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This did not include the first book I actually continue reading miscarriage and, as such, I found myself greatly frustrated with it.

Dr. Scher gave incorrect data on recurrent miscarriage risk (or, at least, data that is completely different from that produced by miscarriage centers and told to myself by my OB). He heavily pushed experimental remedies that effectively turn women into guinea pigs. These kinds of therapies don't have solid studies backing them upwards. They don't even have solid studies supporting the "causes" of miscarriage that the experimental therapies seek to treat. Most frustratingly, he made (by his own admission) completely unsupported recommendations about what women ought to do during the first trimester. Suggestions that few of us can (or want) follow and that are likely to leave you feeling like your next miscarriage (god forbid) is your fault.

First off, let's discuss the chances of carrying a proper being pregnant to term after repeated miscarriage. From my HINSICHTLICH, and from Jon Cohen's excellent book "Coming To Term" (a book that is based off substantial interviews with many different researchers who specialize in recurrent miscarriage) I discovered that women with repeated miscarriages are still extremely likely to have a healthy pregnancy the next time out the gateway... even with no interventions. Inside fact, you can miscarry four times in a row, whilst still being have a greater than 75% chance of having a healthy baby on your next try. That, to myself, is extremely hopeful reports.

However, Scher's book claims exactly the opposite. He says that after four miscarriages, a woman only has a 40% chance of a successful pregnancy. He doesn't cite where these numbers are coming from, that is a major red flag for me. And so i have no way to compare the accuracy of his numbers versus those offered by Cohen's book. But considering the fact that Cohen does report his data, and his data will abide by the amounts given to me by my OB, I'll presume that it's Scher that is wrong here.

On the subject of experimental treatments: I really have to recommend, again, reading Cohen's book. After my second miscarriage, I started to panic, and started considering create intervention discussed on the internet. Cohen's publication allowed me to feel sane again. My chances of having a healthy pregnancy, without any intervention, are high. Many of the interventions (especially immune-related ones) suggested in Scher's book are not well supported (you can read all about this in Cohen's book... though Scher himself alludes to the fact in the text), and frankly, history makes me very leery of being a guinea pig. Read up on DES. That was another fresh treatment for miscarriage that was given to women in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Men and women did ultimately start studying the final results of DES use completely, they found that the drug actually INCREASED miscarriage rates... and, worse, it lead to rare cancer and reproductive problems in daughters of the women who took it. Once more, I don't want to be a guinea pig. Not when my chances of a successful being pregnant are so high without fresh treatments.

Finally, here's the part that actually pissed myself off. Without any evidence, without even claiming evidence is present, Scher suggests that ladies who have had previous miscarriages should spend their first trimester doing as little as possible. Maybe even considering bed rest. Get time off work, he says. Maybe consider not having sex. The only schedule he offers for this sure-to-be-crazy-making advice that treasured few women can follow... The first trimester makes women tired. Maybe which your body saying that you shouldn't be energetic. And, also, he claims that humans are the only animals which may have sex while the woman is pregnant. (Which is incorrect. See: Bonobo chimpanzees, our closest relatives, for just one example. ) This is, to be truthful, ridiculous.

If you want anecdotes, hearsay, and random recommendations without any basis, this book is great. If you need actual evidence-based medicine, look elsewhere., After greatly enjoying The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant by Blue jean Twenge, and having my first pregnancy ending in miscarriage at 8 several weeks, I took Twenge's suggestion and read Preventing Losing the unborn baby. I was extremely disappointed.

First of all, Preventing Miscarriage is badly written. It appears as though a rough first draft, with many typographical errors (mostly grammatical), kindergartenish figures, and haphazard corporation. The same material seems over and over all through the book, with no clear reasoning.

Even more alarming is the complete absence of citations to medical research backing up any claims in the publication. The author acknowledges that the basis of many of his tips is anecdotal, depending on his experience in his practice. I am sorry, but I'm very disturbed that someone would make drastic, life-altering tips (e. g. that a woman wanting to carry a pregnancy to term should cut in the past on or quit her job and do several months of your bed rest), based on anecdotal evidence. He also doesn't provide rationales for many recommendations. For example , Dr. Scher claims in many places in the book that any woman who has an ultrasound revealing that the baby has died should immediately have a D&C performed. He doesn't even acknowledge the other two options available - namely, waiting a week or two to see if it happens naturally (or to see whether there could be a mistake on the conception date), or taking a drug to induce contractions - both of for conservative options, with fewer implications for future pregnancy success... I also share another reviewer's problem about Dr . Scher's tone, which appears to imply that women who are unable or unwilling to give up their career and lay on their back for months at a time are somehow responsible for their miscarriages...

I did appreciate the hopeful stories from patients who were able to have healthy children after being taught that they wouldn't... Nonetheless it was hard to take them critically when so many read like advertisements for Dr . Scher's practice. To save you time, here was the gist of each. "After [insert amount here] recurrent miscarriages, i was told by our doctor that we couldn't conceive naturally and should consider donor eggs or adoption. Then we observed about Dr. Scher. He did dozens of checks and diagnosed an immune disorder. I took steroid drugs and was able to conceive naturally. In order to be safe, I had a cervical stitch put in and was put on several months bed rest. Finally, I delivered my baby a week after my due date! "

Clearly, many women who suffer from recurrent miscarriages have gained a great deal of hope and comfort from this publication, but as a man of science and since someone who got a single miscarriage, I actually found it utterly lacking in useful information., After suffering a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks I find myself struggling with exactly what is going on with my body as it stabilizes and worried about a future pregnancy. This publication, unfortunately, didn't provide myself with many of the answers I was looking for. After a miscarriage your body experiences a traumatic experience which publication essentially glosses on the D&C procedure and the healing process afterward. I also do not have a cause for my miscarriage yet so many chapters were irrelevant to me. If anything at all this book gave myself more fear that I actually will suffer recurrent miscarriages. The stories throughout the book seemed like a waste of space when what I wanted was hard facts about why miscarriage happens, what will go on in your body and how to prevent it from happening again., I've really found this guide helpful, and after 4 miscarriages, I have now safely made it past my first trimester of being pregnant. One of the most disturbing problems with miscarriage is that however, you feel overwhelming guilt, there appears to be very little information about what can be done to prevent it. Besides this book have stories from real women who have gone through the heartbreak and trauma of miscarriage, it has very practical advice on what you can do to avoid it. It presents technical information in a obviously recognized, yet very compassionate manner. I liked this guide so much that I recently bought a second copy for a pal. The JUST complaint I have, and the only reason this book would not receive a fifth star, is because it was copyrighted in 1990 - almost more than a decade back. I sincerely hope that Dr . Scher and Microsoft. Dix consider writing a second edition to this book. I think it would be well received, and helpful to a great many people. And THAT book, I actually will be sure to rate as a perfect 5 stars!

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