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Typically the series protagonist is a tech-savvy woman whose adaptive skills are tested by many people " new normal" life challenges. She uses the girl heart and technology tools to motivate people to keep moving in a positive direction amid the failure of society that develops from global climate change effects, isolation of organizations of citizens, and a federal government that is ineffective and Machiavellian at problem solving. These situations should motivate humankind to get up and do something about global climate change. Oops! It might be too late..., What a great book! I really enjoyed the character development and unfolding story. I actually do recommend reading " Dust particles of Kansas" first to understand the origins of the Calm Act main to the book. This is a very realistic view of a worst case scenario that could very well happen within the US. Reward was learning more about NYC and surrounding areas where the characters live. Highly recommend this thought provoking book., As good as her first publication. Not a shoot-em-up, action-packed thrill ride, but a surprisingly readable exploration of the logistics of your survival. I possess no idea how or where Booth did her research, but I actually acquired all the details of the girl planning and execution of the post-apocolyptic remediation of civilization., I loved the rich characters and the detail. I may easily imagine how this future could unfold and the steps all make sense. Retain writing!, Really enjoyed this sequel to The Peaceful Act. Dee and staff continue to make the best in post apocalyptic New England. And furthermore the spread the love and try to save New York. Looking ahead to more upbeat tales about recreating communities and bringing out our best in the worst of times., thanks, How many words really does an Amazon review need. I can describe my feelings in one term: boring. Need another? Banal., Dee Baker is someone who has the capability and the attitude needed to survive an end of the world. She's a computer wiz, has a green browse, and can see beyond the obvious. But , the quality that makes the girl exceptional is that Dee wouldn't feel right about herself if she failed to move heaven and world to save as many others as she can.

At the beginning of this story, humanity is going through so many hardships that some hard choices had been made, and even harder actions taken, to enable even a fraction to survive. In the US, even martial regulation can't feed people or keep them healthy when confronted with every imaginable disaster.

Thankfully, for the multitudes she actually is able to directly and indirectly help, Dee's got individuals skills and push of will to gewandtheit many different people and viewpoints to mesh and rebuild what remains of United states civilization into something practical.

Project Reunion brings a whole lot of individuals together as Phase 2 of the Calm Act attracts to a conclusion, but there are separations, too. And survival is still in doubt.

I highly recommend reading End Game before reading Project Reunion. Not really that it wouldn't be a good read alone, but because understanding the scope of the story requires the actual events and people of the very first publication to be satisfying. Just about all through this book, I actually was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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