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The novel starts with a group of players in a game and remains there the complete novel. Simply no real life story line here.

This is basically a trapped amongst people dungeon spider story which includes good team banter thrown in.

The first 12% is character development for the five main characters and a dungeon dive that gets them all trapped in another degree of the game permanently.

From 12 - 32%, the group is divided up and have little small adventurers that notify them about the sort of hard knock world they’re stuck in. Chances are they eventually meet up again by 33% mark and then they all go look for a way back home while killing monsters, getting levels, and collecting loot.

The game mechanics in the storyline are there from the very first webpage. Levels, Player Killer count, alignment, item descriptions, etc . While these mechanics is present, they don’t always make sense and aren’t always consistent.

Sometimes game common sense is even thrown out entirely. The most egregious examples revolve around combat. The girls gets trapped and their levels are arranged back to level 10. Yet, each character seem to have the miraculous ability to one photo kill opponents 10-15 levels higher than themselves. There are other smaller inconsistencies like no explained XP system and instances where characters level up after each fight or even just from buying and selling goods. But the game mechanics are there through the story so it is LitRPG.

There are a couple of reviews that claim the history has a distinctive magic system but I found it to be the exact opposite. Magic is learned from acquired or found cause scrolls. The exact same as it is in most RPG games.

Overall, it’s not a bad story. The inconsistencies in the history and the simplistic and unrealistic combat were disadvantages. Still, not a bad history, it just doesn’t have anything at all that wows me either.

Score: 6 out of 10, This was a really pleasant adventure. All five main characters in this novel a new unique personality and each one has the chance to shine in a fascinating adventure as Killem and his friends try to flow in this odd " new world ". This litRPG is different from most and had a few twists that kept me speculating. There are a few mysteries that are still still left unsolved at the conclusion that I am positive will be addressed in the next book in the series. In most this is a fascinating history that kept me enthralled from beginning to finish. In short, it's another great Tom Gallier story., Killum decides to business lead his friends into a new dungeon - with the promise of legendary rewards. While his dungeon party is somewhat uncertain, the decide to go along. It turns out this dungeon is a little different. The are physically transported into the Concealed Realms. Here the threat and action aren't only a game.
This particular is a really fresh take on the LitRPG genre. It's not simply another " stuck in the game" kind of history. The book is well edited and written. In fact , I'd say the quality is professional level. I was surprised it was only. 99 cents!!!!, The charters are goofy, and not very deep, and they dont care whatsoever that they just perished, and one of them is supposed to be considered a mother of two!. This is vaguely pushed away since the "vame not letting them worry" nonetheless they still get worried about bow to get out, even though theyve been told that their bodies died. Inconsistant and not logical. The plot line behind how they conclusion up in rpg world is decent, and it's non stop action the mechanics behind the game are dumb/nonexistent (example: a level ten (that's the beginning level... )unarmed sorceress without having magic is able to effortlessly beat two level 20 something desperado warrior types with their own sword.... this just gets worse as the growth goes on.

Not ready whatsoever, needs a complete rewrite., One of the better LitRPG
Interesting premise, well written, with good characters.
This has a different spin on its game system and magic.
difficult to put down, and I am hoping for more., A rip-roaring adventure in RGP land

Read The Concealed Realms. You’ll think it is packed with adventure, humour and rip-roaring action... and a rather cranky dragon.

Things get a little too real for Killum and his band of hardy journeys as they tackle The Hidden Realms – a VRRPG world that looks, tastes, and smells as real as our own. Luckily, our own doesn’t have populations of goblins, ghosts, orks and evil warlord mages that we must battle right through to find any sort of peace.

Ben Gallier writes a fine book that makes you want to keep on reading – even if good sense tells you it’s really time for bed. His characters come across as real: they care for every single other, do stupid things now and again, and are each true to their character. The action never stops and by the time you reach the conclusion you’ll be both satisfied AND hungry for more. Hopefully Mr Gallier has a sequel in thoughts., Very interesting story and humor with good romance. It hard to stop when I start read it. It have interesting plot with aftermath death, Unique magic and fast paced action made this a very fun read in my opinion. I look forward to the next one.

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