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This is a great book no uncertainty about it. Having taken upwards the guitar at fifty I've been overwhelmed by the " what to" learn books, and underwhelmed by the " how to" learn books. Very frustrating!!! This is the best " how to learn" book I've found so far. Lots of great practice and thought provoking ideas. I adored it a great deal I acquired a hardcover edition to replace my softcover backup (which I gave to my teacher). Recommended!, Very first, let me say I actually have been a music performer, performer, band leader, and private music teacher my life (now in my 50s). I've had many teachers over the years, and have a huge library of music training and method books. I actually have a college audio degree, and have studied with some wonderful teachers--and some not-so-wonderful ones, too.; -) I'm always looking for ways to improve my own playing and help my students with their own practice. I actually was turned onto this book by a person in a single of my rings who sat in with the author at a master class. He was pleased with his teaching style and had signed on to the crowd finding which got this book posted. His enthusiastic endorsement led me to do the same. I'm glad Used to do...

This is both a functional explained new ways to practice and an amazing look at the psychological and physiological processes involved. That will is, not merely WHAT to do in the practice room, but WHY and HOW it works. Lots of short, easily absorbed chapters written in a clear, entertaining style. This is actually the first book I've purchased which takes good thing about the e book format to an entire benefit in that there are many links to articles, videos, and other resources which are available in context. So, if you read on a tablet or PC you can click through as you read to see or hear the author's recommendations on the fly. Regarding that reason, I'd say the electronic version is superior to the published copy, though you can enter the links by hand if you like.

I actually go through it quickly the first time, and can now read again more slowly to get the " meat" out of this truly valuable resource. I recommend it to all my adult students, and use the material in all my teaching. I look forward to diving deeper into the material in this fine addition to my library., I acquired this book because I actually practice piano daily. This book gave me great insights into how to structure that. No typical self help cliches, just very original thoughtful and clear writing. It is also about a lot more than I ever expected. Its about how precisely the brain works, why naps are important, and how to shape good practice. I have recommended or acquired this for a number of individuals who avoid play any instrument., Fantastic book covering the broader facets of practice and reminding us that practice will not mean punishing yourself.

Get back to the inquisitive and experimental child experience. Be rewarded by not wasting your time on deflating activities.

I actually have spent hundreds of hours working on my instrument in a non-musical way only to be amazed by my sounding non-musical. As soon as I actually started to listen and learn from the audio that inspired me, the theory and technical aspect of playing was a thrilling stepping stone this ending goal of actually making expressive music.

Highly suggested., This book will change the way you play music. Fortunately for me personally, I picked this upwards within the first few days of starting to play guitar again after a long hiatus. It's given me a new self-discipline and focus, I'm learning better, faster, and more than I ever have before. The quality of my musicianship has gone up substantially. I am carefully impressed., This is a great book about becoming a much better musician all varieties of Training/Practice ideas. There are several cool ideas in this book. A must have. NOT a audio book per se, but so many great practice ideas, you will not be disappointed with this book. Great well thought out will change your whole philosophy on music practice and even life, Nice job Jonathan Hamum., Very helpful and instructive look at how to train. Good mix of underlying theories and ideas, and practical tools to help improve daily practice. Much of this is targeted in the direction of practicing a musical instrument, but is very applicable to other passions and pursuits. Well written, and well organized. Recommend!, This is a very good book. They have inspired me to practice my guitar, and helped me personally to understand that learning to play an instrument is not automatic. Even the most accomplished muscians do the grunt work to get better. Work on the hard parts first. A quote by Andre Segovia: a reporter asked your pet why he was still practicing very hard at age group 93. He replied " I think I am making progress".

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