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I use long been fascinated by " women if the veil" and the repressive societies by which they live. This book is surely an interesting expose on life in Saidi Arabia; it's culture and rigid rules, applied only to women, of course. The author frees I detail and informs their creative ways of getting around some of the rules; also sharing some of the consequences of getting caught. The story of the black room still haunts me. This is a culture in which rape victims are punished, because, of course , they asked for it, spouses are supplanted by new, younger wives, and every six weeks, every hair on their bodies must be waxed off.
Though this is certainly not materials, the author tells a compelling story. I read it through in just a couple of sessions and finished it, grateful to get all my lady components intact. Recommend., Princess is the true story of one of the many Saudi Arabian princesses growing upward in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It is a collection of reports, many of which illustrate the issues with being woman in a male completely outclassed society. It’s an interesting glimpse into a few years in the life of mostly wealthy Saudis. I would recommend reading it., Blue jean Sasson's book Princess: A True Story of Existence Behind the Veil is a great book. You get to understand the stero hypercritical nonsense that still happens in this century. Unbelivable, that we feel pity on the ladies of Saudi Arabia. It's a shame how women are still handled in this day and age. Of course if you grew up in that kind of upbringing, one wouldn't know any better until adulthood. This is how change can happen, but the men continue to reduce our women., Princess by Jean Sasson is a wondrous book about life for women in the centre Far east. Princess is told by a real Middle Eastern princess from Saudi Arabia. Even though she could get in trouble with her country for telling information about the woman life, she still allows Jean Sasson to inform the woman story.
In Princess, Sultana is the main character in the storyline. The girl is the youngest in her family and has one brother and 9 sisters. Sultana is edgy even from a young age. Sultana constantly noises her view when the lady isn’t supposed to. The girl recounts numerous stories from how her sister was married to an more mature gentleman more than 2 times her age one of her rebellious acts of flushing her brother’s headdress throughout the toilet and causing him to break his toe.
Among the laughs of some of her stories are some darker ones. She grabs her brother and his friend committing a awful act against a child while on vacation. Typically the worst part is the girl’s mother knew about the act and permitted it because they were poor. Sultana feels bad that she has more than enough money, but events like the one she witness happen all the time because other families seldom have enough money. Sultana also experiences a terrible death and loses some close friends along the way.
Simply by the time she is an adult she is still the same rebellious women but with a hubby and kids. Sultana experiences even more ups and downs in her adult life. Sultana will make many hard choices in the woman marriage.
This particular story really illustrates how life in Middle Eastern countries is. Princess really is the queen of all Middle Eastern stories. It shows the lower income that some individuals go through and the horrendous acts they must do to earn enough money to get by. It also shows how women are handled more as a nuisance and a servant than an equal. Women are seen as pretty individuals who must have children and not speak unless spoken to. Their view does not matter. This book points away all the issues in the Middle Eastern society. It raises awareness on issues that many people do not be aware of. The best thing about this book is it is from a real person’s point of view someone who has seen this first hand and wants to improve it.
I would recommend this publication be read by everyone. Even if you are not a feminist, these issues will touch your heart. This book should also be read by the Middle Eastern community so they can see what it's like to be a women in that society and ideally see the error in some of these ways. This particular book would be especially good in a sociable studies class that would like to learn about Midsection Eastern life. It also has many historical details in it. It would teach a lot to a feminism class or club.
We give this book five out of five superstars because this book truly shows what women in the Middle East have to go through every day. Women do not get to talk out the actual believe and come second to men in every situation. They are seen as people who give birth, clean and fix meals. They aren't treated as an equal and many women seldom have the courage to fight back for privileges. This guide shows we should stand up for women in the Middle East. Be sure to read the next two books in the trilogy. They are named: Princess Sultana’s Daughters and Princess Sultana’s Circle. If you need to help out with the women of the Midsection East or learn more information about them visit this amazing site: https://www.mnnonline.org/news/women-helping-women-middle-east-north-africa/,To read this is to learn the manner in which women in Muslim countries live. Typically the book is interesting and very informative. The people in it become like women we would meet and befriend anywhere in the world. In my opinion the writer brought to the cutting edge the fact that regardless of our differences in customs and religious values, all of us as women long for the same things in life.

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