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A thoroughly enjoyable tale of one man's exploration of the particular obsession of Alabama football, associated with America. There's not a lot that I actually can add to just what other reviewers have composed. I do dissent, though, through one reviewer's comment of which " you don't have to be a new football fan to enjoy this particular. " You do, and also you probably need to have dipped higher than a toe in to the Crimson Tide. I actually happen to love Alabama football, but I'm a novice, and I couldn't keep up entirely. And five years later, reading concerning forgotten, minor characters such as Mike DuBose had me personally wishing for Nick Saban and the modern Tide. But even so, this particular is a funny, fun read. Bravo., I just obtained this Kindle book therefore I could read " Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" again. Hilarity never read so well... over and over again! I acquired the hardcover book when it was first published and for another several days and nights, every free hour I actually had was spent ingesting every word of the book. Warren St. John share's his story within the composed word as easy as if he was sitting next to you showing you about his journeys with RVers dedicated to be able to the Alabama Crimson Tide. SEC football is as opposed to every other football conference, and each University has it can own qwerky traditions of which make outsiders scratch their heads.

It doesn't matter if you are a diehard Alabama fan who desires to relive the 1999 season or if you are not an Alabama fan, but you really like football and reading stories about others who really like is as much and maybe a lot more than you do. Or maybe you don't like football, but most likely considering Southern culture, specifically Alabama, reading this book will provide you with insight into one of the best parts of Southern tradition that often encompasses another parts.

If you want to laugh out loud and smile without stopping through front cover to again, then this is a new book you need to read!, If you are an RVer and/or a fan regarding any school sport, you might enjoy this gentle hearted look at tailgating. Even though I brighten for the Buckeyes, I had been fascinated by the Tide., I have two total annual customs to obtain me appropriately amped on with football season: I actually re-watch The Program and I reread Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer. The second is going to get me in trouble one day when I actually spend a huge portion regarding my life's savings about an incredibly inefficient and expensive monstrosity. Warren St . John's delightful book follows the Alabama Crimson Tide's 1999 football season simply by RV.

With a merchandise part sports book, portion travelogue, and part popular social science book, St. John shows that same enthusiasm for his subject and humanity in general of which makes Tony Horowitz's publications so great. Both stand in marked contrast to the particular misanthropy of Bill Bryson, who St. John provides also been compared to. With St. John's expressive the entire, the denizens in the `Bama RV crowd come to life. I actually could see them to my way of thinking with a clarity of which is very rare for characters in a book. He or she also takes frequent asides to discuss the distinct condition that is fandom and various social technology on the subject.

You don't have to love (or like) the Crimson Tide to enjoy this book. Buy this if you value football, sports within general, and have ever pondered "what the heck will be up with those people? inch., I'm not a Crimson Tide fan (go Irish! ), but I don't believe an Auburn fan can read Rammer Jammer Yellow-colored Hammer without nodding together. St. John's picture regarding extreme fandom is gorgeous and accurate -- not least because he succumbs with it, going so far as to buy his own RV -- but he doesn't use the book preach about Bama getting the very best there is. Or even, more accurately, this book was not written especially for Bama fans. It was composed for sports fans, and Bama was the contact lens St . John chose. So there could be some speaking, but it's forgivable... and besides, it's really easy to substitute your own personal team brand into his sentences.

Really, though, this book should become required reading for those spirits unlucky enough to possess latched on to a sports team. It's funny, and touching, and validating. Plus reading it made me personally hungry for football., I have been an Alabama enthusiast now for the majority of the life. Since the start of the 1992 season, when the sister was admitted towards the University. I too finished up in Tuscaloosa for 3 years, so I obtained to experience the gameday aura. It is exciting now seeing it through a different perspective, specifically now after graduation. Exactly what I liked about the book was the "I've already been through it! " or "I lower that every day. inch feeling I get via the majority of the book. I actually also like the memories (good and bad) about the 1999 season he brings up. I remember what I actually was thinking during of which good season (not great, because we lost three or more, a great season comes to an end with a National Championship).

I also enjoyed the different perspective around the RVers. I viewed them mostly as unknown androgenous beings clogging upward the streets of T-Town. Now I can location faces, attitudes, perspectives, et cetera on these people.

You'll laugh. You'll cry--and not simply at our deficits. It's humorous, but deperessing in some parts as well (seeing how some individuals let it absolutely rule their lives).

An enjoyable read--to be sure., Loved it-this book captures what this is like to be a true fan of anything, particularly a sports group. I read it away loud to my spouse and we both jeered until we cried from some of the stories. These kinds of stories are repetitive again and again all during football season all over the particular United States (we live in Arkansas and it will be certainly true here within Razorback Country-the RVers phone themselves the Road Hogs). Being born and raised a Bama fan, even though, all the madness makes perfect sense to me personally and am must sheepishly admit I see myself in several of the stories. That also brought back several childhood memories of observing the Bear Bryant Show with my Daddy about Sunday afternoons (Coca-cola and Golden Flake potato potato chips!! ) and the whole croyant of the Bear Bryant experience. I have no doubt I will read this particular again nearer to football period this year to obtain primed for the games! Roll Tide Ya'll!

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