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This can be a luscious juicy peach of a book that covers one of the most notorious incidents in Hollywood background. It was covered in brief in other books but I was always wishing for a far more thorough coverage because this was such a bombshell in its day and is one heck of a story. Our wish was granted with this book. You get familiarised with every character ( had no idea Franklyn Thorpe was such a womanizer, he'd always already been portrayed as the hurt party) and obtain taken through the story like it was unfolding before your eyes. A much better picture of Miss Astor emerges (she comes across as wounded emotionally but very strong willed) and we get to know little Marylyn and find out what happened to her in the future. Many photographs are included, the majority of which I'd never seen before, which was fantastic. Well-researched and written, this is the last word on this scandal for quite a while. Highly advised., The Purple Diaries is absolutely fantastic. From the moment I started it, I truly cannot put it down. Admittedly, We are fascinated by this time period in Hollywood and have recently read a number of books concerning this era so the subject matter matter attracts me very much. Before I read The Purple Diaries, I knew very little about Martha Astor and her long, varied life and professions. Joseph Egan conducted an incredible amount of research to write this book, great attention to detail really adds a lot. Right now there is a great deal drama that the story reads like a well-written soap safari that involves various famous actors, actresses and other Hollywood players from that era. Through the story, Egan includes a number of photographs and newspaper articles which significantly contribute to the storyline. Without these enhancements, I would not have enjoyed the story quite as much – it truly makes the story come alive, and I loved pouring over the old images.

Primary of The Purple Diaries is the guardianship dispute between Mary Astor and her second husband Franklin Thorpe over their young daughter Marylyn. The particular story is not really a particularly happy one, nevertheless the freedom and strength Mary Astor showed to pursue such an issue as a lady in the 1930’s was nothing short of amazing. The truth that she was able to endure such controversy during that time period and continue with the woman career being an actress (she even goes on to win an Academy Award) is quite impressive. Egan interviewed and communicated with Marylyn Thorpe while writing the publication and has a chapter at the finish that provides Marylyn’s ideas on her childhood and relationship with both her mother and the woman father. In addition to summarizing the rest of Mary Astor’s life, Egan also takes you a chance to quickly follow the timeline of several other of the major characters in the drama including Franklin Thorpe and his parents, George Kaufman, and Ruth Chatterton. I really appreciated knowing how their lives played away too.

I highly recommend The Purple Diaries; Paul Egan spent a considerable amount of time and effort researching Mary Astor with a specific concentrate on the custody dispute, and it really paid off. Because of Diversion Books and NetGalley for the possiblity to check out this ARC in exchange for an honest review., Great read mostly but longer than it needed to be. A lot of it appears to be court transcripts much of which is incidental to the genuine outcome. Most importantly there is not any revelation about the content of the Diaries though their contents would be considered to be trivial in the modern age. Ok read but more powerful editing would have helped., Although We are a fan of vintage Hollywood, I somehow experienced never previously read anything more detailed than a passing reference to Mary Astor's 1930s scandal, so I started this book truly not knowing the actual result of the story would be. I was riveted. I found the publication absolutely fascinating, well explored, and well written. Every personality in the circumstance was made and I came away with not only a thorough understanding of the truth and its shock value in its day, but also a sympathy to all parties involved and the respective motivations. Specially fascinating was the upgrade on Marylyn, who is now in her 1980s, and seems to have lived a life unaffected by the calamity that surrounded her custody in her early years. General, a highly recommended and compelling read!!!, I'm a great fan of all the happenings of the 1920s and 30s, so the publication was right up my alley. I found it fascinating and extremely easy to read. I strongly recommend it., Fun book, written with humor. A wonderful peek at a different time., Do not miss " The Purple Diaries"!

Mr. Egan's book is what a Hollywood book should be. Reading the history of Mary Astor's battle for custody of the woman little girl we come across so much more than that single episode in the woman life. We see a clear picture of Martha Astor and the world the girl lived in. The copious and meticulous research is woven into the material of the narrative in such a way that we feel like we are seeing firsthand the actions of the doj Mister. Egan describes.

Other authors of books on The show biz industry history should study Paul Egan's work before they proceed. I wish he previously dedicated his talents to the long anticipated biography of Barbara Stanwyck. Unfortunately, Victoria Wilson's book much more social history than biography with the alleged subject matter so deeply buried in off-topic research that it becomes the literary equivalent of Where's Waldo.

Despite the fact that I appreciated some of her performances, I experienced never gone out of my way to see Mary Astor's films. Following Mr. Egan's book, that has changed. Having already been a golden age movie fan since early childhood, I have new pieces to explore., If you like books about old Hollywood, and the movie stars of that time, then I think you will relish this one.

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