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McConnell is the best in puppy and proper training. She's area on and empathetic. The girl suggests viewing your puppy as a 3 year old. I actually don't have a dog yet but have moved my perspective on my cat to that of a 3 year old and it's resolving some of the conflicts we were having because my expectations were too high. Sooo pleased for this author and her insights., The Puppy Primer is the ultimate beginning training manual for people who are considering getting a puppy, or currently have the one that needs some work.

The book touches on key behavioral commands that every dog owners use such as sit, lay down, come and stay while also including some unique commands as well as games that can help stimulate your dog mentally and physically. The author did a fantastic job of not only explaining how to train these commands into your dog, but how to maintain a positive and engaging environment the complete time. One aspect of the book that's truth is the author explaining why to utilize your puppy in certain ways, explaining some of the drawbacks to option methods as well as common consequences to using adverse training measures.

A new very realistic training manual, the tricks/commands are told include common problems that may arise but the reader is consistently told that if they are experiencing a more unique behaviour issue with their dog to SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! The writer doesn't explain this guide to be the ending all, be all of puppy training but something to allow the owner to lay a foundation.

Definitely a worthwhile read for pending puppy owners, or those thinking about studying doggy training and behavior., This specific book is fantastic! That really gave me great insight on what was going on in my puppy's head. It turned toilet training around for me completely, and after a month of patient steady training he has have no accidents anymore. I'm the owner to my puppy!, It is just a excellent book with lots of information for a person who has not been around dogs or puppies for 25 years. I purchased and read the book before I actually picked up my 8 week old toy poodle puppy. The book is presented so you can do things to progress through a 6 7 days training plan. I have had my puppy one. 5 weeks and he or she has not mastered the sit of week one so I can't advance.

It relies on using food rewards but with a puppy that is not motitrated by treats unless they are high value like chicken, it is difficult to implement a lot of the strategies., Patricia McConnell is amazing, and the book offers great " positive" means for training your Puppy. I highly recommend it for anyone considering getting a new puppy, though it might also be useful for someone adopting an older dog., I was a dog trainer and frequently recommend this guide to new puppy owners. Its a great week by 7 days guide about how to train your puppy in a fun, positive way. The written for people who want helpful information for getting a well trained puppy, its not meant to be a behavior book, or a book for specific problems which most puppies may have yet anyway. The great as an addition to a basic puppy course, I've read it a few times myself, I'd recommend anything with Patricia McConnell's name on it., Fantastic book with great techniques for puppy owners- We would buy and read BEFORE you bring your little terror, I actually mean valuable puppy home. Also recommend  Another End of the Teather: Why We Do The things we do Around Dogs   for a great guide to help you understand why your dog will what he/she does., Nice and very informative. I actually will be passing this on to someone else when finished. This will also make a nice gift.

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