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Inside Quietly in Their Rest, Donna Leon’s intrepid Italian language policeman, Commissario Guido Brunetti, receives a visit from one of the nuns who has been caring for his aged mother in a nursing home. He knows her as Suor’ Immacolata (Sister Immaculate) though she has shed the woman habit and appears panicked. She tells a baffled story about a group of deaths in the nursing home which the girl found suspicious. Her initiatives to question the circumstances of those deaths had been rebuffed by her Mother Superior and her confessor. Their response was to transfer her summarily to another nursing home where her suspicions were improved. Even though there is absolutely no clear case for a law enforcement investigation, Brunetti feels compelled to look into the matter because Suor’ Immacolata had treated his mom with loving care and he perceives her as being unfailingly honest. His / her ensuing inquiry brings your pet into face-to-face conflict with religious fanatics, powerful representatives in the Catholic Cathedral, and, eventually, with his flagrantly incompetent boss, all of whom try to shut him down.

Unaccountably, Donna Leon has existed in Venice for a quarter-century — unaccountably, because she has a noticable habit of taking on one or another unattractive aspect of Italian culture in each of the novels in the Commissario Brunetti series. Quietly in Their Sleep spotlights data corruption and misuse of strength in the Italian Cathedral. Venal prelates, obsequious nuns, religion-obsessed laypeople, and even Opus Dei, a powerful right-wing Catholic secret society, all make appearances in this novel. Unfortunately, though the tale is intriguing, the caliber of Leon’s writing here is not at the level of the first five novels in the series. (Quietly in Their Sleep is the sixth. ) The story is simplistic and expected. But I’m not letting go of yet on the series. Maybe the seventh will be better., After reading over the dozen of Donna Leon's novels it's difficult to say which one I loved the best but this one is centered around the Catholic Church and it delivered back memories of my childhood in Catholic Quebec so it was difficult to put down... but then almost all her novels are like that... so exciting and fun to read... the girl is now inside my top ten or so favorite authors and that's stating something to me... I read one or two textbooks a week and because I continue reading Kindle I'm able to stock upwards on good books; so when I finish one I can go quickly to another favorite... much better than the older days when finishing a book was dreadful and had to visit bookstores and look for something else to learn next... I love that on Amazon I'm abler to review tons of textbooks giving me a description of the contents and a set of comments from earlier readers,,, Hey, and Kindle fire prices for optimum sellers and great authors is so much less expensive than previously when I had to pay up to per book... Kindles are less than half the price of paper books. and Hey, again to this book, I actually loved it!, I'm reading the Guido Brunetti textbooks in order and this, Publication 6, is the better by far. I enjoy Leon's wry sense of humor and sarcasm (sort of winking at the reader), the woman spot-on descriptions, her use of apt wording and quotations and literary referrals, and the type of under-her-breath wit at the expense of Patta plus some of the other " bad guys. " I enjoyed this book tremendously! It moves along quickly. It has a logical assumption, no gory violence, and the most common wonderful characters of Brunetti, Paola, Vianelli, and a lttle bit of Patta at his worst (but his presence isn't belabored). Read the books in order so you understand the background Questura and family dynamics, but savor this intelligent, interesting, well-written, and fun Book 6. Very recommended!, Donna Leon's mysteries start deceptively slowly, with seemingly unrelated police inquiries coming together at the end; that, and their background of Venetian modern society, keeps this fan, who has visited Venice more than once, reading long in to the night. There is one thing in this particular chapter in the series which puzzled myself: Brunetti's apparent lack of fascination with learning anything about Sassi, the man who took Maria in when the girl left the order and found her work, even when Brunetti was trying to learn whether Maria was obviously a reliable witness. It appeared uncharacteristic of this usually thorough detective that this individual didn't ask Signorina Elletra to look him upwards on her computer. Who was that guy, and what motivated him to protect Maria anyway?, The author's works, the several I read, have always been enjoyable and satisfying. This one rather less. Over thirty hearing ago I spent a few days touring Venice... I doubt my quiet meandering would have verified Commissario Brunetti's rather low esteem of tourists. At the least, the various attacks on the Church. the unaware ex-nun, psychotic nuns in the cloister, Opus Dei, pedophile and venal local clergy and hierarchy..... What we all want to hate becomes a lttle bit much, but for some reason is not completely out there of control. Some may even enjoy these themes to stiffen their prejudice. Typically the bitterness belongs to who? the characters? the writer? Both?..., I have now read 16 of the Inspector Brunetti mysteries by Donna Leon. They are interesting in the complexity of plots and in the descriptions of Venice and Venetian society, food, and mores. This particular book, Quietly in Their Sleep, was not one of the better ones, consider the books are short, it can worth a visit. I really do recommend the series., I used to be disappointed because several tale lines were not done. For example , what was the happened to Padre Caritatevole. There was no drawing a line under to the Mother Superior's activity or were those that died were killed under suspicious circumstances.

I enjoy the writer's style and the language
and subjects.

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