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This guide has a ton of great unbiased info inside it that is VERY HARD to find on the OJ Simpson case. They really did the legwork and it shows. The just reason it doesn't obtain 5 stars is that it requires a long time to say what this is saying, the information is presented auto-biographically (meaning in the order that this investigator got the information) so you have to piece together bits of information scattered throughout the book.

Luckily someone recently produced much of the information in this large quantity into a much simpler read (and managed to cover the Roderick Jeff and George Zimmerman cases as well in under 200 pages) and I highly recommend that you decide on up that volume at the same time:   When Prosecutors Attack!: OJ Simpson, Roderick Scott, George Zimmerman - Baseless Government Attacks as well as the Media That Lets It Happen , very helpful alternate view on the OJ Simpson murder trail I heard T H Johnson interview on the Oppermein Radio show the guest was Mr Johnson their complete interview blew me away., More you need to read this book!!!!!!, I have always been in the pro OJ corner and have had my personal reasons from day one and on. Mr Manley took me on the wild ride where I loved his trip and had several "A-Ha" moments inside the book. The hurry to judgement was awful and learning more regarding "the golden boy' and his dad (ron goldman & his media starving dad, Fred)and the likely real killer great jewelry to Fred... WOW! furthermore the serial-killer whom Nicole was probably setting the candles up for in the tub that night... This book was obviously a 91/2 with regard to 500 pages. I may resist any critism in this time so since not to dicourage any person from "learning the truth"..., I appreciate this author has tried to put together a timeline that will be so impossible for OJ to get committed the criminal offenses, however , I think the timing was really tight; lower to the wire and almost (indeed) impossible to make sure of. A call from your woman came into LAPD around 10: 30-10: 35 asking if a twice homicide was reported upon Bundy. Since no one could explain the anomaly, it was tossed away from all equations.

The problem I possess with the author is his thinking that the phone call together with Nicole and her mommy was at 10: 37, not 9: 37. The phone records did demonstrate that Judith Brown produced a phone call to Mezzaluna at 9: 37. That was just as she arrived home. The time could have worked when they had left the restaurant closer to 8: 30 and not 9: 00. The records showed that Judith phoned Mezzaluna at 9: 37, after which she called Nicole, after which Nicole referred to as Mezzaluna and arranged together with Ron to deliver as opposed to wait until Monday. All those calls were quite clear in the phone data, and Ron waited in the bar together the drink before leaving Mezzaluna at 9: 50. It's not a big stretch to think they left the little earlier than Nicole and the kids. Exactly what is questionable to me will be whether Nicole had referred to as her mother again after talking to Mezzaluna and confirming Ron was bringing the glasses. That is the likely scenario, and that's the call that displays how much longer Nicole was alive.

She had been seen at the control talking with a man just after 10: 00. She was not wearing the black dress, so apparently she changed back in to it knowing that Ron was coming. She just had to meet your pet at the gate to retrieve the glasses, yet she couldn't buzz your pet in because her buzzer was broken.

I've study an awful lot of the books about this situation, starting with the 1st one out (by some women within the jury), and none of them make sense of the timing. Because hard as they attempt, the assumptions are ludicrous when one reads the autopsy. Simpson could not have possibly performed such violent crimes and cleaned out up in a few minutes. All one offers to do is see the autopsy or read Doctor Henry S. Johnson's book for that analysis. The autopsy is also published at the back of the book Killing Period. This is an excellent book for facts in case as far since timing of events that were logged or confirmed in the court data. They correlate almost specifically as the scenario offered in the book, Bloodstream Oath. When one even comes close the log of activities between these two publications, it's hard to refuse the possibility that something much more sinister happened on that night as compared to a jealous husband losing it and brutally murdering 2 people with a couple of different weapons and a couple of different hands. Left handed wounds and right handed wounds are clear in the autopsy of Ron Goldman. The defense got this right, but probably with regard to all the wrong reasons. They freed their customer, but they certainly in no way cleared his name any time they had the opportunity.

I liked the book for its legal aspects, and learned a great deal I'd always questioned regarding those phone records. I remember wondering, during the trial, what's the best offer about these phone data?! Shouldn't such a general public record be anticipated as proof. I learned new things from this book, yet I don't believe that the murders happened better to midnight, as is recommended by Dr. Henry Manley. Nope, the wailing dog was definitive timing, and I think that dog was coming out of a sedative it had been chance with. There are several great believe the killers occurred closer to ten: 40 or 10: 45. If Nicole had had another phone call or a couple of, shouldn't all of those records have been offered? I don't remember them being presented in the trial either; I just heard allegations of any time she talked to Faye. I think her data would be very exciting to review. Could they be away there???, I have always felt that OJ had been guilty. But given the foolish mistakes, blunders, and reckless moves the LAPD engaged in, I myself might have needed to acquit Simpson. There was clearly sensible doubt.

This book is most likely twice as long since is needed to get their points across. Then presently there is the 1, 500 or so time the word " malfeasance" is utilized. We get the level, the LAPD was at fault best case scenario, at worst, framework OJ Simpson. No concerns there, I agree. But in the course of a long, wordy book with this word popping up again and again this grows tiresome.

I feel not saying the book is wrong. I will be stating it seems poorly written. It makes valid points in the most boring issue possible.


Quoth the Raven..., I remember speaking about the change in timeline back again in the day any time this was happening. Whenever the timeline was talked about at trial, I remember being caught offguard. Right up until the timeline change took place, I'd believed OJ to be innocent... many of us did!

Now, I'm hovering back to my 1st thought of OJ becoming innocent.

Great thought invoking information brought out inside this book. I'd advise to anyone wanting to take an honest check out how "factual" evidence within a case can be manipulated, changed, and controlled any time one wishes to control the outcome of a trial., The author makes some gramatical errors and is lacking in polish as a author. However its a complete and logical piece that unless totally debunked results in little doubt that the o. j. trial had been a farce.

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