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Really informative and helpful to be familiar with danger of EMFs. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand the issue., Easy to read., Important book. There is not enough literature away there on this subject, although a lot of scientific journals are posting about the effects of electromagnetic radiation. For those who don't read journals, this summarizes nicely what has been studied to-date and why it is an important topic for consideration. This particular is food for thought. We are surrounding yourself with electronic devices on a daily basis. But a lot of studies are being published demonstrating that low levels of radiation more than a prolonged time frame can and does have an impact on the human body. I love how much effort was put into this volume. Let me tell by the number of resources and broad overview of the subject matter. I actually think this book is good for those who are not familiar with the matter and want to get more info., THE SCARY TRUTH...
This book is filled with information that will change how people live their everyday lives! I actually am so grateful to have found this book because it is so securely rooted in SCIENCE and not myth... and let me tell you that you will be surprised at what is learned about the risks of every day devices and activities. If you are a parent, this book is a MUST READ to help implement a technique that will protect the near future generations. The authors are experts in the field and have successfully made complex and crucial information digestible for the average reader. Thank you for your commitment to this important topic!!, Thank you, thank you, thank you to Daniel and Ryan Debaun for writing this book! I actually always knew there was an exposure risk with all of the technology we use today, especially smart phones. Like a first-time parent of a several month old, I've concerned about my baby being exposed to EMF and the long-term health effects for all of us. Since concerning as it was to read, I now know that my concerns are validated with scientific studies, facts, and numerous countries, cities, and places banning wifi due to the health risk. I actually don't have a technology background but the book is straightforward to understand and quick to read. Not only does Radiation Country describe the risks we expose ourselves to almost all day, every day, but it offers easy options to reduce the amount of EMF in our lives. In my opinion this book will forever change how we incorporate electronic devices into our lives. I can only hope this book makes it into the correct hands to affect real change through up to date government regulations!, At first I thought this guide was going to be a lttle bit dry - technology, et al, HOWEVER, it was not dry. This was a fascinating read, written clearly and broken down so that all can be familiar with potential effects of EMF radiation exposure and how we can protect yourself. The authors have done their research, and the information presented has been proven in the numerous studies cited in the book. This is an important book for everyone to read. It convinced me personally that I ought taking exposure to EMF radiation seriously and pass the info on to loved ones., Before reading this article book I actually knew next to nothing about the potential dangers of cell phones, laptops, and our other beloved electric devices. Though mentioned to me a couple times by individuals more skeptical of technology than personally, I dismissed the idea as a lttle bit too " out there" to get worried about... after all, if science hasn't proven something clearly and thoroughly, how true can it be?

The thing is, technology is proving it. There is a steadily growing number of studies that demonstrate a clear link between increased EMF exposure--which all of our devices emit and receive---and adverse physical and mental health effects. Vested interest is the motivation for keeping this knowledge quiet, as it will eventually likely make many people see electronics in a different light and hurt the industry badly. But, if EMF radiation could be the hidden health risks of this millennium, much as cigarette smoking was a few many years ago, wouldn't you want to know about this?

I actually found this book to be very informative and thorough. The science behind EMF radiation is discussed in ways that are simple to understand. The particular book also covers the various short and long term effects EMFs have on us, the controversy encircling studies of the nature, the impacts of EMFs on our children, ways we can protect ourselves, and other subtopics. The book is filled with recommendations and links to studies that back up Daniel and Ryan's findings. Really a wealth of home elevators a subject that I actually believe we are going to only hear more and more about as time goes on.
Thank you for writing this book and assisting people educate themselves., There are very few truly respected books on this subject associated with those few this book is the better. It is apparent that the study executed for this book is extensive and thorough. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in area of radiation.

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