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We downloaded this the day before New Year's Event and finished it 1/3/2014. With that being said, it is not a heavy read. In the ending the author covers some of his history research and why he put certain characters in the book. I was more happy before I read his thoughts and only used my imagination.

I liked Mr Burns writing style and only caught a few spelling and syntax mistakes which did not mess up MY enjoyment. It might be a stumbling block for some. This was NOT NECESSARILY a waste of time but I am not sure I will see the previous or next publications in this series., We hoped for some historical information from the era alongside with the story. Has been none of that. Not necessarily well-written. The characters are shallow, poorly drawn. Little individuality, male nor women. Their conversations were stilted, and they also all had the same persona, from Pharoah to a Servant. Failed to seem real. Mostly the author had the Characters constantly taking deep breaths and sighing. So often it became a distraction. This seemed to be the author's show of emotion and one does need to be reminded they are still living as they all seem cut out paper plaything. A real disappointment of any book. Sorry I received so excited I bought 3 of the series depending on star reviews. Therefore silly I didn't even finish the book. Read 3/4ths and was just too bored. I'm certain the ending of the book was obviously a final deep breath. I left with a *sigh* of relief., When we first meet Neti, she and Shabaka are on a motorboat nearing your home of the Pharaoh Rameses. They have solved a mystery in Thebes and are taking a guilty person to the Pharaoh for punishment.

Neti and Shabaka are a team who use the scientific methods available at the time but the majority of all they use observation and the potency of deduction. They are a very talented team.

One of Rameses spouses becomes ill and Neti is certain she has been poisoned.

Then the deaths start. The killers do not seem to make sense. But, between Neti and Shabaka the reality slowly appears.

This is an interesting book. The particular historical atmosphere and the information about the courtroom of Rameses is very informative.

This is a well-written book and even though it is the second in the series, it is a standalone book that was easy to understand.

In case you enjoy historical insider secrets which bring you to a completely different time and place, this is a book you will enjoy., Obviously I avoid believe a woman could become a mummifier in ancient Egypt. That's as absurd as a women President in the united states in the year 1900. And this mummifier is part Sherlock holmes Holmes, too.
The book isn't realistic, but that does not make it any less fun to read.
It's fun to 'hear' the truly amazing Ramses admit that some of the hieroglyphics praising him or her for winning a great battle are completely facetious, but so what, his dad did the same thing. (Or so he or she says. )
And it's fun to read a mystery with hints of romance but no blatant sex.
Don't ask me personally to start to enunciate these names, just know that Ramses decided to place his faith squarely in the hands of a young woman from Thebes, just because a friend of his offered her a good personality reference. His priests were screaming that she was unclean and would place a curse on the palace.
Yet the best thing about being a Pharoah is that you reach do what you want to do. Even the first murder in the palace didn't shake the big guy's faith.
But no one would have known it was a murder if her staunchest supporter hadn't insisted she exam the body. Which when you see the first hint of the Sherlock side of the girl personality. Since she was a woman, no one considered her findings.
Until some men analyzed the body, too.
Before the book is over you will see other deaths, the Egyptian version of bulldog fights, experimented with poisonings, thefts, an experimented with framing, beatings, and a visit to a ale hall/house of ill repute.
Whew! Yet our little lady understands who does it and why, which was more than I did. Well, We knew who achieved it, but didn't know why. The reason why is mighty important.
You don't have to do any heavy thinking for this one-it's lightweight, what I call fluff. I finished it in an afternoon quite easily and remember the characters, but not those names., I didn't enjoy the book thoroughly because I didn't realize We was reading the second book in a series. Though I had developed downloaded The particular Mummifier's Daughter also but I ended up reading this book first. Which was a mistake because We couldn't make sense of a lot of things. This, I do believe is an inherent flaw in the book. A new book shouldn't leave a reader frustrated for want of answers. And this is exactly how I felt (and this is a very different feeling from " wanting more! " ) Moreover the tale was too presumptuous - visitors, a girl being trusted by the Pharaoh and his queen, and called upon for carrying on matters that concerned the state of hawaii, was a little too much to digest. The love-story angle was interesting but received boring due to repetition. After I finished this book, I tried reading the first in the series and gave up after a few pages due to same sickly sweet love-angle that seemed to dominate the start of the book.

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