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I've grown up watching the movie roughly 396 times a year and will always deem it as my all-time most favorite movie ever. So naturally, after i found out that the movie was really based on a novel, I had formed to have it. My biggest fear was that it would be a hydrated down version of film production company with less humor and wit, or that film production company took the best components and the book would be mostly unsatisfying filler with the occasional well-known humor. I couldn't have been more wrong.

We daresay the book has even more humor and more wit than the film adaptation. William Goldman's story telling is real genius, writing from a satirical 1st person viewpoint of how he created an abridged version of your old non-fictional book from the fictional country written by an imagined author. As you read through the " abridged version" you will frequently stumble across acquainted lines you've come to love from the film (" INCONCEIVABLE! " ) but with slight variations in certain parts (ex. a more detailed story of how Wesley and Buttercup fall in love on the farm), and often times even more brilliant material added to classic scenes you already love (Prince Humperdink's Zoo of Death).

A person also gain an improved understanding of the film and why certain scenes play out the way that they do, such as why Inigo drunkenly yells out to Vizzini that he's going " to the beginning" and the backstories to both Inigo and Fezzik beginning from childhood.

After reading the book you'll have a newfound appreciation for the movie which you'll see is a fantastic version, and you'll have a fantastic time wrapped around Goldman's hilarious finger as he guides you through a truly wonderful story that feels exactly like the timeless classic we've loved watching for many years.

If you have never seen the films, likely to like the book. When you've seen the movie a million times like We have, you'll LOVE the book. It's a classic must have for every Princess Bride fan. You won't be disappointed., It has a romance with REAL LOVE, adventure, a pirate, a huge, a swashbuckler, corrupt villains, comedy (anybody want a almond? ) and (spoiler alert) A HAPPY ENDING! That features stellar acting from all the characters, and is noteworthy for being Fred Savage's (Kevin in The Wonder Years) first film role. And the incomparable Peter Falk. Enough said. One of the few films truly entertaining for all ages, simply perfect for family viewing., 'The Princess Bride' is always mentioned as a popular film by many of my friends. It's the old story of hunting for true love. We heard Mandy Patinkn tell the story of Deceive Reiner summing in the movie as a boy searches for his true love, and that pretty much sums it up!

Rob Reiner likes satire and has packed this film with many of his friends in guest star roles. Our favorite is Peter Cook who, plays The Impressive Clergyman,, but Billy Crystal is a detailed second. This is a parody of all the sword and sorcery films. Buttercup and The Farmboy along with love, Farmboy will go away to seek this bundle of money, he is lost at sea. In the meantime the Prince chooses Buttercup as his bride. The girl is abducted and the prince finds her, as does Farmboy dressed as a black pirate. Right now there you have it. A single of the most humorous films in a long time, next to Spinal Tap. Rob Reiner where have you gone?

Very Recommended. prisrob 03-07-13, A new classic, indeed; credentials properly earned. A fun romp that has everything: romance, humor, excitement, daring-do, look gags, humor, incredible swordsmanship, horribly ugly and aggresive monsters, witchcraft, enchanted and bewitched valleys, green career fields, mountains and scenery, foolish and dangerous kings plus more dumb and dangerous kings-to-be, treachery, idiot soldiers, pathologically diabolic men, machines of torture (perhaps designed by Rube Goldberg)... you name it, it's here. Go see it; you'll grin for the rest of the week., I found the book by Cary Elwes to be a truly genuine heartfelt description of a once in a lifetime experience. Just how many people get to provide an experience in which every aspect, even the difficult parts, of the knowledge are worth remembering. Although We realize that screen stars and movie makers (along with songwriters) will say anything, I feel that this book truly describes what happened without embellishment. I like that Cary narrated his very own book because the inflections in his voice helped increase the descriptive nature. Caps off to all the people involved with making this classic movie. After looking over this, I'd want to meet each and everyone of them., I waited many years after first seeing this movie for it to come out on some type of video. I possess owned the VHS tape and now have purchased vintage house warming Blu-ray. This is the greatest fun for a family to relish. The figures are played by the top of the queue of actors. I will love this particular story forever. I will laugh at the great fun it offers me. Right now there will never be a throw as good as this one. People who watched Andre the large as a wrestler will certainly enjoy his role in this fairly sweet story of any son's mission to find his father's murderer and the main character who pursues the beautiful Princess with so much love in his heart. Hooray for a good fairy tale!, Buy this book people. This is the best thing to come to my doorstep in a long time.. and that is passing over the snow white kitten installed to my door in red boots. This book will make your darkest days and nights filled with hope and belief in true love and wonders., It's difficult to categorize the movie, but it is quite entertaining and has a dedicated following. Several of the lines in the movie have become immortal. " My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to perish. " " Have some fun storming the castle! " Properly worth the time to watch it.

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