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I gave this book as a gift to my niece and her hubby, who just had their first in December, and today she emailed me this wonderful thank-you note:

"Just wanted to thank you for the two child-rearing books that you sent us! We haven't finished them yet, but up to now they're awesome! The publication about free thinking without religion is particularly great! It's already spawned some good discussions, and the anecdotes about how exactly to train right from wrong without the religious copout are heading to be great resources. The book definitely has us thinking about and preparing how to answer questions both now and down the road, and had all of us researching and learning more about humanism and the values and free considering ability that we want to instill in A_____. I believe that book has had the most impact on us compared to all of the other baby gifts that we have received, and I really, really want to thank you for that. With residing in the Bible belt and having Sundays and Thursday nights unavailable for activities because 'everyone goes church', it's nice to understand what to say and how to clarify that not everyone must be a believer. ", When I first found out that I was pregnant, I thought long and hard about how exactly I needed to raise my child. Although I experienced grown up Catholic, That i knew of that I was an atheist and that I didn't want to rest to my child about a spiritual force in the universe. Luckily, I had been able to talk to a few friends about where to go and have advice about nonreligious child-rearing. The overwhelming response? Dale McGowan. Raising Freethinkers is a practical, hands-on publication with great advice for raising non-religious children. I like that it's broken upward into ages, so each activity is marked with a certain age groups that it's best with. Which includes helped me make certain that I'm not bouncing ahead with all these ideas when my child is still learning to walk. As he's developed, I feel that Increasing Freethinkers has been one of the primary influences in my child-rearing, and I couldn't be more comfortable with it., awesome book for free mind parents and future parents, love that the authors have plenty of references to other media, movies, books, links and so on, This particular book is filled with great resources for all those areas where religious vs non-religious perspectives differ. It problems the myth that you must bring up the kids with your belief system: atheist or religious. Your children must decide that when they are old enough. An individual do however have to model the values you want them to have and reinforce them making parenting one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You will see how raising a child religiously can actually harm them., I think this book offers great advise and suggestions and guidlines for the patients parents in raising their child. For parents who want their children to have self esteem, be able to think for themselves, make healthy decisions, have respect and compasion for others, and also have a close loving connection with their parents. Presently there are suggestions for spiritual and non religious child-rearing. This book is a great resource for books to read to your child, movies to watch with them, games to try out, conversations to have, ways to signify and make your child always feel important and loved., Let me start with a confession. I like Dale McGowan books. I really like the resources and research which goes into them. I like the organization of the topics. I really like that he or she has tackled subjects that need to be freely supported. His approach is not aggressive, but instead focused on what really matters... raising children who is able to think and ask questions and understand answers so they will ask more questions., I'd recommend it to any parents who are trying to find a way to encourage their children to think instead of be lead through life. You can find parts of the book that verify that even as free thinkers ourselves, we still fall back into old habits of encouraging fans with, " Because i said so , that's why! Now stop it!. " parenting. It challenges parents to look outside of that and change their way of parenting to raise people who aren't scared to ask questions., Regardless of being written to help people in raising children on their own, this book really makes you think objectively about how exactly you yourself were shaped because of your own parents, whether knowingly or unconsciously. My mother was especially religious, but through how she motivated my sister and I to learn for ourself, she ended up increasing two very open-minded children, and this book made the processes behind such a result very clear.

Aside from that, this volume does give a variety of very useful and insightful activities for increasing freethinkers, as well as offering insights into the thought processes being acted after in each situation, giving parents the ablity to think objectively about activities they can create themselves.

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