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I started reading and I couldn't stop. This guide will grab your..... attention and never release. Read with caution. Be sure you plenty of ice, preferably with wine close at palm., Ashley is experiencing infant fever coming up on her 30th birthday. Jensen wants a child of his own and an heir for the heritage his is building. Any time Ashley goes to leave lunch for Jensen on his desk she sees his computer is as well as what's on the screen shocks even her. He could be looking for a surrogate to have his baby. For years Ashley has wanted Jensen and because of this the lady hasn't been able to have a food relationship with another man. Thus when she sees that she starts considering what if they have a child together. When Ashley invites Jensen out to dinner to try and get him out of his funky mood this individual decides that he'll treat her instead. After having a few drinks Ashley slips about sees his computer screen and suggest they have a infant together and co-parent it. They both agree and when nothing happens after a few months without saying anything to the other they both use a fertility drug the company is taking care of. What happens shocks the they are all rather than having one child with each other they are having four. Will having four kids end things for Ashley and Jensen? Will they come clean about taking the drug to enhance their chances at getting pregnant?

I loved this history and the characters. Typically the chemistry between these two was amazing. The drama of having four babies rather than one kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I cannot wait for more by these authors. Great guide I'd recommend it to anyone that loves to read.

I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review., This is actually the story about Jensen and Ashley. He is a billionaire CEO of his company and Ashley is his secretary. They have worked together for awhile and are excellent friends, but Ashley has has feels for her boss for a long time. She also has a bucket list and on it is to have a infant by age thirty. The lady notices that her boss has been researching options to have a infant. She tells him the lady wants a baby and he wish to have an inheritor to carry on the family line. They agree to co-parent a child. They try and nothing happens, so Ashley goes to the lab and tries some fertility drugs that haven’t been government approved. Unknown to Jensen he becomes some also. Before they know it it works. Now she’s pregnant but with quadruplets!!!! Ok now what will they do as Jensen only wanted one. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book., Oh, really Jensen, get a grip! With any luck , on Ashley’s… uhm… well, you get the idea. Right after all she is beautiful, smart, and absolutely crazy about you. I know this, because she just spent 4 chapters (or so) telling us (the readers) about it… And about her desire to have a baby…
Oh, and you’re crazy about her too. Admit it.
Woohoo! Finally!
Oh, no, no, no, no! Don’t you get it? You two could have it all. Do not settle for less.

Hmm… Still not pregnant, right? No less than you’ve had fun trying… Think about a male fertility drug?

Oh, haha!! Well, I have heard the saying that a little goes a long ways… So, in case a little is good, then maybe 2 times as much is even better. Right?
Uh, oh. Not the best line of reasoning. Especially with fertility drugs.

These two creators concoct the best reports. Hot and wild, humorous and sweet… Yep. 5 stars., I voluntarily reviewed an ARC with this guide. Wow! What a fun and quick read. I really enjoyed the story of Ashley and Jensen. I found the writing to be lighthearted and humorous as well as very sexy and steamy. Ashley is a woman who works for Jensen as his secretary and generally seems to understand him very well. Including when he is not having a good day and is lost in his feelings on the anniversary of both his father and friends death. Jensen is a man who runs the family business and thought that would be all his life would be about. It was always expected he would run the business and before his brothers death, Jefferey was thought to be the one to provide an heir to continue the family name. Now Jensen is thinking he might want to carry on the family name. Ashley is a woman who has always wanted to have a child even if on her own. The two come to an contract to have a child together. Well it soon turns out that the two are falling for one another and the things they go through to achieve there goal are more than warm and hot. there is also laughter in this book in regards to what they do. I don't want to give it away and recommend you pick up a duplicate and enjoy this great guide. I love how they are so surprised when they find out their attempts and love produce more than one heir to carry the family name. Fantastic HEA!, Ashley has worked well for Jensen for a few years now. Holding a flaming torch for him, in addition, she has a dream of having a baby before she transforms thirty. She's already began considering donors, while picturing the perfect child in her mind. Soon, the lady stumbles across a secret of Jensen's: He's thinking about a surrogate of his own.
They both progress up the nerve to speak about it over dinner one evening, though it's Ashley that produces the proposal first, as they say. And with that, they're off to the contests. Ashley finds out another secret, Jensen has as much desire and lust for her, under his buttoned up, serious attitude. With a fire underneath them, they make passionate love every chance they get. Still, there's a lttle bit of trouble. What happens when their wish for a family takes over, and they drive more than they bargained for, in the bedroom and in the nursery?
Within full disclosure, I read this in exchange for the honest review. This history is a quick read, cheesy and sweet. A new lot of passionate intercourse, and finding out that such an arrangement is bound to explode at some point. While this is not just a deep history, it's certainly a fun way to pass time. At one point, you want to strangle Jensen, even knowing he won't mean to say what he admits that. Ashley, too, sometimes thinks with her coronary heart more than her mind. But the story is both lovely and passionate.

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