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Doctor Javid conveys a superbly thorough treatise on Sufism with gentle authority and a command of self-understanding. In a world imbued with dogma everywhere we turn, he embraces the importance of love, prayer, meditation, and remembrance to the heritage and future of Sufism. Sufi Prayer and Love transcends the real intentions of the spiritual quest into the spiritually infused functionality of living.

The publications impassioned passages gracefully transcend the great love and respect for his precious teacher Hazrat Faqir Abdul Hamid Sarwari Qaderi. This specific delicate balance of individual and divine love and our relationship to teachers is so important to understand for those engaged on the Sufi way (or whatever journey one might undertake. ) The particular depth of Doctor Javid’s research and many quoted passages and anecdotes reflect a deep-seated respect for the teachings by the beloved prophets, saints, teachers, and poets encountered throughout his life.

Ahmad is kind enough to consistently and consistently present the Arabic words for many auspicious words. His translations and explanations of words boost one's ability to understand the depth and great Sufism, Islam, and all relgions through sound, pattern, movement, and spiritual aesthetics. Their book is both educational and celebratory in the presentation of the beautiful traditions, etiquettes, and divinely inspired guidance comprising the roots of Sufism. As a true dervish, he returns to someone all the light and recognition his own long journey has opened up for him.

Prayer, remembrance, service, and meditation are among the key unifying activities that align your body, spirit and spirit. Furthermore, this harmonizes mankind within the perfected religion of love. Dr. Javid points the seeker in the direction of his or her own heart… the Qibla of humanity. His teacher declared that what makes you spiritual, “…is an experience within your own soul. ” Ahmad gives us the tools and nourishment to sense and cultivate that have. He expresses that the way in which toward peace on planet is through the perfection of men fully attuned to the religion of love, choreographed in the act of prayer.

No matter what inner peace you seek, whatever love you seek; you can sojourn here within this book and continue on with more clarity., God is beautiful, loves beauty. He (God)selects beautiful people to manifest His beauty to relax of the mankind. Sufi Prayer and Love is one of the superbly created master piece of Doctor Ahmed Javid Sarwari Qadri. In this publication Dr. Ahmed Javid candidly explains the inner beauty of humans and how everyone, regardless of the way, can sync this internal beauty with God's divine beauty through prayer, yoga and love. He will take the reader to a journey in which he is able to explore his inner beauty and love and how to link this internal beauty with the Keen. Here are couple of lines from the book. " Love is the essence of all creation and comprises the requisite fabric of all life". Sufism is an inward inclination towards achieving perfection". The writer's concept to someone is, " love is plenty to get the things done, one only needs is to remove the veils of dark and ugliness through prayer. The prayer is the only way to converse with The Keen., I do recommend reading this book... It gives me a peace of mind... very relaxing and you may learn a lot.. Thank you for this book, This specific marvelous book is more than just a guide in helping you pray. This is a journey to yourself and God. This specific little book opens up hearts to the recognition of you. Some of the sayings in this guide are: " Prayer is therefore an act of communication—an act of vocabulary.... It is positioning oneself.... In fact , prayer is to focus and pay attention to all that is.... Prayer is an expression of who we are.... " Come to the journey of yourself and Lord and the answer to a lot of questions you could have got about the realm of prayer. What is at the center of this place of unity? You in the heart of Lord. You and love. For in this guide the love of God goes to know that " In Him we live, and move, and have our being. "
Sure, this guide is about Sufism which means it is about you in the center of God whether we say God or Thor. It is a journey to your deepest innermost self in Love., PURCHASE THIS BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This specific book “Sufi prayer and Love’ contains some of the greatest, most basic truths of Sufism, prayer, Keen love and spiritual virtues, and reminds that in the practice of those simple truths we can find the true essence of Lord and of our connection to Him. This publication has afflicted my plea life in the most positive way. In nowadays hectic world, modern Muslims can benefit from this insightful book as the author describes the foundational basis for spiritual development.
Dr. Ahmad Javid is a modern-day spiritual master. He creates with a deep understanding of the faith and prayer. ‘Sufi Prayer and Love’ is a wonder book and opens before us a spiritual way consisting of three foundational steps, prayer, Divine love and spiritual virtues (the discipline by which the love of God is tended and kept alive). The author brilliantly illuminates each of these steps.
If you desire a greater personal relation with God and, if you long for a deep fundamental change in your spiritual life than this book is written for you

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