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This guide has been SO FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I have the second edition from a year back and it has tons of markings in it. So far, I haven't compared the two editions to see how different these are.

I'm so grateful for the tools and way of thinking that book gave me. I felt punished every day over a yr. " Why did I actually have to get this child? I don't want this one. Take your pet back, please! " I actually also had terrible following birth depression at the time, which made everything more serious than it already was, plus my son experienced one of the five worst cases of colic I've ever heard of, and I've heard a WHOLE LOT of stories of folks seeking to sympathize but being unable to even imagine the hell we had in our son's first yr.

(By the way, we seem like our son's characteristics contributed to the colic and other first-year problems, which is part of why the book has been able to help. He was persistent and realized just what he wanted, but he couldn't express it. His body is unusual but needed some diploma of regularity imposed so he'd sleep at all. He is very delicate to how much rest he gets. He or she is energetic and extreme and could shout for three hours straight without falling asleep. He didn't know how to cope with big feelings in a little body, so he screamed more. Great he is two years old and really a joy. )

Now, we have a wonderful, curious, passionate, loving, interesting, smart, cute little two-year-old.

The most helpful things were these:
1) Typically the book Healthy Sleep Practices, Happy Child saved our lives first. It received our son sleeping AT ALL and then sleeping on a predictable schedule, which we all desperately needed. After he was rested, we could finally start working on other things.
2) Signal language. We started signing before having been even eight months old, and it helped immensely. Our son is very spirited and knows EXACTLY what he or she wants. It was absolutely crucial that we were able to communicate with him to figure away what he wanted.
3) This guide.
A) Since I was pulling away of my postpartum depressive disorders, it was crucial that I reframe my thinking about my son. I actually loved the early part on using positive labeling for our kids - determined rather than inflexible, interested rather than dragging his feet, spirited rather than hellish (yes, I did say that one), energetic rather than drives me crazy, and so forth.
B) The part on tantrums has helped immensely. He just turned two, which is when many people see tantrums. Not with a spirited child! Anyone with a spirited child knows that the " tantrums" -- the incessant yelling for three hours, the strength of a four yr old when your baby hits you in frustration -- start at delivery. For months, many times a day, I have been using the author's ideas for tantrums. Not only are her specific strategies helpful (hold him, discuss him through it, name the feelings for your pet, tell him he does not have to handle the feelings on his own) but also the mindset the lady describes. I don't know the number of times I've advised myself lines from the book:
--" He will be a FANTASTIC adult. This trait is difficult to parent, but it will make a wonderful adult and friend later. "
--" This isn't a personal attack. He or she is overwhelmed with his extreme feelings and needs me to teach him how to cope. He's not seeking to punish me. "
--" Our child is in a spillover tantrum. I may need to take a look, too. "
--" Stop and think, listen closely, talk to him. What part of his characteristics has just been vulnerable? "
C) Feeling less only was wonderful. I hate it when the old girls nod their mind and are just like, " Yes, kids are difficult, " and smile. My grandmas said that until they were around my son for more than two hours straight. Then they said, " Oh my goodness, does he ACTUALLY stop moving? No surprise you have him in daycare! You would physically break up and have no energy left if you tried to follow him just about everywhere. " I really like reading this book and being like, " No, my child isn't a freak. He's just more spirited and energetic than most people can imagine, so when they say those trite, idiotic phrases, I can just let it go. These are talking about a different kind of child. My child is like five of their children. I can overlook it. "

All in all, I am SO GRATEFUL that the author wrote this book. It has really saved us.

And now, as he is turning two years old, he is better than ever. I actually promise, it's possible! I REALLY LIKE my passionate, intense, loving, curious little guy! He reminds me of me personally wonderful dad (we were both spirited children). Our beginning was absolute terrible, but with good tools, including this book, he has become better more enhanced. On good days, I can imagine a more perfect, wonderful child. Mary is right - we ARE the fortunate ones! I can't think about having a dull, uninterested, passive child.

Of course , on bad days, I wish to drive to my parents' house and leave him there for a week. Yet we have tools now to work through it, and we're doing alright. Life is so much better now.

(p. s. do not feel guilty if you need to put your energetic, social child into daycare. I remind me personally, " I look after me personally and do what I actually need while he's at daycare so that when he gets home, I actually can be the mom I wish to be. Because he or she is in daycare and I am able to do my self-care, our interactions are positive mainly. Easily were watching your pet at home all day, we would not have a single positive interaction per day. Daycare supports his interested, energetic, social, sensitive characteristics. ), Offers a complete lot of insight into our littles and just how their brains function. I recommend to this book every so often after i find myself completely stumped. Typically the methods are not for everyone, but nonetheless useful when you're at the conclusion of your rope as far as trying something new., This guide was awesome. It taught us how to relate with our son. How to spot the warning signs before either one people had a meltdown and gave all of us excellent techniques that we use on a daily basis., This book is promoting my relationship with my daughter. I wish I would have read it sooner., A must-have book for parents of children who are " more, " more prolonged, more intense, more perceptive, more sensitive, etc . We have only read a 3rd of the book so far, and it is already setting up a noticeable positive change. Mcdougal explains concepts but also gives tangible strategies, such as words to say and things you can do. My son is already needs to self-regulate and knows the green, yellow, and red zones., This is an invaluable book for those that have a particularly challenging child., When my oldest daughter was simply a baby, we knew that the lady was a force to be reckoned with. She wasn't collicky - the lady was just overwhelmingly psychological at times. Among other things, we had a awful time getting her to go to sleep and stay asleep (naptime AND at night). Sometimes (before she was old enough to talk) she would get upset and simply cry for an hr or more before we could help her relaxed down.
I actually read books about attachment parenting and getting children to sleep but the techniques simply didn't work for us and the whole thing left me feeling like a horrible mother. I felt unbelievably guilty (not to mention exhausted). At the point where I thought I actually couldn't last one more day, a buddy recommended this book.
In the risk of sounding overly emotional - I actually have to declare this book saved my state of mind. Kurcinka understands that for certain kids, the standard techniques simply don't work. Some kids are extremely extreme and strong-willed that you can't put them in a crib and let them " cry it out. " This guide helped me accept my daughter for who she is also to work with her rather than against her.
This is a great publication for parents of extreme children but it is . a good book for the patients parents of more mellow kids. Most parents will be able to see their kids in one or more of her categories and will acquire some good ideas on how to work with their children's temperaments., This has become my parenting bible. They have CHANGED my relationship with my son. I LOVE this book!

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