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This is a very well-written memoir with a woman whose daughter changes to become her child. Her descriptions are candid and touching. The credibility with which she describes “mourning” her daughter at his transition was quite prominent.

My only complaint is one shared by the girl transgender son, whose comments after reading part of this memoir was going to make a complaint, “Why did you treatment so much about what God thought anyway? ” I realize why she felt compelled to research biblical perspectives, given the truly sad situation of having her other daughter’s Christian friends feeding her their intolerance. But Really dont understand why she put a lot effort into providing biblical and religious justifications in this book? It’s not like the transphobic fundies would ever read earlier the first few web pages, where the author makes it clear that she accepted and supported the girl trans son.

Ironically, the girl kids hadn’t finished reading the memoir at press time. Her comment about this was the only typo I noticed ~ “neither of my children finished reading it EVEN THOUGH to the end”. I’m a retired editor so typos both annoy and jump out at myself. It was refreshing to find a book almost entirely free of them., I acquired this book on a Saturday afternoon and started out reading it right away. I had to put it down to go to Mass, then chosen it up again, read the book
in about 13 0.5 hrs. It was written perfectly. It was such a mixture of love, tension, happiness, disappointment, patient, understandings, courage, just too many adjectives to name. I cried, I interceded, and loved it all the way through. All of the love shined through Cheryl and Jim!! That was just great.
I just hope a lot of men and women buy and read it. That is merely good, and very informative. Today people need the " real life" experience knowledge. I recently
can't say enough about it It was a thoroughly enjoyable book., What a great read!

This specific is a book that will help the readers understand one families' experience of bringing up their transgender child. It undergoes the discovery of their child's true gender, the feelings of the child and the family and all those feelings of concern and doubt and finally the enjoyment that comes with understanding your child which child being understood.... a really long road, but worth every mile!

This is a heartfelt story that reminds us all how we, as individuals, sometimes forget that all of us, no matter how we may act, how we look or where we come from, all start off in the same place.... children with a future. I believe that although this story is about this author's transgender child, it could end up being the history of any parent advocating for the rights of his/her child. Whether your child is transgender, gay and lesbian, special needs, or simply not fitting into society's form, they are still just as important every other child out there. We am so impressed with the perseverance and determination that came from a place of love in this book. This child will not be the self certain, happy and content young man he or she is today if he did not have those loving parents that proceeded to go to bat for your pet over and over again.
What a great story and a fantastic glimpse into what one family managed to do for themselves and how they actually were able to make everlasting changes in our system that will profit future generations.

Any mother or father, whether their child is still young or proceeding through the teenage years, will love what positive and hopeful messages this book must bring. Give thanks to you for sharing this experience with your readers. We could all learn from this. All the best for the great future that is still to come., I Promised Never to Tell: Raising a Transgender Child by Cheryl B. Evans is a very intelligent read. This book provides insight into a household who handles their transgender son's transitioning with love and grace. This is a good guide for the patients parents who have no idea how to handle their own child’s transition in a healthy, affirming, and loving way.
I will be impressed with the loving care that this family displays. I wish more people were enthusiastic about understanding gender dysphoria in its manifestations. People should never suffer the trauma of being uncomfortable in their bodies. I think it is vital that everyone read this book.
I truly appreciate this mother posting her family's story and the loving way that the family has grown with their son during his transition.
It is really an unsolicited review, I purchased my personal copy from Amazon., Excellent book! Useful book written with the love and compassion of a parent. The writer allows us live through the journey of her son's transition with them, posting both the joys and setbacks, and educating us all along the way. There is a lot wonderful information in this guide, and it can be a great assistance to anyone wanting to understand read more about transgender individuals and the issues they face. People need to comprehend they are not choosing to change their gender - they are merely choosing to become outwardly the true gender they've always recently been inside - something cisgender individuals take for provided. Let's love and support our transgender friends on their journeys to being able to live the lives these were meant to. Let's be their allies.

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