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The thanks, up front, to Promethus Books for sending me an advance reading copy to review. I actually had never even heard about quantum mechanics when I actually enrolled in engineering school in 1962. My secondary schooling have been in a world where it was still convenient to think that atoms orbited like little planets around nuclei--and always stayed strongly in their orbits. The particular day my first college or university physics professor started babbling about quantum states, the polarization of entangled photons, and Schrodinger’s cat--and filled the blackboard with mind-numbing equations--I knew that my thoughts of becoming an electrical engineer were doomed. The particular next semester, I enrolled in journalism school and never looked back at quantum technicians, except on those uncommon occasions when I had to interview prominent scientists and try to write some sort of coherent news history.

That being said, I have discovered Michael S. Walker's " Quantum Fuzz" to be excellent and informative reading. It shows us how the world within our world -- the " makeup of all things around us" --is much stranger than we know, and it may become even more strange (yet beneficial) as startling new discoveries emerge.

Walker, a retired physicist, materials man of science and inventor, uses a very workable structure just for this noteworthy book. Throughout " Portion Fuzz, " he provides " glimpses to the lives and personalities of the often brilliant men and women" that have made important discoveries in quantum technicians and " moved this narrative forward. " This individual also offers structured his new work into five parts:

Part One deals with " Discovery and Understanding" and covers key people and their findings from 1900 to 1927. " The need to develop the light bulb went research on the rays of heat and light from hot objects, " Walker notes. From there, Max Planck delved into mathematics to explain the fresh results and ran into results that required " wrenching rejection of traditional ideas which he and everyone else held strongly. " Quantum mechanics started to emerge from Planck's early 1900s findings and then from the work of other scientists and mathematicians, such as Albert Einstein.

Component Two delves into " Interpretation and Mind-Boggling Implications" between 1916 and 2016, as controversies raged over such issues as doubt, entanglement, particles as dunes, and the existence of many worlds. Walker also describes some commercial, medical, and scientific applications developed after 1960 from portion studies, including lasers and holograms.

Part Three explores " Our World of Relativity and the Portion from the Big Boom to the Galaxies. " It delves into portion studies involving the world that we can see and the weird universe inside a single atom. The particular topics range from galaxies, black holes and the law of gravity waves, to the incredibly elusive Higgs Boson, dark issue, dark energy, and chain theory and superstring concept, plus others.

Part 4, " The Many-Electron Atom and the Foundations of Chemistry and Materials Research, " takes the viewer towards an " understanding of the atom, the foundations of chemistry, and the makeup of all things that we see around us. " Walker writes:: Right here we'll see not only how the properties of the weather are explained by quantum mechanics but also how the strange cycle of their properties is related to the electronic structure of the atoms, and how that determines their bonding to form most of what we see around us and what may be created. " He adds that "[f]or me this is the most crucial product of quantum mechanics: the provision of an understanding that is the practical motor of invention. "

Component Five, " Quantum Miracles in Materials and Devices, Large and Small, " likely will appeal to many readers, because it dives into " the realm of application and invention: applied physics, biochemistry and materials science, engineering, and metallurgy. " In other words, it will get into how an increasing understanding of quantum technicians is helping us create amazing and useful stuff, such as magnetically levitated trains, MRI machines, transmutation and fusion reactors to generate power, powerful laser treatment for weapons, graphene (" per pound... the most powerful material ever tested" ), nanotubes, superconductors for more powerful and compact electric motors, so on. The particular list of products and opportunities already is quite long.

Walker concludes his guide with five appendices dealing with topics ranging from the nature and variety of electromagnetic waves to the development of portion computers and just how X-rays are produced.

This hefty but entertaining book will not turn you into a qualified quantum mechanic. Yet , it will open your eyes to the intriguing scientists and mathematicians at the rear of the rise of portion science, along with the amazing possibilities that lie forward as we gain more understanding of this hidden us that shapes us and everything within our obvious world., I've had a longstanding fascination with portion physics. I hold an advanced degree in computer science; so math, albeit discreet math, isn't unfamiliar to me. This guide left me scratching my head more than once. I figured the situation is my inability to place my mind across the completely counter-intuitive nature of portion physics. But I imagined that this book would help me come to get a layman's understanding of our weird world.

The book does a good-job trying to do that. The problem is that quantum physics is rarely demonstrable in any way that helps me personally understand what's going on. The reason is that this branch of physics isn't really experimentally dependent; it's origin is mathematics. Consider that most Newtonian physics started with findings that were then analyzed and mathematical models extracted. For example , you can see that a stone falls to earth and seems to accelerate on the way down. You may theorize a formula to predict how long it takes to fall from a given distance. You can test the formula by trials. This is simple to train because it starts with findings any student can make.

Quantum physics is mathematics that attempts to explain actions on the sub-atomic level. There don't seem to be to be any 'Popular Science" ways to create an intuitive sense of what's going on. Which is challenge " Quantum Fuzz" attempts to conquer. This didn't succeed for me personally. I did so get a nice, historical view of how the science evolved. Nevertheless I was left trembling me trying to internalize the concepts. Sadly, the book was unable to help me get there.

If I want to understand this subject, I will need to learn the math. After reading this book, it's clear to me that there are no shortcuts. I just can't conceptualize quantum behaviors the way I can easily understand the Newtonian world. I do believe this book made a great try, but it is perfect for better thoughts than mine., One of the many things I actually learned from Mike Walker’s cool book, which operated to break down my mental opposition to its subject issue, is that a superconductor, if cool enough (below a certain critical arctic-like temperature) operates without resistance from the flow of electric current and, someday, some superconducting devices, may light our cites: stabilizing power grids, eliminating blackouts, and reducing energy bills to a few degrees Kelvin above absolute zero.

Okay. What else is Mike’s subject material? Not much. Merely everything around us a/k/a our Quantum World and the chunks of energy (Quanta) that strangely but truly govern the actual it up. That sounds fairly fuzzy (spread around and diffused), but Mike, with clear, non-mathematical explication, including metaphor, analogy and brief historical and biographical narratives, focused me in.

Okay. I’m his cousin. I had to read it. I actually expected anxiety attacks because I always hated this kind of stuff. Fantasized hanging my high school physics teacher in effigy. However let me explain to you, as I read, LED's flashed on in my head, and, as I read, I sensed Mike’s passion not only to understand our Quantum World but also to strongly effect me, the reader, to share in this passion.

Robert has done a Big-Bang-up job of super performing on this mind-boggling train through, around and about galaxies, computers, code-cracking, x-rays, lasers, matter, energy, transmutation, fusion, gravity, magnetism, dark holes, the universe, the forces of nature, teleportation, many everything else.

Portion Fuzz is an irresistible, cool book about very hot stuff.

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