbs). But at the same time, they become too cluttered and in a way, they subtract rather than add.

Would I recommend an upgrade? Up to your style really. I own Harrison's and read that to reference things. I actually prefer a more dense and complete book so I actually really like all of the changes in 4th edition with this guide. If you prefer smaller reviews and limited over time, maybe the 3rd is better for you? Yet then again, you'd be missing out on the pictures that highlight a few of the obstacle.

The only thing Now i'm sad about was that I had developed taken notes from watching relevant Pathoma videos during first year into Goljan's 3rd edition. Yet I had been planning to rewatch the videos anyhow, so it's another way to review the material., Really good book for a " Review" of obstacle ( a lot of detail). I used this Goljan Rapid Review in my basic sciences and now I will be definitely using it again to study for my step one. It contains high produce photographs and margin information which are a quick review of you need to know note. An excellent addition to my step one studying material. This guide was recommended by one of my professors and I may not agree more., Excellent source. Goes through material in a logical manner. Though some things aren't very well explained (it is rapid review after all), it is comprehensive in the same sense as robbins but permits you to definitely cover more faster., Medical student here, using this to supplement my pathology in the didactic years. The book is extremely detailed (especially in comparison to the Pathoma series) but doesn't have supplementary videos. That said, if you... use the internet... you can find sound recordings of Dr. Goljan to supplement the reading. This book is a perfect complement to First Aid for Step 1 also, as the two discuss individual aspects of diseases.

Typically the biggest complaint I have with this book is that new chapters do not start on the leading of a page, and instead may continue from the back of an old page. If you have the book three-hole smacked and only carry pertinent sections to class, you will find this frustrating. It's a poor decision for a book that's several 100 pages to not add an extra 15 to be able to simpler to use.

The paper itself is high quality and very glossy, the pathological pictures are plainly branded and defined. There are lots of examples of common findings seen in your course pathology exams, and I'm assuming Step1 also., After reading BRS and the majority of Robbins, this remains the strongest resource. Succinct for its subject, it covers the important aspects of path while digging for those little, frustrating details and disorders that only show up on board exams. Goljan is a true pro at teaching this, with several years at Kaplan and Oklahoma Osteopathic, and he has constantly been barbecuing students for more information after they have obtained their exam. Master this book, and you will not only do well in path, but additionally have a good foothold in other subjects like pharm, micro, and biochem due to Goljan's ability to integrate several fields into path. His work has continued to help me in third year rotations, when he also discusses diagnostic tests and treatments. The accompanying Q&A CD is unfortunately inadequately made, but the quality of questions is very secure. I generally read Robbins or lecture material in addition to this text to lay a foundation for knowledge, but come test time, you want to cut the fat, every word here is money. Try to get the accompanying sound CDs off Ebay for reinforcement. I actually largely credit Goljan's materials along with Robbins Evaluation of Path (question book) for a 98 percentile on the path corner and a 258 on Step I. This man could have taught me more academic medicine than anyone else. I seriously hope you can benefit from this text as well., This guide is incredible!!! It reviews a lot of what exactly is learned in Basic Savoir and beyond in a few pages.
I recommend by using this guide AFTER you have obtained a Pathology course, and read a more detailed text book such as Robbins Basic Pathology. I actually say this because the concepts are covered in point format, and the book integrates a lot of other subject areas like pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology and embryology which may make one feel somewhat overwhelmed.
I do recommend using this guide to study for ACTION 1, along with FA, and (if you possess the time) Rapid Review Clinical Testing in Clinical Medicine.
The only problem is that this book (unlike the previous edition)it only provides practice questions on-line (access expires in one year), and problem bank had a lot of errors., Its definitely not for reviewing one month before the exam. I use it to go along with the sound files and for the beautiful pictures. Its a good book to use while still in med college if you dont feel like reading robins obstacle cover to protect.

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