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Guy oh man, I wish I had developed a book like this when I was younger. I grew upwards in a family that did not accept peaceful people. I was always the odd one out there, as I preferred a calm and soothing surroundings to read or think by myself. I resented that the TV was on all the time, that folks seemed to be shouting and arguing as opposed to talking and listening, and, especially, that I was constantly criticized for being too sensitive, shy, and too reclusive.

I, of course, enjoyed reading Susan Cain's first book, Silent, but I love that she decided to write another book aimed at a younger audience. We know my childhood experience of being shamed for being " too quiet" isn't unique. Plus the judgments you absorb since a child stay with you--sometimes for a lifetime, unfortunately. As a kid, I think I would have given anything to hear someone say that it was okay to, well, be me. In addition to that is what this book gives: acceptance. There is no extrovert-bashing in here (quite the opposite, actually), but the book IS a gentle celebration of all people who choose to approach life in a slightly more peaceful and deliberate way.

Silent Power is divided into four sections: School, Mingling, Hobbies, and Home. Each section has several chapters, all related to the key subject matter of the section. Cain gives a lot of good, practical advice, but she's never pushy or judgmental. Some of my favorite takeaways from this book:

(*) Introverts are good listeners, and they are very focused. This tends to make them good leaders.
(*) Find tactics that help you reduce social stress: speak up first; speak up last; or sit down up front so you need not see others observing you.
(*) Pursue causes you are passionate about, since passion tends to override fear.
(*) It's alright to build your forces slowly and steadily.
(*) You don't grow out of being shy, you grow into it.
(*) Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, but only to date; on a scale of 1 - 10, your anxiety level should be around 5 - 6th.
(*) When your kid loves school, but tends to come home and immediately have a meltdown, it might be because she is exhausted by being " on" for the past several hrs. Make sure your kid has time to unwind and recharge after big activities. (Um, this was life-changing for our house. )

One of the best things about this book is that all this advice isn't delivered via a lecture; it's exhibited through personal stories. Most of the stories come from introverted kids (in middle school through college), but there are a few stories from famous adults, as well (e. g., Gandhi, The celebrity, Steve Wozniak, Bill Entrance, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc. ). All of these people experience different levels of introversion. Some are straight up loners; others become class president. You will find a lot of variety, this means just about any introvert is going to be capable to read this book and find something helpful.

Ultimately, Silent Power is a functional and uplifting resource for introverted kids--and I think from the helpful book for older people, too, whether you are introverted or not. It could be so hurtful to not be accepted as a kid, and I think it is worthwhile for grownups to understand that quiet kids aren't weird or busted. They have their own unique way of experiencing the world and conveying themselves, nonetheless they add a lot to the conversation. We just need to close up our mouths, open our ears, and listen., We am an extrovert with three (out of 4) introverted children. If you are in this situation, I highly recommend this book. My oldest child probably suffered because I seriously did not understand how he functioned as an introvert. Quiet Power gives insight into what it means to be an introvert and functional steps how to operate in our world. I very much appreciated the fact that this book would not ask an introvert to change, but rather meet the challenges of life within the framework of their personality. There are times when the writer encourages kids to embrace the strength of introversion and other situations where she encourages them to step outside their comfort zone.

I am giving this book 4 out there of 5 stars because it is suppose to be written to teenage patients ages 10 and upwards. Having passed this book around to a teenage children (who are avid fiction and non-fiction readers) We can tell you that the layout and length of the book did not encourage them to read it through. I ended upwards reading portions over our dinner table, which started off some great discussions. One evening I witnessed the light go on in my youngest and most introverted child when he saw that the way he was created could actually be of benefit to him.

The matters covered in this book include what it means to be an introvert at school, in social settings, in outdoors interests, and at home. Each topic covers what situations are likely going to feel like to an introvert and how to function well within those environments. I particularly loved times when the author gives introverts ways to succeed in areas that are more difficult to them, like giving a demonstration, small talk and management.

I see myself either using this book as a parenting resource or putting it by my kid's bedside with relevant pages marked for them to read at their leisure., My daughter is nine years old and We acquired it for her. Properly, she never reads anything at all I present to the woman, so I left it at home. For the previous month I've regularly found it in her school backpack, and recently the girl admitted she has read it several times now. Guess I should read it myself now!, We am excited to give this to my son. I love especially the answers of specific situations creating understanding and resolution for introverted teens. I know these Quiet books have given me power in using my introverted presents. I appreciate myself more and that is what We hope my grandson will gain., So many wonderful things to say about this book. I purchased this for my teenager and read it before she did so that we could talk about the contents. When you have an introverted child, this is a must read for you AND them., Super book! Have forgiven myself for not being the person I think I was intended to be...., This is written for teens. We purchased it for my granddaughter but also read it myself. It's a large help for young introverts to help them from feeling " left out", Great way to help people understand the advantages and opportunities of being an introvert. Looking forwards to sharing it with other teachers, introverts, and - oh - introverted kids and teens, too!

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