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Reveals the truth about eating sugar and just how the sugars industry fights to keep those facts hidden. We have given up sugars for over a yr now (I found it was triggering my fibromyalgia) and lost 40 lbs .. No other in order to my diet or exercise. Simply removed white sugar. Which usually is no easy task as it is virtually in 90% of every processed food item you might buy. Have to ask ourselves, " Why is there added sugar in processed items which has never been required in the recipes we make at home? " Answer: Since it is highly addictive and the manufactures and the sugars industry know that if you get some into your body you will need more and more. Getting off of sugar was like just getting off of your opioid. All the same withdrawal symptoms and urges. Took annually to lastly get rid of the major cravings. Sugar is killing us and is every bit as dangerous (if not more so because little children are fed it from toddler age on up) then cocaine. By the way. I have had no pain (except for accidentally ingesting some) from my fibromyalgia since I gave up sugar on The fall of 3, 2013., An total must read, predicting whatever we are now seeing 40 years later. Yudkin's research on sugar and Mary G. Enig's research on fats have turned common nutrition wisdom upside down. I have done the standard low fat, high carb technique of eating and got horrible triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels. Check in with my review here: http://www.amazon.com/Know-Your-Fats-Understanding-Cholesterol/product-reviews/0967812607/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#R3739P0BCADWI0

Switched to more saturated fats and less sugars, and my levels went way down, opposite to what my physician thought would happen. We see this in my daily life at the office: co-workers eating all the refined sugary treats and constantly complaining that they are fat or sick, or both. We refrain almost all of the time, and am not body fat, nor do I get sick (unless my child sneezes on me). Modify your eating style, don't think the B. S. media and the government states could make you healthy, and you'll start to see the difference., In case you've seen Doctor Lustig's youtube video about the evils of sugar you know that anything he writes will likely be worth your time. This particular should be common accepted knowledge but Big Agra would have a cow which incidentally is more preferable to eat than sugar. Your book itself would be better to eat than sugars!, Amazing work. Prof. Yudkin find out what makes us body fat and sick in 72!!!! He was pushed away and we have to hold back till now to FIND the facts. This book is for everyone who would like to live healthy life., Extremely informative.

This is a great addition for those with and without a background in research.
The author sites ALL his sources.
It will definitely change the way you look at food., This is a must read for everyone. Science explained so everyone can understand. Really interesting take on the sugar problem. Dr Yudkin probably was right years ago but we failed to listen. Instead i was led to think that it is body fat that causes heart disease when really it is too much sugar. You cannot read this publication without also reading Dr Lustigs book as well., This totally convinced me that sugar is toxic... I have checked your references and found them too be credible... We hope other nutritionist have the independent to back again this message..., This seminal work, which was laughed out of consideration by U. S. nutritionists when it arrived, helped to lay the foundations of later books, including those of Taubes, Lustig, and Teicholz. It remains well-timed.

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