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I was hoping this book would help us find art and photographs for my girl to produce book covers for author stories and novels. In the end, it does do that, but it's not totally feeding a person the answer and it are unable to, since copyright vs. general public domain is definitely a, very complex process.

+ The first half of the guide has sections on:
Photography (small: about 10 pages)
Movies & Tv
Computer Software program
Architecture (about 7 pages)
Choreography (less than 5 pages)

+ Typical segment will cover:
* What is public domain for that property
* How do you determine copyright for that property
* Where to find public domain for your property

-- Not consistent in each section to cover the same level of public domain concerns and/or resources.

& The second half of the book teaches a ton of info about databases, the Internet, copyright laws, etc.

> I attempted jumping directly to Photos and the section would say something like, " To find out if a photograph is public domain you must first determine the date/year it was published. "
Okay. How? What happens if the online image doesn't say?
We are further given directions, such as to research a database or maybe more to determine if the image you are interested in is in that database, which will tell you if it is copyright or public domain. Goshdarn! So I need to become a research expert (or therefore it feels) in order to get my real answer.

Not the fault of the author or book, but simply the laws of copyright are at problem in that the processes are not easy. But, I would have appreciated more details from the book on what to expect or what critical information I need in order to use said database or organize.

-- I'm a person who learns by example, so more actual examples of how a image or art was truly determined public domain or not (even if this is just one possible facet in a complex system) would have helped a new person like myself grasp the copyright domain better. In least in the photograph section, this was missing.

OVERALL: There is a lot of good information in here to help protect a person from getting sued for violating copyright. I had book addresses made by someone on Fiver dot com who simply stole copyright art from the Internet and slapped together a duplicate. Once I noticed this a year or so later, I changed it out fast, but it could have cost me more than if the right/wrong people had discovered. I feel more forewarned and there are several public domain sites and locations provided in this guide, that I feel makes the price tag on the book more than worth it... especially since I'll now be using public domain property as opposed to making ignorant errors., This book is a fantastic reference and a major help in so many ways. Copyright laws can be complex and mysterious, and artists I have known have gotten involved in serious struggles, both time consuming and costly, over use of material that they thought was general public domain. I love that creator Stephen J. Fishman, M. D. is out of his way to help make the writing both intelligible and thorough. He or she explains details of the legislation in simple language, defining phrases that may be misleading; illustrating his main points with examples; and clarifying the wording further where needed. He addresses a wide range of topics, from wide matters like writings, songs, photography, choreography, etc., to traps for the unwary; the internet; use of public domain away from You. S., etc. I even understand what to do if I want to use an image of Jesse Duck in some way.

I have used several other Nolo books over the years, and have found them uniformly well written, accessible, and reliable. This one is no exception. Most highly recommended., If you are a web designer, graphic designer, videographer or creative being who finds and uses " assets" from the Internet or elsewhere - this book is a great reference to help understand copyright and the public domain. Open public Domain in this AFFITTO edition is characterized by " creative works that for some reason or another are not protected by copyright law are typically free individuals to use". But it gets really gray and fuzzy at times. This book will help you parse out the gray areas and think about the sources you use. It will eventually provide benchmarks for founder to meet out the better points of copyright and use.

Each chapter is arranged with it's own table of contents and this makes this guide more of a guide book that you can use piecemeal as needed once you make it through the first two chapters. This guide DOES provide some sources for materials in people domain. Yet those could change over time so the importance is not on sources for material as much as it is theory. Please remember that when purchasing.

Another great resource from NOLO providing free legal updates for it's readers.

A very good source!, It is a timely NOLO guide since so much is going open source and Creative Commons copyrights that allow users freedom of use. For projects such as creating a YouTube movie and using public domain noise such as music, this is the text one might prefer.

The book has great emphasis on using art in the general public domain to create one's works of art. It can a complex subject that calls for some basic grounding and background, and that's what this guide does. One might still need an intellectual property attorney but at least time will be stored upfront by comprehending the basis of the subject and not needing the attorney to clarify those fundamentals., The book gives a lot of information about public domain. It is written in simple terminology and is simple to read. It caovers many different varieties of public domain works, from art and writing and movies to computer software, everyone of those has its own separate section to clarify different conditions on use the general public domain items, and how to find them as well as how to check if they are indeed in public domain, and also cases when although a piece is a copyrighted work, some part of it might be in public domain., When you've ever wondered how authors publish pictures and cite works of art in every medium, this is the go-to book you've been waiting for. Not only really does it cover the range of which works are guarded by copyright laws and which are not, it provides clear information about how to use sites and free works for what you may choose to write., This is a great resource. I actually am a blogger and also do a few shows a week on Youtube. This will likely really help with finding graphics and music to use for my shows.

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