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Excellent book to introduce or reintroduce engineers and software into embedded development. The only issue is with the board that they select, since it is no longer readily available. Even so the subject covered was great and any good professional will be able to replicate the illustrations on a different board. I actually suggest reading and rereading. We are an engineer and have to always keep my skills up-to-date. Effortless to forget or develop bad habits, This guide is too tightly certain to the development system. Should you do not want to buy that kit, then most likely sort reduced to reading the book and wishing it sinks in., Fantastic book on embedded systems, and has decent illustrations., Good information, but not such as depth as expected., Presents a good introduction to embedded system development; no complaints there. However, their choice of development kit is poor. Typically the Arcom (now EuroTech) system is 0, rather than the 0 stated in the book. And it took almost 3 several weeks for them to reply to a quote request. Thankfully, there are kits available from other vendors (BiPom, Olimex, etc. ) which is often substituted for less than 0. However, the impracticality of using the Arcom kit robs the guide of its purpose of being a hands-on, guided tutorial., This is a good starting point for those considering embedded systems development. Has the correct amount of overview and detail for beginners., Good material, my current class required this book and having in in the kindle was a pleasure. It is difficult to get this in hard form at a decent price., I possess just finished the first part of this book and have started the second one. It may be premature to say this but I am really impressed. The reason I actually am writing this review so early in my read, is because I have a QUESTION from other reviewers / authors (sorry to use this review-space like this).

Within Australia, I actually am having hard-time finding the hardware board suggested by authors, namely Arcom VIPER-Lite. I do have a Beaglebone Black board (and I am really surprised authors didn't recommend this board when buying it is easier than buying a bottle of coke, at least throughout Australia). Like the Arcom VIPER-Lite, the BBB board has an ARM structures, nevertheless the BBB has Tx Instrument processor clocked 1 ghz (VIPER-Lite has Intel's PXA255 processors clocked at 200MHz). Other specs vary a bit, but I was guessing they are less of consequence.

So my question is this: how many % examples given in the book can I successfully run on my BBB board? This particular question can be rephrased as: does embedded code depend upon architecture (both panels have ARM) or it depends on processors (Texas Tools vs Intel) or something else? Sorry if the question is stupid but I am learning this embedded coding just now.

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