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Beautifully written. Highsmith uses classiness, poise and a wonderful blend wordiness with quality. I loved this publication and want to read more from her. The information is touchy, two women drop in love. If you are offended by same sex relationships, skip this book. If, like me, you care more about prose and emotion, you will cherish this book. It's beautiful. Innocence and experience meet and slowly find value., This may-december romance arranged in the fifties is wonderful. I hadn't observed of it before (I'm Swedish) but discovered it as it is being turned into a movie (Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara) due in 2015.
Slight spoiler notify!!!!!
This particular story is fantastic since it was main, perhaps THE first?, that didn't have the lesbian lovers collision and burn. The build up to them confessing to attraction, to love, was right up my street. I'm so glad they may making a movie of this - this books should get it!, I've been being attentive to the cost of Salt, a literary lesbian classic. The writing is spare and emotions are masked. Therese is innocence trapped within an old soul. The lady knows her heart and she recognizes in Carol all that has been missing from her life.

Carol is worldly and not easy to like. All that sophistication yet she is drawn to a teenage store clerk and wannabe arranged designer. They couldn't make an odder couple and yet. Yet. The scenes and dialogue between these too are so vibrant, so twice edged that the rest of the world they are travelling through drops away. Secondary characters like Richard and Harge seem pale and lifeless. Therese's world without Carol is a cold and gray place.

There were times, especially in the first half of the novel when you really feel like you are watching an extremely dry out play put on by some local actors.
Patience by the reader is rewarded with a technicolor ride and I suppose this comparison is what impressed me the most about this novel.
A lot like the Wizard of Oz, Therese and the girl life are transformed when she recognizes and welcomes who she is and who she loves. The writing is gorgeous. We had to prevent listening to the novel and slow down and read the words on the webpage just to savour Highsmith's expertise. She captures that amazing rush one feels when you fall in love for the first time.

" How was it possible to be afraid in love, Therese thought. The 2 things did not go together. Just how was it possible to be afraid, when each of them grew tougher together every day? And every night. Every evening was different, and every morning. Together they possessed magic. " pg. 173

And this;

" Once they came upon a little town they liked and spent the night there, without pajamas or toothbrushes, without past or future, and the night became another of those islands in time, suspended somewhere in the very center or in the memory, intact and absolute. " pg 177

Big sigh. Picturing Suspenso Blancett and Roona Mara in the starring roles of the soon to be released Carol? Wow. Can't wait., I read this book some time back, is actually one of my favourites, but I decided to buy the movie release for the beautiful cover.

Even when Carol is a love story, very different from her other crime themed novels, you can still tell is actually a Highsmith's work.
This time writing about falling in love for the first time, she sorta shows the parallels between the criminal and the amorous thoughts. A universal feeling. Amazing character development (Therese). Plus finally, not a huge ending.

I would recommend reading this and then watching the film to have a full viewpoint to both characters., I have not read it in entirety yet, but other capable readers already have weighed in with their book reviews. My review intention is to point out that, as of 1/1/16, this OLDER Amazon kindle book,
is also . 99, was modified on 1/15/15, has 296 pages, and MOST SIGNIFICANTLY, if interested, you can purchase the Audible version (an electronic file- not a CD- read aloud to you) for the additional . 99; the Clear edition alone is otherwise . 95 at Clear dot com.
However, this NEWEST amazon kindle edition, with Cate Blanchett's and Rooney Mara's pictures on the cover,
is the movie tie-in. Further book details: Print out Length: 324 pages; Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; Movie Tie-In release (November 9, 2015) and Publication Date: November 5, 2015.
Nevertheless , the Audible version is NOT discounted with this latest Kindle book! At minimum not when I examined on this date, 1/1/16. Since the Audible version, (also with Cate Blanchett's and Rooney Mara's pictures on the cover--confusing, huh? ) has been beneficially reviewed, I'd like prospective purchasers of the Amazon kindle book to be aware of their choices: an older Kindle book version that allows for the discounted Clear version, or the same-priced latest Kindle book, if you're not thinking about the discounted Audible version.
I plan to read the older Amazon kindle book while simultaneously hearing my discounted, whispersync Clear version. It's not my intention to sound like an Amazon advert, but I happen to love these two features together. Afterwards, on to the 2015 movie! Incidentally, according to the 'Look Inside' feature of the older Kindle book release (click on the picture), Paramount Pictures had made the film, Easy Dwelling, in line with the older edition.

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