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In spite of some typos that just refused to be sailed past, some glitchy changes and continuity awkwardness in a few places, this was a remarkably enjoyable read and surprised me with how tightly written the action and descriptions were written for such a specifically historical some place and based on auld lore and legacy of wicked humans of infamy. I was shocked at how quickly consumable this also-quite-short read was considering the rather trite implications of the novel title and the opening of really not so necessary sexual intercourse. At least the only hetero come across was informed in a less revolting way than plenty other I've had the bad luck to possess read but the occasion ALSO served a rationalized purpose to the Beast as well which I thought was well done also. Still overall more sex than We have grown to stomach in my reading just because is actually appears I've become fairly impatient when sex is overused and without a true place in the storyline vs being used as fan service and generally gratuitous, graphic page filler. Well done on the surprising number of areas. Continue the hard work., Queen Dracula turns everything benefit down, and yet keeps it all the same. It's not Vlad, but his daughter who gains the power of a demon.

The influences of modern works, White Wolf games, recent Dracula movies, and older ones, such as Anne Rice, all show through. There is not much original here, but it's well performed fun, packed with hooks that keep you reading. It's hard to put down, although you may can see a whole lot of what's coming.

Since genre fiction goes, is actually a great execution, brief, but packed with action. The particular key character is a bit generic, despite some early attempts to develop depth in her. It doesn't really matter, because if you've read any Bea Rice vampire story, all of your favourite features are here.

If there's a weakness, is actually too short, and there aren't quite enough characters for the protagonist to interact with. We don't get to see enough of her powers, or at least enough of their range, and there is not much feeling of a wider plot developing. It's a little too evident that this is a series intro, and the real meat is being held back until later.

It's a shame that there isn't more here, because the sequel draws a line under this book, and (spoiler) jumps forward quite a few years. I would have liked to see more of this (series? ) set in the ancient period. Yes, it feels like a series is unquestionably the aim here, and that does undercut this a little.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this considerably. It's short enough because of its imperfections not to matter, and the sequel steps things up considerably., I'm a really picky reader and tend to like Fantasy works of fiction and I had seen this one when I checked my Kindle Look. Granted I purchased this E version for. 99 cents I did enjoy reading it. Now, I was a bit shocked at first with some very sudden sexual parts of the story, while well written they were very unexpected and a little much at times. I still couldn't stop reading the story. It's new. Not similar to anything I had read before which was great. Again, granted the main character grew up in a convent, I obtained really annoyed with the regular speak about God and praying. That is those that have made me not like the story all the because I would be like ".... again? " It kind of put a damper on the story for myself. I liked the unexpected twists and turns of the storyline and so I would get really into elaborate happening and then it would just halt and speak about praying again. If there would have been less of that and held that part simple and not as powerful all through the story I would have rated this 5 stars. Together with dialing down some of the sexual activities a tiny bit straight away at the begging of the story.

Update: Continue to only rating this story 4 stars because it's not quite a 5 superstar book for me but I did purchase and read the second one and it was just as good., wow what a different dracula book. The story is really about Dracula's daughter. I really liked the " vampire" in this book. They will are what vampires should be. This is the first book I've read from the Author. I am looking forward to this becoming a series. I promise that once you start reading you may not be able too stop until you are done. This book was given to me because I voted through kindle scout. If you like horror and a different spin by using an old tale you should this book., I actually really liked this and I’m so glad that I did because look at that gorgeous cover! It would have been sad if the story wasn’t performed well but thankfully that’s false for this one!

I was hooked from the very first page and i also didn’t want to put over the book- read 122 pages in one day (finished this in two) which is very, VERY rare for myself. Mr. Kennedy’s writing just draws you in! Even though I wasn’t exactly anticipating the sex scenes, though done well, I’m glad they didn’t over power the storyline.

This is an origin story, going to be a four book series, so expect a cliffhanger. Which was well done by the way, I’m about to die to buy the second book! Surprisingly I loved that we got to see how she existed in the wild, seeking to live as a goule without hurting anyone. An individual don’t see a whole lot of that and before it dragged too much, she runs into a human again and trouble starts upwards once more.

Overall there was clearly enough action to keep me interested. Mr. Kennedy’s storytelling gives loads of detail, making it easy to slip far from reality! Together with the ending, I’m quite curious in seeing where Ruxandra’s story goes!, I really was expecting more being that this was Dracula's daughter. I know the author and there's just so much more that could've been done with this storyline. I love this genre certainly nothing shocks me!!! I only hope I'm not hurtful to the author and that my review only helps for future books. Started out great, but the whole forest thing and her being a princess of Count Dracula, I wanted her to be a strong and powerful vampire!!! She had no clue what was happening half the time and it was downhill from there on.... but I have hope in this author for future books.

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