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One Line Synopsis - This book is essential for anyone considering the topic of AJE in games, and it is filled with examples that really drive home the lessons being taught.

Together with all the university programs and graduate studies dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence, this book could have easily drowned itself it excessive theory. Thankfully, this would not happen. The author is truly capable to give concrete good examples and demonstrate the relevant methodologies. Not only do the examples succumbed the text convey the classes in AI so obviously, they could easily be used in your own projects.

I have given me personally the required time not only to read the book, but generate my own AJE code inspired from the book. It really is the perfect blend of theory, practice, and examples. If you are looking for an entry level AJE book that will also deliver you into the intermediate stages of AJE programming, this is the book you have already been looking for.

I would highly recommend anyone that buys the book to look at the source code that can be found on the companion website. It does not only offers the source computer code from the book, but in addition the standalone executables that run the programs discussed. As AI behavior is such a dynamic phenomenon, it really produces the capacity for view the examples in motion alongside the text. That's why these programs are so helpful. Additionally , one can tell a lot of care was put in creating these programs to actually illustrate the primary point of each topic.

As an aside, section 2 of this book is surely an exceptional chapter for those considering game motor design. It mainly bargains with state-driven design and finite state machines, but also discusses game organizations and their management alongside with message handling. As the topics in this section deal with AI behavior, their applications go far beyond AI and could easily be applied to many other features of games and software., Matt Buckland's book was the second book on Sport AI I had developed read (The first being Behavioral Mathematics). After reading it, I actually would say that that it is major complement to his other book " AJE Techniques for Game Programming". So anybody who believes this book may simply be a rehash of the AI Techniques book is mistaken. This book will teach you about the basics of Game Programming and the mechanics that go into developing a Game AJE Engine. I would recommend it as a great location to start learning about concepts in Game AI. I would also highly recommend reading " 3D Math Special primer for Graphics and Sport Development" before reading this book though. Even though it can a graphics book, it can treatment on the department of transportation product and other geradlinig algebra concepts really helped me grasp the concepts introduced in Buckland's book., I actually am along the way of reading this jewel and have just finished the math part of the book. There are some "mathematical" term errors that only a mathematician would catch (usage of the terms function compared to. formula, and right triangle vs. right angle triangle comes to mind), and certainly do not prevent from his presentation of the necessary subjects. This individual envokes the great memory mneumonic SohCahToa for trigonometry functions, but fails to spell out what that mneumonic represents (Sin is Opposite over Hypotenuse, Cos is Adjacent over Hypotenuse, and Tan is Reverse over Adjacent in the right triangle). The required vector analysis mathematics portion could have been a cleaner and more precise demonstration, but covers all the main element points. His examples alongside with graphs throughout this chapter do a good job of illustratating the mathematical concepts he feels are important to encoding game AI.

Because I actually taught university level math for years, the math portion was rather directly forward for me (other than the misuse of a few mathematical terms/definitions). I might have preferred to give the book 4. 5 stars, but that was not an option. When the author covers the material beyond this first section as well as he has in the math chapter, then this can be a 'must buy' for anyone considering the subject, and am happy with the purchased of the book., This specific is rally great book. I agree with all positive review posted before, so I am not going to repeat them.

But there a few drawback.

1) There is not describe all peaces of the C++ code. It is clearly explained all about the AI, but many help objects ( i. e. transformation matrix for rotation) are not mentioned in the book and you find them only in the source code.

2) There are C++ source simply for Visible Studio 06 and 08. I have big problems to recompile this projects in VS10 (at the end I managed it, but It takes me a lot of time). And of course, In case you prefer Linux, you have a problem...

Good information is, that I made a decision to rewrite all codes from C++ to Java. Therefore , if you are serious, you can find them on
[... ]

I actually hope it help somebody: ), I received this book the other day and have been reading it non-stop. I must declare there is much more information in here then what I bargained for. The only bad thing that I would have to say about this book is that all examples are in C++ and assumes you have zero engine.

Thankfully I actually have a limited backdrop in C++ and was currently developing in C# so I was easily able to understand it. Probably my favorite feature of this book is the " Math and Physics Primer" in the beginning. Is actually been a while since I've taken any high level math classes so that was a nice refresher. This book also does not dive into the more detailed mathematics behind AJE behavior but it really does explore the programming ideas.

Over all I would definitely recommend this book to anyone thinking of venturing into AI Programming, it delivers as promised and so much more!

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