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Not long ago i reread this book for an article I was writing. The seven years since its publication never have diminished its value. It remains one of the most insightful discussions of privacy available. It’s research of the trade-off issues raised by privacy and the challenge they cause for protecting privacy should be read by anyone interested in the topic. Without a doubt, the more time moves by, the better I realize the book to be., This book is not a novel, yet has been read like one, not only because of a number of seemingly far-fetched privacy horror stories and of sudden realization as to what kind of community we live in; but also of its well-structured story that is read easily and sometimes with mild entertainment. Indeed, Jame B. Rule is a excellent writer and certainly knows how to deliver key messages to readers more effectively and efficiently.

This really is an outstanding reference for readers looking for a book that encompasses a range of privacy issues our company is exposed of, or forced to grapple with. It depends on current status and risky trends entailing privacy lost or ever being deteriorated; introduces how significantly and disturbingly our privacy has been attacked, eroded, and exploited either clearly or implicitly; then look around other peer nations, such as the U. K., France, Australia, and of course Canada, to compare how and exactly what those developed countries performing with regard to this seemingly endangered privacy trends.

What I particularly liked in this book was at the objectiveness. Coolness. Rule never goes excessive, although sometimes the fact itself he offers is scary enough. He is neither depressed nor optimistic - just shows what options we have, or will have in reality, not in theory. Here is his key message:

"The issues involved are finally moral and political, not technological. Whenever we determine to do so, we can readily implement systems that:

* place the responsibility of justification on those who would create personal data systems in the first place;
* grant substantial control of data processes to the individuals described in them;
* ensure quick elimination of personal information from data systems, once their immediate purposes are served;
* define the factors like data collection in conditions of the pursuits of individuals rather than of organizations; and
* limit the amount and variety of personal data permitted to bear on determinations of how organizations will treat individuals. inches, This is not the typical "the sky is falling" expose of the death of privacy in America. Although Rule is an advocate of strong privacy protections, he dedicates considerable thought and focus on why such protections are desirable also to why we have to even care that honest information about us is being disseminated, as long as efficiency and security are increased.

Rule buttresses his analysis with a fascinating contrast between the Kantian imperatives (which argue for protection of privacy as a simple human right) and the pragmatism associated with thinkers like Auguste Comte (which argues for social efficiency and the frequent use of balancing tests). It is really an extraordinarily accomplished aspect of the book, as is his in-depth history of the growth of the credit-reporting industry in America. Rule shows that this industry blossomed long before the computer did. Rule does not blame technology for the decrease in privacy.

This guide is more a philosophical, sociological, and economic request than a call for immediate action. It is, however, quite powerful.

I would have given 5 stars were it not for many passages discussing the history of privacy laws and regulations in France, Australia, and other nations. It looked as if Rule was merely displaying his erudition rather than adding much to his argument.

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