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I was talking to another mom, explaining the difficulty We was having in teaching my outgoing young daughter to be cautious of strangers without making the woman afraid. I was also in the midst of looking for new daycare for both my daughters. This mom advised this book and We am so grateful the lady did! It has helped me start new conversations with my daughter and also made me reevaluate my daycare choice. We realized I had been trying to convince me personally that the choice we made would be okay, which of course meant that I didn't truly believe it. I immediately started looking at other options and found new places for both my girls that I feel so much better about. The day after I chosen the new daycares, We heard from a colliege that had recently taken their child out of our initial choice, and the heartbreaking main reasons why they taken him out. I am normally pretty good about listening to my intuition, and it also had been screaming at me, but We had been stupidly trying to ignore it. I am grateful this book was able to make realize I was ignoring my intuition before I put my children in a bad situation. I also feel more confident talking to my daughter about other people. She already has good intuition. It is my job to maintain a safe environment while the lady practices listening to that intuition. Gavin De Becker, thank you for being willing to manage such a difficult subject so that we may all be the greater for it., Mr de Becker writes about violence and personal safety. The short explanation is he had a violent years as a child and rather than we were young and becoming violent, he was raised and runs a bodyguard/ safety consultation company.

Lots of what he has to say, be a little more aware of your surroundings and trust your gut, seems like common sense to me, however, although it is common sense, I do not practice it 100% of the time. The reason I don't practice it 100% of the time, and the reason it is not " common" sense to a lot of folks is that a lot of all of us have been brought upwards in the modern world to be " nice", to be polite, to want to be loved, and, perhaps most on the inside, to entrust our safety to professionals (police), and trust all the well mannered people around us. Whilst that works a lot of the time, our intuition, and just basic awareness is something that has evolved over the millenia to keep us safe, our bodies as well have evolved over the millenia to fight and protect.

In a nutshell, de Becker writes to encourage us to use our brains/ intuition to take care of ourselves more, also to not be afraid to use our bodies for physical violence when it is the last resort. It is quite interesting and encouraging to read about how to do that.

A lot of what he wrote is a more detailed version of certain regions of his other book, the Gift of Fear, which I highly recommend. A lot has been added that concerns children in particular, so We would recommend this for anyone who has or deals with children, but perhaps recommend the Gift idea of Fear first, and especially for those without children.

Sprinkled throughout Protecting the Gift (and the Gift of Fear) are short anecdotes of folks who were attacked or mistreated and how the situation ended up. Some conclusion upwards well, some in failing. The best was the mom who fought off a dangerous attacker ONE-HANDED while holding her baby in her other hand., This guide should be required reading for each parent, grandparent, childcare professional and childcare giver!

Gavin de Becker's Protecting the Gift focuses on a scary topic for anyone caring for kids. But despite the frightening theme and terrifying stories, We finished this book feeling empowered. The book provides insight not only into what predators look for in a victim, it also gives concrete recommendations for avoiding you and your child from turn into a victim.

Any parent who thinks "It can't occur to us" should think about the sobering statics from the guide: 1 in 3 girls and 1 in six boys have had sexual contact with a predator! And the majority of the time, the predator isn't a stranger, it is a family fellow member, neighbor or friend.

Two of the most valuable aspects of this guide to me include:

1. Rely on your instincts. Mr. de Becker writes about this extensively, and exactly how we are so conditioned to be polite we put ourself at risk, even when our instincts warn all of us.

2. Quality of Twelve - the Twelve skills every child should have before they are permitted to venture out on their own. Having these skills really helped me define the queue between free-range kids and helicopter parenting!

The only thing I needed more of was how to show my child some of the relevant skills without scaring her. Suggestions about how to talk to my child about many of these concepts, such as when someone informs you don't inform, you must tell. This is likely that such conversations with children are outside of Mr. de Becker's expertise, and I will be researching some of the other materials that he references in the guide for that level of information.

I sincerely hope that Mr. de Becker will consider writing an updated version to include social media - a growing issue and issue.

I cannot recommend this book enough. I believed the unabridged audio version, but also own a hardcopy that I use as reference. I can tell you that We will be re-listening and re-reading this for quite some time.

Relocating onto The Gift of Fear next..., I first read The Gift of Fear and loved it. Saw that the author wrote this book and just had to read it.. especially being a first-time mom.

Some excerpts were repeated from the gift of fear but it's a good thing to have important concepts pounded into your head. The book really makes you aware and feel empowered.

I feel much more self-confident in protecting my children.

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