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This book is an outstanding resource for anyone starting out in teaching themselves to draw. Those who just need refresher on what pulling should be like in the mind of the artist would benefit. This is a valuable gem showing how the subject matter should be approached from an acquisition stand point. Guided practice makes perfect. His approach and suggestions for acquiring the skills to draw are separated as his science by building off the prevents he previously laid down for foundations. These intensifying steps should be observed. The theories or strategies are presented with pictures of his own design and plates from other artists referred to. He even provides a good selection of reference suggestions that coincide with the discussions and lessons. I would highly recommend this guide as one of many for the research without a master, yet invaluable even with a teacher. It might open your mind upward to the meaning and drive of individual fine art, or provide a new technique or approach that may have been looked over., there are no illustrations/plates in this edition (at least the paperback quantity i was sent). this makes the book fundamentally useless. the quality of the free online version illustrations/plates are extremely low and around useless as well. whatever the historical associated with the text it's difficult to practice without the works being discussed.
too bad. others seem to find it fantastic.
i'd opt for the bargue book where the plates are well reproduced, additionally a good (and popular) book., While written quite some time ago, and including some negative criticism of what was then new styles of imaginative expression, this work is as valuable to the modern artist as it ever was.

While the title would lead one to expect it to be mostly useful to illustrators, print makers, or other artists who mainly "draw" rather than other media, the author spends as much time on painting technique as this individual does drafting, and his commentary on composition, collection, and colour is general to all two dimensional art forms.

I strongly recommend this work, and expect to refer back to it often., There are a great number of books on the fundamentals. Plenty of fine art books say for both beginners and advanced designer. But honestly the majority are made for beginners to follow. And it’s understandable to a place cause, lets face it, they are attempting to sell books.

But this book honestly provides on the taking your skills to a higher level. It doesn’t do this by educating step by step and honestly the book has very few pictures in it. much more you better by making you aware of elements you might have not considered before. cause at this point you should know your craft and learn how to work a pencil. but knowing the subtleties that make one drawing look better then another requires a whole different form of understanding.

A solid wood caver can carve away a chair with perfect seamless precision but you still might not are interested it. I think the book really is about analyzing style. Why one style speaks to you and another one does not. Its about the mood or feeling the lines give you in an abstract way, aside from subject matter and structure. Which is important when it all works together saying the same thing, Thats what separates a good drawing from a better one.

Cause you can learn to render picture real, like a camera would. But what are you adding? This book was very helpful in me finding that unique style., Before art teachers of the late twentieth and early 21st hundred years Betty Edwards or Borrachera Brookes shared their ideas with us, Harold Velocity wrote this profoundly conditional handbook explaining the emotional and technical foundations of drawing and observation, i. e. line drawing and mass drawing, and much, a lot more. Although his British is stiff, and perhaps colloquial to the area where his style of English English was used (where he was raised or lived) and the 19th and 20th hundred years periods in which this individual lived, it is still readable and understandable.
I came across his securely dissected views of how the (young person's) mind starts to perceive objects and to draw them, and exactly how early artists approached pulling to be very helpful.
It contains clear explanations that methodically formulate the appoaches by which artists apply their talents. To do so, he helps us to become more analytical and more understanding of art and the entire world around us. This work by Harold Velocity helps us become better observers. It is the most penetrating book on drawing techniques I have discovered. This book is an outstanding investment at about . 00 on Amazon. con., In order to Peter, the Drawing Enthusiast--there is a free of charge copy of this online, true. Inside fact, there is a free copy here in the Kindle store. But it has no drawings to exhibit the theories that Speed is describing in the text. As (I think) this guide tends to be more for first illustrator, and because the text message seems a little dated, spending the little bit money is worth it., This is a great book that discusses advanced concepts in composition, line unity and rhythm, and mass pulling. He talks about what makes a portrait really effective and encourages pulling or painting under the influence of the strong feelings that which your are looking at inspires. He is highly opinionated ( but I happen to like his opinions for the most part) and can be a little dry in his writing (it was written a while ago) but very worthwhile effort. There are principles he discusses that I can refer back to and grow into being an artist. He talks about what effect horizontal and vertical lines have in a composition, how to stabilize a picture. He illustrates his points with examples from masters or diagrams of concepts, although I agree with the previous reviewer, some of the images are hard to see clearly. Toward the finish he discusses working from memory but not in great detail. He just wet my urge for food on that one. There are a few exercises in the guide but it is mainly a discussion of traditional concepts that make so many of the works of art we come across in museums effective. An essential book for myself in my education of becoming an artist. I highly recommend it.

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