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After reading this book, I actually think it is humorous that some reviewers felt that the book was was too "opinionated. " I imagine that McChesney is give out your opinion to someone else in the same way as scientists who examine evidence and then notify of worldwide warming. That is, McChesney is opinionated in the same way as any person that uses their critical thinking faculties to analyze facts and subsequent consequences to generate theories.

McChesney's basic premise is the fact that a robust media is required to help create an informed, democratic citizenry. By robust, he means diverse, national, local, multi-class, and multi-cultural. So if you say that he is opinionated because you do not agree with his assertion that media concentration, where a few large companies own most of the mass media and for that reason, control the local and national debate, is anti-democratic, then of course, he is opinionated. But it's difficult to argue along with his facts and statements.

The book is extremely well researched--to the point of distraction sometimes. Lest you think McChesney is on some unfounded outburst, let me assure you that everything is footnoted and that there is no vitriol. McChesney provides a brief but extensive history of media in America and then discusses where he thinks things went wrong.

Another interesting point is that the book is non-partisan. Very conservative who would like to paint this book as another liberal mass media diatribe are way off the mark. McChesney claims that the American politics system has failed us regarding media policy. That is, both Right and Left have been all too willing to do the bidding of Corporate The usa, without regard to the consequences on the Us people. By the way, "Neoliberal" is the view that a free, dergulated market is best and has nothing to do with "Liberals. inch

This is an important book and I wish more people read it. Sometimes, it can be a laborious read but is well worth your time and effort., Mostly a very dry read, but what I could sweat from this super thorough examination of media issues - focusing on mil novecentos e noventa e seis to 2004 (when it was published) - the Bush Administration was in cohoots with the FCC to allow big companies to own up to 50% of all mass media outlets (radio, newspaper, and TV) in any given city or region. That would mean HALF of everything people were exposed to would be swayed to whatever political views that big corporation had.

Wherever this book left off, what had historically been a bunch of back room decision-making, with no public opinions available to sway votes in either direction, a populist movement arose (ironically, John McCain used to be a good guy on this issue and voted against allowing these near-monopolies) that forced the Senate's ballots to cut down the portion of corporate ownership to 39%. That's still crazy huge and scary, but not as bad as it could have been.

Sadly, this book that I acquired used got been a library book, and NOBODY had actually checked it out. Sort of eerie just how things are going. I read this book to give me some insight for a dystopian sci-fi novel that I am writing, this book already reads like an Orwellian nightmare... an extremely bookish one.

It's a slippery slope. This book documents one foothold in the slow decline of journalistic freedoms., This is a critically important book and Robert McChesney is to be highly commended for writing such an expose. What is omitted and what is not written is equally important to what is written. The book points out how a mass media keeps the public at night about many critically important matters by simply not reporting on such matters. And what is written is often done from an " establishment" viewpoint which distorts the reality and maintains the standing quo., As a pioneer in his field, McChesney provided a wealth of information within this text. Recommended for students and professionals alike, this book is informative and a great reference for examine. Also view the author are now living in the documentary,   Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism - Fox Attacks Special Edition ., Got this book for class. I wouldn't read it if I failed to have to, but it can alright I suppose, A very thorough account of the corporate takeover of advertising and how it is utilized to create political and other various agendas., Purchased as an educational purpose, Leftist bias permeates this book, bringing into question credibility of author's claims.

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